Page 8, 21st June 1985

21st June 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 21st June 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Tueadeyi Chapter, Humberside CM:miles Council, Hospital Officers' Club, Priests CoNnell Blearing Committee, Moreton Hall School, St Thomas More Choir SchoOl, Menavia Chapter, Huyton Deanery Pastoral Council, Liverpool Institute, St Anne's School, Challoner Club, Civic Service, V St John Omar School, WeetMlneler Sunder H. Guild, Oacott College, Social Pastoral Action Managemeel Committee, SI Simon Stock School, Vietnamese Garden Party, Blessed Sacrenteril Service, Essex Churches Consultative Council, Melling Pastoral Council, HIghtields Calochellcal Centre, Maldatone Deanery Pushnal Council, Diocesan Admissions Board, Ecumenical Service, Newport Centre, St Osweid's Church, Silver Jubilee Service, Conger:rates St Mary'a Church, St Poter•b School, St Peter's Church, Catholic School, SI Katherine's College


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• Ordination, V • Viaitation, C Confirmetion, SI a Mass.

Cerdlnel Horne. Archbishop of Westminster &Insley Interviews Candidates for Priesthood, 101rri Monday: V. Hackney, Oam. C, Westminster Cathedrat, 7.30pm Tuesday: C and M and Installs new Provost 01 Cathedral, 5.30pm Wednesday, Methodist Con. lerence Birmingham. 12pm Thursday Seminary Pilgrimage in honour ol St Thomas More Choir SchoOl, 11am, 7.15prn. Fridey• Golden Jubilee PA for Fr E. Chadwickausney, 7 30pm Saturday: Revd M. • Leatham's 0 Heston, 3pm.

Archbishop Comm de Murvilla of Birmingham Sunday V & C, Corpus Christi. Coventry. Tuesday M For 40th Anniversary of Father George Smith at Burford, 6pm Friday: Ingratiation of President of Metnoosst Conference: Central Hall, Birmingham 3pm Saturday: General 0. Oacott College, VSt John's Balser! Heath 1 tarn

Archbithop Ward of Cardiff Sunday: V. St Benedict's, Merthyr vale Wednesday: Sewn Jubilee M for Fr Boyle, SI Alban's. POntyp001. 7pm. Friday: Golden Jubille M tor Fr Holland, St Peter's. Cardiff, 7.30pm. Saturday: Gala Opening Concert and RiceptiOn, Newport Centre Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sends,: 0 of Revd Aolhooy Garrett. Si Jerome's. Formby, 3om Monster M tor 401h anniversary of Fr P. ConetreY SI

B asil and All Sainte. HougnGreen. 7.30pm. Terms/NY LIHE Meeting, SI Katherine's College, dpor Wednesday Charley Deanery Clergy Meeting Archbishop's House, 12,30pm. M for 26th anniversary, St Poter•b School. Orrell, 7 30pm Thiamday: Ecumenical Service, St Mnmya, Highliold Street, lpm Saluidey: Open Day. SI Mary's. Aecol L. Bishop Alexander. of Clifton $unday; V. St °amend's, Salisbury preaches al all fel Salisbury Deanery Young Adults Meetima A St Osmund'a. Salisbury, 6pm. Tuesday: Sacrament of C. Immaculate Conceptiorr, Stroud, 7 30pm Wednesday: Administers the Sacrament of C at SI Teresa's., FlIIon, 7.30prn. Thursday, Sacrament of C al St Joseph's Tewkesbury, 7.30prn. Friday: Confraternity of LI:nodes Helpers Special General Meeting. Gower Street, London, and celeoratem id apm. 'Saturday; Interviews candidates tof the Priesthood and Permanent Diaconate at Clifton CatOedral House, 10am V. The Annunciation. Woodchester. Preaches at all 144 Sunday. V, The

Annunciation, Woodchealer. Preaches at all H. Aoministers the Sacrament Of C. 1 tarn Blahop &ewer, Coedjutor of lameastm Sunday. Preaches al Civic Service. St Osweid's Church, Ashbourne. 1 lam Proachea at St Ralph Sherwin Pilgrimage. Rodsley, 3pre Tuesday: V, tram Cotteges. Saturday: 0. the Revd T Charke to the priesthoOd, Bannagher. C. Offaly, 2pm B ishop Clark of East angil. Sunday: V and C at the Parish ol Our lady. Slowmarket Monday-Pridny: Diocesan Reheat, Massinaham St Mary, led by Bishop Kelly of Salford Saturday: Presently prizes at Moreton Hall School. Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk Sunday: Diocesan celebration al St Johe's Cathedral, Norwich. 3prn.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: M and C. SI John the Baptist. Great Haywood. 3ern Monde,: Concelebmtea M tor 15001 Anniversary ol Our Blessed Indy Church Dudley liesedey, Concelebrates M tot Silver Jubilee of SI Anthony', School FordhouseS. Wolverhampton, 7.30pm Friday, Trimmer. Meeting Archbishops House. 1 lam Saturday: 0 10 DiaconateHoly Name. Great Barr, 3pm

B ishop emery, Bishop of Portsmouth Sunday: St Francis do Sales, Newbury Parish, V anti C. TurrAhry. CorpusUnesti North End. Portsmouth C and M. 7pm f hursday. St Anne's School, southernyann leavirs H. 7pm. Friday: Veincheater Cathedral Enthronement al the Rt Reed Colin James. 2.30pm. The Immaculate Conception, Sandhuml, C. Tian Bishop Grey of ShmeasbOry Sunday: V & C. SI Augustine, LatchInrcl Manday. V schools and sick, St Auguatine's Parish. Lettfitord. Tuesday, Oonfera C, Our Lady's. DonnIngton, 7.30pm. Wedninclay, Confers C. All Sainte. Slirchtey, 7.30pm TheradaY: Celebrates M tot Silver Jubliarians. Holy F amity. Sale Moor, 12 noon. Saturday: Concelebrates M. SS Peter and Paul. Now Brighton, on ocersalon ca Gorden Jebilea ol church and centenary Of Scheel, 5.30prn Bishop Ouazelli, Auxiliary fa Westminster Sunday: 10511 Centre. 9.00, 11.00 6.00 C. Kentish Town. 4pm Monday: Meet Contimiarr01, Tollingion Park. 6 pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Tower Hamlets Heafth hieurry panel, Spm Wastnamley: Pastoral Workers' meeting, 10 30am SA meal Hemmingloid Road, Nan. Friday: M for Consolala Siptaro. Rodent Squire, 6pm Murder Study Day on Disarmarnent and Development, Heyihrop, 9 30am

Illidarp J. Hannigan of Menevia Sunder Piforldtage, Holywell. Torridity Meeting of Menavia Chapter with Archbishop of Cardiff, at memom. 11101 Wednesdey: Meeting Of Priests CoNnell Blearing Committee. Wrexham, 12.30fen. Thwidiry: Meriede Diocesan Admissions Board, Wrexham, 2.30pm. Friday: Retirement of-Blessed Edward Jones HO School Rhyl, Headmaster. Mr Frank Aahworlh, Sprn. Saturday; C. Rhayader. 7pm.

Bishop Harvey, &wintery for WeetMlneler Sunder H. Guild 01 Catholic Doctors, Challoner Club, 9 46am Monday: Meting of Teachers. Brent Deanery. Hendon, 3.30pm Tueadeyi Chapter. 4.15pM Thursday: M. Teachare, Haringey Deanery. Landon Colney, 12 noon. C, The Annrincialtan, Burnt Oak. 7.30prn Fridey: Meelme. Hospital Officers' Club. Brureptch flosnital Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary for Soalmerk Sunder Gornmoneea Pastoral V. Streatham. Sam 15pm M an C. Streatham. 3pm. Monday Diocesan Finance Meelleg, 1 lam Continuatron of Pastoral V. Streatham. 1 15pm, 9.30pm Tuesday, AA and C, Charlton, 7 30pro Thursday: St Paul's, Cray, 7 30pric Pridey Blessing ot the now Chapel and Altar al the Sacred Head C-nrerent, Blackheath, 5 30pm. Sunday, V. EOM. garn-6.300m. FA and C. Erith, 3pm

Sishop Hitchers Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: V Cl Convents in Sr Pour!, West Derby. Tuesday: C. St Matthew's, Clubrne0t, 7.30prn. Wedeesdayi Lourdes Asperehon. Upnelland Northern institute, 10am PA for Centenary et SI Mary's, Highlield Stret Liverpool. 1 05pch Thursday: Calmi London Saturday, Pas Christi/Gaud Meeting. London Mahon Jules ;Area &shop In Kent) Sunday, Maldatone Deanery Pushnal Council at Well Mailing. 3pre. Mendel,: Lunch with Su TA Deaden. London, 1 pm Tuesday: V St John Omar School, Chatham. C at Waiderslade Wedneadey: Visits SI Simon Stock School, Maidstone_ Presides at Everilrey of Prayer and Hetlection on Peace at Ayieslord Pnory. 7.30-9 30pm FrIday-Saturder Broadaleiro Bishop Kelly or Salford sunday, H. Ill Josepn s Lortgaight, Manchester, 1 tem Monday: June Clergy Retreat Ledd Anglia inkier V and C Seturdey. Si Edmunds, Little Hutton rushee Konstant, Ausillory for Westminster Sundsy Monday: V Brook Green Parish TuesdeT

Deanery Meeting. Bayswater, 1 lam Geed al the Blessed Sacrenteril Service, Westminster Cathedral, Sprn Wednesday: Shepherds Bush. 7pm Saturday.. Divuorrate. Kennel New Town, 10.30am, M, Kingsway. 6pm Bishop Lindsay of Northam & Newcomers Sunday: V & C. St Patrick,, Felling. Thursday: C. St Mary's. WhIckham. Sunday: C, St John %barmy. Well Denton. Bishop Weenie, Auxiliary ke Olimingham Sunder H & CSI Brigid's. Nerlheeld, 3pm. Mondeyrturoday Maryville with recently ordained priests Wednesday: V of School & Parish' Holy Souls, Acocks Green. Thursday: Schools Commission, Birmingham, llem Friday: Trustees Meeting, Archbishop's House. 11010 St Plus teal, Habberlay, 7.30pm Saturday: Methodist Congregation • University 01 Aston, 12 noon Vietnamese Garden Party. Handsworitr. 2pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Sunday: Piterimage Rodsley, Derbys. pm Manday: Committee Inn r 'Young People, C.attesdral Hall. 11.15am. Tuesday: VIC' SI Gregory. Snarly, Leics. 7pm Wedneedey, °north Student interviews, Cathedral. am. Thursday Presents Certificates, Teachers' Course, HIghtields Calochellcal Centre, 7per bishop McMahon of Ftranimood Sunday: VIC, SS Pater & Paul, Ilford Tuesday: Meeting of Deans Cathedral House. Brentwood 3pm. Wednesday: V Our Lady Queen of Heaven. Harwich. Thereby, Oilers meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council, Bishop's House, 10am M S C. Holy Redeemer. Billericay. 6pm Friday Meeting with Ministry to Priests teem, Cathedral Hearse. 3.30pm,

Saturday: Silver Jubilee Service. Stock, 12 noon. . Bishop Whip, Auxiliary for Westminster Sander. Al to the Sick, Plaid Heath Convent. 2.3017m. Monday: Social Pastoral Action Managemeel Committee meeting, 34 Whitehall Gdns Sper Tuesday, Day et Fleoollection tor Clergy Ealing Abbey Al soth Anniversary Elotwell School, Hayes, 6 30pm VIsidnasdayfTlwrsday, Ministry to Priests meeting, Canterbury Friday, C Whitton parish. 7 30pm. Saturday. Presents Prone, Catholic Schools Shuns Day. Hayes Stadium pen H & C treading. 7pre Bishop O'Brian. &watery or Middleabloogh Sunday, C at St Chains Chuich, Hull, 11 am Melling Pastoral Council. 7 30prn Tuesday' Ecurnenical Meeting no Evangelisation el Newiends Vicarage,

Hurl. Wednesday: Humberside CM:miles Council al Bridlington. Thursday, C II SS Joseph fi Francis Xavier, Richmond Friday, C at Thornaby

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary tel Liverpool Sunday. V. Bexhill-on-Sea. Monday: C. The English.Speelong Paden, Geneva, pro Tuesday: Returns horn Geneva Wednesday: Diamond Jublicie M SI Josepn's Littleharnplon, an'. Friday Conger:rates St Mary'a Church. Ryde's Hill, Guildford, pm. Smurdayt 0: Rev Michael Bull. WE, Won 110m Meets candidates for Permanent Diaconal& 2 Mom BlIMP Rawathorne. Auxiliary tor LIvorpost Sunday: V St Jorreph's Brindle 6.30pm. Mender, 'Meeting with Huyton Deanery Pastoral Council, St Aloysiim, Roby, 7.30prn. 'Pander C St Mays, HIghtield St, Liverpool, 12 30pm Meeting or Governing Body. Liverpool Institute or Higher Education, 4pm Wednesday. Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Littlehamplori. Friday. C. SS Peter & Past's. St Helena, 7.30pm Saturday Forum Meeting, St Katherine's Collage. layover:rot triathlete of Higher Education, 10am.

Bishop Reatleaux Of Plymouth Sunday: M & Pilgrimage in Honour. SI Cuthbert Mayne, I wanceston, Cornwall, 3pm.

Bishop Swindishuret, Auxiliary for Heihern Newmasile Sunder V & C, Our Lady's. Brooms Thursday: C. IA, St Joseph's Hartlepool. 7pre Sunday: V & C.& Mary's, South Moor.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary MI Soothwies Sunday: Concelebrates M at Farnlly Life Day at Ayiestord, Om Tuesday: Day Cenforence tor Catholic School, at Croydon 10am. Thursday: C at Wallington. Span. Maunder G. James Gilligan In the Diaconate or C4ritod°pn 7:in'ruviuy of HM Forces Sunday-Mondey, V. HMS Neptune, Faalane Scotland Wednesday Vicaralle administrative COuncil, Farnborough, llam Celebrates H. Maryileld, Convent Hook. Hants, 7pm. Friday: Concelebrates M, St Peter's Church, Shorham, Sussex, 7.30pm Bishop Wheeler of Leads Sunday: IA, Wyke 11.30pm. V & C, thighouSe, 3.30prn. Monday. Sr Mary's Halifax 7.30pm. Tueseley Meeting of Rel reel Houser Superiors, Eltotta 10.3Citi-e. Evening St I herlaSe'S Cross Gales. Wednesday: C, SI Francis. Leeds, pM. Thursday: PA, Ripon and V to Wayside Shrine. Irani V it C, St Edwards Clifford 7.300m

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