Page 5, 21st July 1967

21st July 1967
Page 5
Page 5, 21st July 1967 — Wrong about 'Lefty'

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Wrong about 'Lefty'

1CANNOT understand -I-Desmond Albrow's objection (July 14) to "Lefty" as a shorthand label for the trendy progressive protester. Mr. Albrow thinks it a "perjorative [sic] Americanism, with the loaded overtones of Communism . . . out of place when discussing dear old British socialism and Socialists."

That the word, like many of the more vivid expressions in current British use, is originally an Americanism I can well believe. It would certainly he out of place if applied to ordinary democratic Socialists, but I was not talking about them. My target was those who could indeed be associated with Communism. About them I will go on being as pejorative as I can.

Kingsley Amis Maida Vale I DON'T think what I said -5about the power of the Left to be exaggerated. On the contrary, I didn't go far enough.

And I remain unrepentant about the use of the word "Lefty". It certainly does mean someone who always places the interests of the USSR first. How many of those who protest against American intervention in Vietnam also protest against the subjugation of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States?

The corresponding expression to "Lefty" is, incidentally, "Fascist". "Righty" carries no overtones of any kind, which is, I think, extremely significant.

John Braine Woking, Surrey.

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