Page 6, 21st March 1969

21st March 1969
Page 6
Page 6, 21st March 1969 — Shadow of the jackboot

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Shadow of the jackboot


Anatomy of the SS State by Helmut Krausnick, Hans Buccheirn, Maria Broszat and Hans-Adolf.Jacobson (Collins 84s.) A GHASTLY impossibility becomes a reality. A diabolical plan to produce a "Superior German People" is methodically plotted stage by stage then executed up to the point where millions of Jews and other "unacceptable" human beings are massmurdered, simply because they do not fit in with the "Plan" or because they oppose it. The rest fitted. Willingly and unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly they helped in the execution of this "Plan". If not won over by Hitler's satanically-powerful and hypnotic personality they were persuaded or forced.

In this book it is compelling and fascinating to see and to follow the different parts played by the SS in the implementation, control and execution of this complex Plan of Destruction; a plan meticulously worked out to the last minute detail. This study is a "Must" for those interested in understanding one of the darkest ages of Mankind.

It is not a sensational horror story. Readable and compelling, above all it is factual. It is an illustration of what can happen to us if we do not hold fast to sound and established principles and if we do not remain firmly anchored to Our Lord and His Church.

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