Page 5, 21st March 1969

21st March 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 21st March 1969 — LET US NOT FEAR TRUTH

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AFTER reading the various

remarks of several of your correspondents, T am of the impression that some do not know what Catholic means.

Ryan's cartons, we are told. are in had taste. A prioress questions the use of Catholic in the paper's title. Some believe that the views of others on contraception are wrong!

But, surely, to be Catholicor Christian, for it should mean the same thing—is, in this case, to be honest and acknowledge that one does not have the monopoly on the Truth, and that the other person may be right.

This does not mean that I have to see things only in the other's way either. A mere con• descending to another's view is not enough, for this, too, implies that the other person is wrong, and "I am right."

So let us be honest. Let us be Catholic, not being surprised or afraid of finding the truth in the unexpected. Be open to truth.

Eduard Vincent Sutton Coldfield.

'Herald' attacks

MAY I make an urgent appeal on two (to my mind) very important matters?

First. I am sick to death of having to hear and read every week of the almost malicious "running down" of the CATHOLIC HERALD. As far as I can make out, the CATHOLIC HERALD is the only religious journal which offers a complete analysis of Church affairs. which discusses all problems intelligently, and is not just a paper with a brash headline.

Secondly, will people stop running down — better still, degrading the so-called "minority" of the Church who offer useful criticism on certain matters of the Church. It is no use seeing just one side of the coin, because I feel you are not living up to be being a "full blooded" Catholic.

Let the "minority" speak. and let us hear more open and formulative discussions on the Church. Surely, the "majority" should be encouraged by the minority to unite the Church even more, and not be irresponsible and turn a blind eye.

Christopher R. Ambury Basingstoke.

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