Page 10, 21st March 1975

21st March 1975
Page 10
Page 10, 21st March 1975 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Episcopal Engagements

Page 7 from 5th April 1957


Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Friday: Concetebratee Mass for victims of Muorgate accident, St Mary Moorbeids, 5.30 Sunday: Blesses palms and sings High Mess. Cathedral. 10. Monday-Wednesday: Mass and preaches Retreat Sermon, Cathedral, 6. Thursdey: Presides at Chrism Mass. Cathedral, 10.30. Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham SaturdayMess, Loonies Mececal Officers' Confutelice, Penns Hall Hotel, Sutton Cold., field, 12 Sunday: Palm Mass. St Chad's Cathedral. 10.30, Wednesday: General Ordinetice Oscuti College, 11. Thursday: Maundy Mass, St Chad's Cathedral. Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Friday. Meetirig. Curial Offices. Thursday: Concelehrates Mass of Chrism. Metro-puritan Cathedral, 10.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton Friday: Secretariat for Non-Believers meeting. London Senday: Blessing oi Palms, Cathadral, 11. Mulelay: Hoiy Year Service. Sacred Heart Church, Westberyean-Trym, 7,30. Thursday Blessing Of Oils. Cathedral, 11: Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. 8. B ishop Bowan of Arundel and Brighton Saturday: Diocesan Council meeting. Priory of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Haywares Heath, 11. Monday: Mass for St Wilfrid's Drama Grnup, Gatwick Airport, 8.30; Diocesan Council of Ad ministration meeting. St Joseph's Hall. Sterringion, 11, Tuesday: Bishops Educe eon Commission meeting, Archbishop's House. Westminster. Thursday: Mass of the Chrism Cathedral. Areedel. 11.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: Celebrates Station Mass, St John's. Benceirl, Saturday: Catholic Teachers' Day of Flenollection, Mary Ward College, Nottingham_ Monday: Diocesan Youth Commission meeting, Crewe. Ilea

srlay: Chrism Mass, Cathedral, 11.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: St Bede's College Governors, Manchester, 3.45. Sunday: Blessing of Palms and Mass. St John's Cathedral, Sallord, 11. Them*: Bishops' Education Commissice, Archbishops • House, West minster Wednesday: Schools Commission, 10..10. Thursday: Mass of Chrism, Salford Cathedral. 11; Mess of the Last Supper and Mendelian. Salford Cathedral, 7.30_ Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday Saturday: Chureh Unity Commission, St AneeIrres Hall, Manchester_ Bishop Cesey of Brentwood Friday; Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa. Chingford, Sunday: Mass and blesses Palms. Our Lady ot Compassion, Upton Park. 11 30. Monday: Finance Board meeting, 10.30. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Teresa's, Rochford. Thursiley: Concelebrates Muss of Chrism, Catherirai, 11.30; Concelebrates Mass of the Luids Supper. Corpus Christi, Collier Row. 8.

Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Seterday: Ordination. St Elizebedes. Mach I-farther:re 3. Thursday: Chrism Mass, Si John's, Norwich, 12, Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Stelae, Mass. St Francis, Handsworth 11.30. Saturday: Mass. Oscott College. Sutton Coldfield. 11.30; annual dinner of Lourdes Doctors Association. Birmingham, le, Sunday: Solemn Mass and Blessing of Palms, Seem Hill, Weriverhamp ton_ 11: presides at Acies of Legien of Mary. Wolverhampten, 3. Tuesday: Mass. St Cheas Cathedral, 12.55. Thursday: Chrism Mass, Sr Gregory's, tongton, 11; Evening Miles of the Lord's Supper. Wolverhampton, 7.30.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Blr

mingham Friday! Lenten Station Mass. Our Lady, Hednesfurd, 8. Saturday. Youth All Meet Vigil in Lourdes_ Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Visits sick. St Teresa's Preston. Saturday: AGM of CWL, Lancaster University, 2. Sunriey; Biessing nf Palms, Cathedral, 10.45; Muss, 11. Wednesday: English Martyrs' Deanery Sevier Mass, Preston, 7.30, Thursday. Mass of the Chrism. Cathedral, 11; Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 7. B ishop Fox of Nlenevia Sunder Palm Sunday Mass. Cathedral. VVrexhatn. Thursday: 13tessing of uils, Cathedral, Wrexham.

Bishop Grasar of Shrewsbury Sunday. Mass arid Messing of Palms, Cathedral, II. Tliursday: Chrism Mass, Cathedral, 11,30; Solemn Mass of the Last Supper, Cathedral, 7.30.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday' Meeting. Curial offices. 10.30: Ruilding Office meeting. 2.30. Sunday: Mass and Ccinfirmation, Our Lady of the Angels. Liverpore.f; 11: Confirmation. Our Lady of Victories. Hightown, 3.30; Mass and Confirmation, St Dominic's. Huylon. 6.30. Monday Council of Administration meeting. C,urlal Offices, 10.30. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass at Solemn Blessing of the Feely Oils. Cathedral. Liverpool, 10: Holy Thursday Litinegy and Solemn Pontifical Mass, Cathedral, 7.30.

B ishop Gutuzaill, Auxiliary of Westminster Fraley •Monease Westminster Schools Pilgrimege to Rome, Tuesday; Deanery Station Mass. St John's Wood. Wednesday: Ordination of Deacon, Highgate. 11.30. Commlesioning of Priests, Spanish Place, 6.30. Thursday: Chriern Mass, Cathedral. 10.

Saturday: Awards distribution Hatch End

TV Centre, Loodon, Sunday: Palm Sunday liturgy Cathedral, Liverpool. Tuesday; Visits Bishop Goss School, Liverpool. Thursday: Maundy Thursday Liturgy. Cathedral. Liverpool. Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Mass Media Commission, Hatch End. Middlesex Saturday: Bishops Steering Committee or Deaf, St Vincent's Hall, Manchester, 11.30: Covenant Scheme AGM. Stella Mans. Salford, 3. Sunday: Blessing of Palms and Mass. Polish Church of Ole Good Shepherd. Bolton, 12, WednesdaySchools Commission, 10,30. Tnurseiny. Mass of Christy, Salford Cathedral, 11. Mass of the Last Supper and Mendetum Selford Cathedral, 7.30 CIAStie Seriday: Blesses Palms end Mass Sr Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle. 11.30, Tuesday: DiuceSen Liiiiroical Commission, Senhan, 7. Thursday: Mass of Chrism, St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle. 10.30: Mass in Coena Domini, 7.30. Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Friday: Consecrates new altar. St anSeph'S. Convent, New °Merton, 6. Sunday: Palm Sunday ceremonies. Cathedral, I 1. Monday: Visas St Marys. School, Derby, 10,30; Mass for tee St Ralph Sherwin Society. Anhhourne. 7.30, Tuesday: Bishops' Education Committee !heeling. London, 2; Lenten Station Mass, St Mary's, Derby, 8. Wednendeye Final Lenten Station Mass, Catherine 8. Thursday: Mass of Chrism. Cathedrel 11 30: Mass of the Lord's Supper. Catherine Fi Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Friday: Bremer. BrkjImur Aeniversary Mass, St Mary's Cathedral, Middirisbrough, 12,15. Thursday: Bleesirru of oils; Concelebrates Mass, St Mary's Cathedral. Middleebrough, 11 45 Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Ecumenicel SuhCommissInn, Ealing Abbey, Saturday: Ordinatioes. Si Joseph's College, Mill Hill Sunday: Mass for West Indians. Our Lady of Willesden 3.30. Wednesday: Council of Administration 11. Thursday. Mass of Chrism. Westminster Cathedral, 10 30' Mendatum, 6 Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Saturday: Mass fur the Golden Jubilee of (SC Province 8, Our Lady's, Workingturi, 4,30. Sunday: Confirmation, Oar Lady's, Carlisle, Monday-Tuesday: Carmelite Sub-commission. Suothod: Holy Week Services, St Josepn's COnvent, Carlisle, Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sunday; Peen Sunday Muss. Cathedral, 11. Thursday, Concelebrates Mass of the Chrism. Whether. 11; conceiehretes the Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. 8. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Concelebrates Mass end preaches, St Joseph's, Bradford, 6, Sunday: Bleseing of Palm and Solemn Mass, St Anne's Cathedrel, 11; Peru Commission, Eitofts, 4. Tuesday: Morning ordination to Diaconate. Wedoesdaee Confirmation, 10.30, Thursday: Coesecration of Holy Oil, Cathedral: Mandatum. Cathedral, 6, Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth Friday: East Berkshire Deanery meeting, Kiln Green 11.30. Saturday: Addresses Conference of Catholic Social Service Council. Southampton University. T0,30, Sunday: Paint Sunday Liturgy. Cathedral. 10.30. Tuesday. National Catholic Fund meeting, Archbishop's House, Westminster. 11.30: meeting of Diocesan Financial Secretaries, Archbishop's House, Westminster, 2.30. Thursday: Mass of Chrism, Cathethal, 11: Mass of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, B.

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