Page 2, 21st June 1946

21st June 1946
Page 2
Page 2, 21st June 1946 — GERMAN P.O.W.s Snt,-I hope that the Assistance Society mentioned in

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GERMAN P.O.W.s Snt,-I hope that the Assistance Society mentioned in

your columns will ask the Authority concerned to provide transport so that German Catholics, who have been hampered and oppressed in their own land, may be brought to church with their fellow-Catholics in this land of religious freedom. For many months past, when I think I was entitled to a bit of consideration after the many years during which I did not spare my health looking after our own and Allied troops, I have been obliged to leave my parishioners to a coadjutor and attend to prison-camps. Now I am in hospital awaiting a serious operation! In my discomfort I pray that others may have more success than I have had.


Stra-On a recent visit to Downturn Market, Norfolk, I was informed by the parish priest (who also serves the P.O.W. camp) that the Catholic prisoners were not in possession of prayerbooks in their own language. I suggested that possibly the Government made provision in this respect but the camp requisitioning authority had not

implemented it. He said be would inquire into the matter, and now informs me that nothing is known of any provision for the supplying of prayer-books. In view of the length of time some of these prisoners arc likely to stay in this country something should be done to remedy this, and I suggest that if the Government were approached prayer-books would be issued. Another matter mentioned to me was the lack of Catholic reading material in German. The Y.M.C.A. issue a magazine. Is there not some Catholic society who would take the matter up and supply some reading material on similar lines?


Clifton Lodge, Stanway, Colchester.

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