Page 8, 21st June 1974

21st June 1974
Page 8
Page 8, 21st June 1974 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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I Bishops' Engagements

Page 10 from 22nd June 1973


Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Sunday, Says Mass 8nd presents: Papal Si John the Baptist's. HaeknoY. 3. Monday, Meeting of Westminster Religious, Education Centre/ M.30 Tuesday: Preaches at Jubilee Mass of Bishop Pearson, Carlisle. 6.30. WednesdayVisits Aostin Friars' Staled.. Carlisle. Thursday: Offers Rearriern Maas for $ir Arntile Lunn, Cathedrel, 6.

Bishop Budge, Auxiliary of West

minster Friday-Sunday. Westminster Clergy In-Serylee Courso. All Saints Pastoral Centre, Monday-Wednesday Diocesan C'ergy Retreat, Dublin. Thursday ;Mall! Westminster Clergy In-Service Course. Alt Saints Pastor& Cambs.

Bishop Guarzelli, Auxiliary of West

minster Friday: Mass. Convent of the 5a,..1 Haan. latimmersmitta 2.30. Fr;day tc Foday; fa-Saralee Training. Loodon ColneySaturday' Of-duration to the Priesthood, Eiy Place11.30. Surday7 First Corninuoior, Maas, Edon Grove. 9 30: Confirmation, Manor. Htuise. 6, Monday: Holy Year Mass for Little Sisters of the Poor. Weetrainster Cathedral, 2 Tuesday-Wednesday: Newman Centre. Bristol, Thuraday: Confirrhation Kea sat New Town. 7 Eliehop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Visit and Courionation, Sn S Scheol, Headstone Lone. Saturday. Ordinatioe. MIII Hill, Sunday-Friday: Attetele Clergy mService Tralraim Course. All Sainte. lonalon Coinay Wednesday, Meant nurses AI4 sanest workers, St Gale iel's Hosphal,

Northamptan Mei:aeon 'study conference. Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Crinfirm titian uort Mass, St Patrick's Cori.eatry, 3 30. Tuesday: Peru& general

meeting OCCEB. London Wednesday: Leiebrates Schott! LOaVer111 NloSn. a 1,1. Visitatien. St Pater's, Bartley Goon. la7T Tliureday Celebrates Mese, Pt/theme. HOUSN. Burnilmhfl1T, 7 30. Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birnoirighem Mass and Crinfirmations. fit-worry Schou!. Woodeole. Sfinriey: Moo ,Conormatkona-thard {110 Katy, Coaeoti y; Mass and Confirmallans.. Si Auguglins Salient -Coventry. triesttay: Attends Rishap P.-Nht5r■It'S.artotaMass. Cadisl Thut .;ri....., Clic. fp/lit-1'61 1•1115-03 of Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Tuesday-Wednesday7 Allende Episcopal Silver Jubilee celebrations ur Bishop Pear Ceilials. Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool friday: Preaches at Armee! Mase in hoeout of the Sacred Heart, Metropodtae Cathedral B Saturday: Attends meeting of Regional Committer, of CM, 9.30: Concelebrates Mess in Rotted% Coovent, Aughton, on Diamcod Jubilee Of cont./era. Sunday: Presides and pret.1C1111301. M05.5, SaCfad Heart Charley on ocoesion of Parish visitation_ 11Confirmation during Mass. Charley, Confirmation: Holy Ghost. Ford. 6.30. Monday: Coofirmatine (-filling Massy St Oswald's, Langton. 7.30 Tuesday: Concelebrates ai Bishop Pearsuit Jubilee M86.5, Cikin. 6.30. WednesdayCoallimoullori during Mess, Si • Bede's, Clayten Green_ 7 Theraday. Viails schonla and sick, St Chad's. South Hill, Chorley, 10.30, presides /ft Christian Ald Service al Thankartivirm. Motropnlitan Cathedral. 8. Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Soothwark Friday' Ordination. Sr Johris Staninaty, Wonersh. 5 Soterday Ordination al St J01-111s, 11. Bishop Wolfed( of Portsmouth • Mose ler Holy Year. Alderney 6. Saturday: Celebrates centenary of convent, Notre Dame. Tatternaey, 11 30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Deana:ay, Guernsey. Mon

day: Visitationand o.

M,. Sark Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass far Silver Jottitee of Pere lecture. Noire Dame, threolsoy 6 30 Thurarlay: Catriolia information Office press .conteretlee. fleet Street 1.01111-1111 ' . Bishop Grant of Northampton Era-lay-Saturday: Attends KSC Board of DireriCrrl' A01411f1pomminee meeting. Saterday: Added, Diocesan Choir Festival. weiseigharn. p.m, Mondea: Opening of Dioceaan Cloroy Study Conference. The Cenecta. Tuesday-Wednesday: Attends of CIICerltly erdairied clergy, Clapham


Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham -Fliday: .Visits St Garage's Schou', Derby Ness 70.301: Requiem MOSS rur Canon Gatnarcyak. St Mary's. Derby. 2. ettendi inaugural Mese for Confraternity al Louolers Heieer-.. Cathedral, 7 '30 Sunday Para • amaluilions. Mother of God. I nircater

Visitation and Confirmation. Chepal en le Frith. 3.30. Monday: Ordinations to Diaconate. Moont St Bernard Abbey, 11. Tuesday. Bishop Pearson Jubilee Celebrations. Carlisle,

B ishop McClean of Middlesbrough Friaay: Centenary Celebretioae, Sacred Heart. Recker, Saturday: Ordinutioe to P lieethnorl. St John of God. Scortort Sue des: Ordination to Priesthood, Si Philip's Rueheate. Glasgow, 5. Tuesdayt Concelebrates et Bishop Pearson Jubilee Mon Carlisle, 6.30. Thursday: Celebratee Mass and &tends governors' meeting. St Mary's Grarnmar School. Huai attends gayermire' meeting, Wrist College, Hull. B ishop Langton Fox of Mineola Sunday: Hailywett Pilgrimege. Monday: Diocesan Educatioe& Counpit. Tuesday:

B ishop Parson Jubilee celebrations, Carlisio.

Bishop Holland of Salford Saturtlay: Rescue Soalety Garden Party. Didsbury, 3. Sunday, Curifirmation, SS Peter and Paul, Rilacheetet. Tuesday: Bishop Paurson Jubilee celebrations Carlisle. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10,30. Thorsday: Begins Visitatioe. Froly family Denton, 11: Secondary School Chaptairis, Seffeley Park, 3.30. B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Begins Visitation. Si John fisher. Haughton Green. 2: Confirrnatiue. Salford Cathedral, B. Sunday; Visitation, 11: Confirmation, 3. Si John Fisher. Haughton Green, Mowery: Acarlerhic Mass for Sawed /teen Sectiodery Scho, ol St John's Cathedral, Salford, ueettayBisbee) Penrson Jubilee celebrations, Caihisi,, Wednesday! Youth Commission 3 30. Thersday: Secondary School Chaplains, Settpley Perk, 3 30: Blesses and opens Si Ann s Primary School,

S uet-lord 7.30.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton Friday: La Rearane Tercentenary Mass. Cathedral. 11 en Sundey: Silver Jubilee M855 for Fr E. Murphy, Ghipereg Sodbury. 6. Tuserfay: Rialiop Pearson Jubilee colebrattors. Carlisle, Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Visitation, Bionham-on-Sea: Confirmation 3.30. Monday-Thursday: hi-Seneca Training Course, Condon Colaey. Bishop Restisaux of Plymouth Serarday, Cedination to Priesthood. Holy Cense, Plymouth. 11 Sunday: Pilgrimage in .liencur of St Cuthbert Maylie, Launceston, 3. Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of !foghorn and Newcastle Friday: h4orth Eastern• Ecumeoieal 010541, Auckland Cest16. 2.30, Saturday: Ordieelleri In Priesthood, St Wilfrid's, Gateshead. 11 Sonday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation, Wohaingham, 3.30 Mnnday-Thursday: Church 2000 Working Party, Bristol. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds --Friday; Mass and official opening of new school. Chequerfield. 11. Sande: Confirmation and Visitation, Balidon, Tuesdey: Bishop Pearson's Sliver Jubilee Celebrations. Cornelia Wednesday: attends Annual General Meeting of Diocesan Rescue Society. Thursday: Mass

S i St Paul's. 6.

, Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Presides al Mass. Closure of Novena of Thanksgiving, The Shrine. fliackpool, 7.30. Seturday: attends Catholic Teachers Federation Meeting. University Chaplaincy, 11. attends Sports Day, Underley Hall, 4 Sum day: Visitation St John Vlanney. Blackpool, 11,30 (Confirmation 3l: Visits Handicapped Childroo's Rally, Chaplaincy Centre. 6.30. Tuesday: Meets Cardinal end Apostolic Delegute. Csrlibi.u. 3.30; attends Civic Recitelion, Clete Centre, 3.45. Coecelebrates Mass with Bishop PearSC1,1. Market Hall, 6.30. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass with Bishop Pearson, St Cuthbert's, Blackpool. 7. Bishop Pearson Auxiliary of Lancaster Friday_ BIliSSAS new Parish Social Centre al St Kontigern's, Blackpool. Sunday. Confirmation and. Visitation at Our Lady ana Si Michael's. Workington. Tuesday: welcomes Cardinal and Apostolic Delegate to Car-bale and attends Civic Reception in their S orrow; Concelebrates Silver Juliette Mass in Market Hall. 6_30; atterids Jubilee Dinner. 8 45 Thuredayr Celehrates Silver Jubilee Mass, St Cuthbert's. Stackpoot, 7 Bishop Omar of Shrewsbury Friday; Liter-pit:al Commission Meeting Saturday: Celebrates MbSs at Shrigley for Diocesan Handicapped Fellowehip, Sundey• Monday: Viehation and Confirmation. St Aldan's, Wytheriellawu, Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday-Saturday Leads Dieeesart Pilgrimage 10 Weriaingham

Blehop Bowen of Arundel sad Brighton Friday. Confirmation and Visitation, Wellon-uti•Themes,

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