Page 2, 21st June 1963

21st June 1963
Page 2
Page 2, 21st June 1963 — Midsummer Night Triumph

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Midsummer Night Triumph

pETER HALL'S prOduction ot A Midsummer Night's Dream (Aldwych Theatre) has an irresistible spell-binding wonder about it.

Juliet Mills (daughter of John) makes a charming (though hardvoiced) Titania in the misty moonlit wood scenes, and her fairies make the sweetest mystic chorus you ever heard.

The Puck (Ian Holm) fascinates with a spontaneous gaiety and cheerfulness in the leaves and the shadows, and Bottom (Paul Hardwick) works hard as a comic, pulling hoots of laughter from the audience whenever he wants.

This playing for laughs may be overdone in the play-within-aplay before disinterested nobles in the last scenes, but most of the ridiculousness about this "Dream" comes across as wonderful comic invention.

Ann Beach, in the role of Hermia, is amusingly dwarfish, and Diana Rigg's Maypole Helena is full of refreshing surprises. A midsummer night triumph all

round. T.McQ.

* * *

"DOMINO", by Marcel Achard, at the Lyric Opera House, Hammersmith, will not do. It is a pity, for the settings are attractive, and the cast, led by Renee Asherson, Jeremy Spenser and Geoffrey Chater, do their best and are really quite amusing.

The plot is simple : A husband finds a letter written to his wife by a lover from the days before they were married. Curiosity demands his name: the wife, through a newspaper advertisement, supplies a substitute and then falls in love with him.

A comedy such as this only the French can act. And, odd as it may seem, not only the French temperament hut language become necessary. In its present adaptation it is wrong from the start.


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