Page 9, 21st June 1968

21st June 1968
Page 9
Page 9, 21st June 1968 — 15 Vatican observers for WCC Assembly

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15 Vatican observers for WCC Assembly

THE Vatican has announced the appointment of 15 observers to thc Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, which will take place at Uppsala, Sweden, from July 4 to 19.

The observers. chosen by the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity and approved by Pope Paul, were an uncommon assortmentone bishop, eight priests and friars, four laymen. one laywoman and one nun.

The announcement, in a departure from Vatican practice, listed them in alphabetical order rather than according to rank. The only bishop in the group is Bishop Martensen of Copenhagen.


The laywoman is Miss Rosemary Goldie, an Australian, who has served for some time as an assistant secretary of the Vatican Council of the Laity, and was appointed on Monday of last week as a consultant to the Christian Unity Secretariat.

The laymen are Dr. Eric Da Costa, a former editor of the Eastern Economist, New Delhi; Prof. Auguste Vanistandael of Belgium and Signor Pittorino Veronese, of Italy, both of the Pontifical Commission on Justice and Peace; Dr. Joseph Yakubu, a Nigerian, of the Pax Romana


The nun is Mother Magdalena Morawska, a Pole, of the Ursuline nuns' Central Office for Apostolate and Education in Rome.

Others observers include Fr. Thomas Stransky, an American, Fr. Pierre Duprey of France and Fr. Jerome Hamer, all of the Christian Unity Secretariat; the Rev. Bernard Law, director of the U.S. Episcopal Committee for Ecumenical and Interdenominational Affairs, and French Benedictine, Fr. Emmanuel Lanne.

Also included are Fr. Jorge Medina, of the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, Fr. Johannes Schuette, German-born former Superior General of the Divine Word Missionaries, and Fr. Jean Villard, a professor at the Pontifical Dominican Theological Faculty in Ottawa.

In addition, eight Catholic personalities will attend the W.C.C. Assembly as invited guests. They are: Dutch-horn Mgr. Jan Willebrands, secretary of the Christian Unity Secretariat; Italian Fr. Vincenzo Miano, secretary of the Secretariat for Non Believers; Mgr. Joseph Gremillion of Alexandria, Louisiana, secretary of the Commission on Justice and Peace; Mgr. Charles Moeller, Belgian Under-Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; Mgr. Carl Bayer, German SecretaryGeneral of Caritas International; Fr. Hermann Seiler, secretary of the Ecumenical Commission of the Stockholm -Diocese, Fr. Roberto Tucci, editor of the Italian Jesuit magazine Civilita Cattolica, and the British economist Lady Jackson (Barbara Ward).

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