Page 4, 21st July 1961

21st July 1961
Page 4
Page 4, 21st July 1961 — THINK WELL ON IT

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"A RIDDLE WRAPPED IN A MYSTERY, ENCLOSED IN AN ENIGMA." Is that what you think life is? An insoluble puzzle? A meaningless muddle of pleasures and pains —pleasures that tease only to deceive; pains that never tic, for they warn us of the approach of death, inexorable. unavoidable'?

WE know, if we think for a moment. that everything we do is done for a purpose. And don't you think God has a reason for everything that He's done? You and that mind and heart of yours which we call the soul, are capable however unimportant a person you may be. of great thoughts and great love, They're in a sense. your creation.

In other words. you're a little hit like God, made, as the Bible says. in God's image and likeness.

You re not list a passing whim and • f;i icy of God's.

You're made to last—and last forever.

Why? Because God wants you for keeps. His love brought you into life; His love keeps you alive, and His love promises you fullness of life such as you can't even imagine here.


That's God's final purpose in making you But He has another one, just for the few years of your life on earth. And that purpose is to try you out, or rather, God wants to see how yon try out that extraordinary power He's given von that makes you a creature in God's own image. In other v,ords. the spiritual part of you,

your soul, your mind, your will.

Firm Faith in God lies at the very heart of life's meaning. And by Faith 1 don't mean a mere intellectual acceptance of the existence of a Supreme Being. Faith is all that but so much more.

God is a person. just as you arc, and faith in a person means trust in a person. God isn't just someone to believe in. hut to trust in wholly, with complete confidence. A n d there's your virtue of Hope, arising out of Faith in God and merging into Love of God. Faith, Hope and Charity, these three.

IF God is all we firmly believe Him to be, then we've everything to hope for— and that is that God loves us here and now, with all our faults, and will be going on loving us forever. if only we'll trust Him and let Him have His way with us.

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