Page 1, 21st February 1964

21st February 1964
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Page 1, 21st February 1964 — £7,000 WILL HELP THE HOMELESS

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People: Austin Williams
Locations: London


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LAST year more than 1,700 misfits, an average of five a day, had to he turned away from St. Martin of Tours House for homeless men in Islington, the only Catholic house in London where social inadequates are rehabilitated.

About 150 men were housed there for an average of three months each. A further 150 were helped for short periods until further accommodation was found. But many could not he


Giving these figures this week, Mr. Austin Williams. who runs the house with his wife, said the recent completion of a new £7,000 extension will enable the number of places at the house to be raised to 41 double last year's figure.

The additional accommodation. he said, will enable them to extend the rehabilitation work which depends to a large extent on main

taining personal contact with the men over an extended period.

An ultimate aim is the provision of bed-sitters where some of the men, who will probably be socially inadequate all their lives, will be able to gain a sense of security from the companionship of others in a similar position.

These men, whose ages range from I8 to 50 years, have offered to help social workers concerned with misfits by placing at their disposal their own knowledge of the problem.

Mr. Williams said that the £7,000 for the new extension will he added to an existing capital debt of about £30,000.

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