Page 3, 21st February 1964

21st February 1964
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Page 3, 21st February 1964 — NO CHANGE ON

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Locations: Salford, Leeds


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MARRIAGE-BISHOP CATHOLIC HERALD REPORTER BISHOP DWYER of Leeds emphasised this week that there will be no change in the Church's teaching on marriage and the use of marriage.

Saying that many people were asking this question, Bishop Dwyer declared: "The teaching on essential matters of faith and morals was not invented by the Church. It was received from God to be handed on by the Church. The Church cannot change it."

Sometimes, he continued in a Lenten pastoral. the rule of life is hard, particularly for a married couple. But. he added, "God never puts an obligation on our shoulders without the grace to fulfil it."

The art of married life needs to be learned, said the Bishop. "At one time it demands generous and full giving of each to each. At another time restraint and abstinence. No art is learned at once and in this spiritual art we need the help of prayer and the sacraments."

Paying tribute to the world of the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, Bishop Dwyer added : "I would like to see a branch of this in every area of the diocese."

Two other "worries" were dealt with in the pastoral letter: On the new liturgy the Bishop said, "We love the Mass as it is, The rite may be improved, it will not be destroyed."

On the approaches being made to other Christians. the Bishop pointed out that although we cannot take part in official public services, we can pray privately with other Christian denomination; partners in mixed marriages should pray together with the families, and Catholic organisations should contact their Anglican opposite numbers,

Liturgy: 'No hasty action'

In a pastoral letter read throughout the diocese of Salford last Sunday, Bishop Beck refers, mainly to the decisions made in the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy at the Vatican Council.

Laying rrartioular emphasis on the Mass he reminds us that our forefathers often sacrificed their lives for love of it. and says it is "such a holy thing" that the Church "will move with great care and deliberation" in changing the liturgy. Nothing, he says, will be done hastily.

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