Page 1, 21st January 1944

21st January 1944
Page 1
Page 1, 21st January 1944 — Goodbye to Birmingham

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People: Griffin, Hudson
Locations: Birmingham, London


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Goodbye to Birmingham

From Our Own Correspondent


Before he left for Westminster Mgr. Griffin, with characteristic thought, made a round of the homes in the Coleshill village, where people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, love and revere him.

Before retiring after a busy day on Saturday, he also visited each bed and cot in the dormitories of Fr. Hudson's Homes, where he has been so much an affectionate father, and imparted his blessing to the little occupants.

The Archbishop left for London on Sunday morning, accompanied by his secretarial assistant at Coleshill, the Rev. P. Murphy. As he came out of the main entrance of the Homes he faced anew his large " family " and with them to say goodbye, members of the local district council, representatives of A.R.P., who knew him as

" their warden," representatives of many other organisations, and a large company of additional friends.

Dr. Griffin was visibly affected by this expression of warm regard, and before being driven away for London he made a short speech, halting at inst, and then full of that vigour which the congregation at the Enthronement ceremony would have noted.

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