Page 6, 21st March 1969

21st March 1969
Page 6
Page 6, 21st March 1969 — Chilling facts on killer bugs

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Organisations: Pentagon
Locations: Chicago


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Chilling facts on killer bugs

by KERRY STEPHENSON Chemical and Biological Warfare by Seymour M. Hersh (MacGibbon & Kee 50s.)

TN 350 fact-filled pages of I Pentagon jargon which runs the gamut from GB, VX and BZ to CN, 3, 4-D and HD the former press secretary to U.S. presidential hopeful, Senator Eugene McCarthy, says already the U.S. is using gas (non-lethal variety, that is) from Kontum in Vietnam to Chicago in Illinois.

If politicians have to use gas to punish the Yippies, Hersh reasons that its a pretty short step to the use of the really diabolical germs and gases in a "conventional war."

Crisply written, brilliantly documented and chilling in the questions it poses, this book indicts not only America — but casts a sidelong and accusing eye at Russia, England, Canada, Communist China, Nationalist China, West Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Egypt, Cuba, Israel and South Africa.

Ban the bomb marchers used to shout "one flash and you're ash." Perhaps future protesters will be shouting "one bug and you're dug."

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