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21st January 1938
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Not All Implicated in Cagoule Revelations

From a Special Correspondent The almost daily revelations of Cagoulard plots in France, made by M. Dormoy the former Minister of the Interior, are making a complicated situation appear a great deal too simple. It is hoped that the new Minister, M. Sarraut, will do something to repair the damage left by his Socialist predecessor. The famous, or infamous C.S.A.R. (Secret Committee of Revolutionary Action) must be distinguished from the U.C.A.D. (Civic Union of Self-Defence).

These are two of several organisations whose common aim is to combat Communism—not necessarily by common methods.

The respected General Duseigneur is President of the U.C.A.D. and Dukc Pozzo di Borgo is Vice-President. They have been much more careful than the C.S.A.R. leaders as to the type of men they allow to enter their organisation— being particularly careful to exclude both hot-heads and police spies.

Government " Pressure"

Max Dormoy, Minister of the Interior in the last Chauternps Cabinet, threw himself with passion into the pursuit of the "Cagoule," under which name the various anti-Communist organisations were grouped by him (and echoed by the chorus of leftwing sympathisers in the Press) without distinction. In consequence of this unprecedented " pressure " from a member of the Government, the "Cagoule " has become a scapegoat rendered responsible for any number of crimes.

The whole thing has been conducted

with really scandalous illegalities. The accused have been, in many cases taken to the &trete without a warrant for arrest, and there they have been subjected to " third degree " methods. and all sorts of ignominious treatments to force confessions. There have also been cases where witnesses have been bribed by the police. It is always the sum of 10,000 francs that is offered.

Duseigneur and Pozzo have had absolutely nothing proved against them, and the U.C.A.D. was officially recognised (inscrit au moniteur) and was not a secret society. Yet they are subjected in the prison of the Sant6 to the same treatment as the killer Weidmann at Versailles. Such is French liberty to-day.

Agents Provocateurs It is certain that the group called the C.S.A.R. was far less careful about the adherents it received, and the police were able to introduce into ifs ranks their own spies and agents provocateurs.

It becomes more and more eviderit every day that the famous Locuty, who has owned up to the Etoilc outrage, is one of these. The concierge of the building in the rue de Pressbourg did not recognise him as being the person who delivered the packet containing the bomb . . Dormoy having neglected to " send someone to see her " before the confrontation.

Is This True Or Not The U.C.A.D. claim that they warded off a Communist putsch planned for the night of November 16-17 by a warning given by General Duseigneur to General Ciamelin and the Surete Nationale, in which he placed the U.C.A.D. at the disposition of the army in case of a revolutionary movement on the part of the Communists. M. Sarraut's task will be to see that the assertions made for and against men and organisations of the Right are publicly substantiated,

VOLUNTEERS FROM FRANCE There Are More French Than Russian

From a Correspondent Recruiting for Red Spain still goes on in France. and in Paris the chief centre is in

the rue ivlathurin-Moreau. The " volontiers " thus lured into the Red inferno have no way of escape, as all their personal papers and passports are taken from them before their departure fa move that is destined to render impossible the " retrait des volontaires ").

According to information from a former member of the International Brigade, who escaped through the fact that he was too ill to be any further use, and who, without any medical experience, had been made doctor to the troops, there are more French than Russians among the Red forces.

A communiqué from Salamanca gives the total (approximate) of French dead as being 35,000 At the offensive on Brunete 18,000 Frenchmen were buried by the Nationalists, or else gravely wounded. On December 28 they buried, on the Teruel front, 3,750 dead of French nationality, on December 30, 1,895, and on December 31, 7,218.

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