Page 7, 21st June 2002

21st June 2002
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Page 7, 21st June 2002 — From Mr Gerard Hanratty Sir, Fiorella Sultana de Maria makes

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From Mr Gerard Hanratty Sir, Fiorella Sultana de Maria makes

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some very interesting points about the whole question of integrating asylum seekers into mainstream British society.

She, as an immigrant, is wary of integrating on the grounds that "British norms" are not particularly appealing: promiscuity, abortion etc. She therefore assumes that she has not passed the "tennis test".

There is a lot to be said for this. Catholics should abhor these strong tendencies in the dominant subculture. In this sense we are rebels and "seditious outsiders". But we can still play cricket and drink warm beer. And this is surely the main point. We, as Catholics, have the nation's true interests at heart when we oppose the "culture of death" and promote the resurrection of Christendom. When we swear allegiance to the Queen, and sing patriotic ditties, we are not saying that we accept the contemporary obsession with all matters sexual. We love our country and watch with horror as poor old Britannia sinks beneath the waves. This country is ours, as much as anyone else's, and just because we oppose its ongoing decline does not mean that we are any less English, Scottish or Welsh to boot. Quite the opposite.

Yours faithfully, GERARD HANRATTY London SW10

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