Page 10, 21st March 1975

21st March 1975
Page 10
Page 10, 21st March 1975 — Liturgists honour Fr Josef Jungmann

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Liturgists honour Fr Josef Jungmann


A small group of prominent liturgists and liturgical students attending the Catholic University of America gathered in Washington to acknowledge the outstanding catecheticalliturgical contribution of the late Fr Josef Andreas Jungmann, Si, who died in Innsbruck in January.

The evening of open discussion by the liturgists recalled how Fr Jungrnann had revolutionised catecheties when in 1936 he boldly challenged seminary theology as incapable of conveying the Gospel message in all its simplicity and directness, Ile called for a historical and Christ-centred theology which would nourish the Faith. Such a theology was quite distinct from the over-speculative, defensive and polemical theology of the 1930s.

In 1939. when the theological .faculty at Innsbruck was abolished after the Nazi takeover of Austria, Fr Jungmann set to work on his monumental book "The Mass of the Roman Rite."

Today the two-volume work remains the most authoritative and complete work on the history and growth of the liturgy of the Roman Mass. Its influence was strong among those who initiated the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council..

Among the liturgists honouring Fr Jungmann were two long-time friends of the Jesuit, Fr Balthasar Fischer, director of the Liturgical Institute of Trier. Germany, and Fr Johannes Quasten, a worldfamous scholar of early Christianity and a faculty member of the Catholic University of America.

Other close acquaintances recalling the significance of Fr Jungmann's work were the Benedictine Fr Godfrey Dickmann of St John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, and Fr Frederick McManus, viceprovost of the Catholic University of America. Fr Fischer praised the great patience of Fr Jungmann, recalling the occasion in 1936 when one of his books was withheld from publication. Fr Jungmann simply told his students: "One must accept the flowers that bloom and the leaves that fall."

Born in 1889, at Sand In Taufers, in the Southern Tyrol area of Austria, Fr Jungmann was a diocesan priest from 1913 to 1917. He then joined the Jesuits, becoming a lecturer at Innsbruck University in 1925 and a Professor of Pastoral Theology there in 1934. During the period of German control from 1939 to 1945 he was dismissed from his university post.

In 1949 Fr Jungmann was invited to visit the United States and to deliver a series of liturgical lectures at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. Those lectures have been preserved in a volume entitled "The Early Liturgy."

Former Coulsdon curate returns for farewell Fr Alan Wright, former curate of St Aidan's, Coulsdon, Surrey, returned last week from St Anne's, Vauxhall, where he has recently been appointed parish priest, for an informal leave-taking of all his friends and colleagues. He had worked in Coulsdon for three years, and was also the chaplain to Cane Hill Hospital.

Among those present were the Rev G. H. Davies, Minister of the local Methodist Church and the Rev Peter Cirimwade, Church of England Chaplain to Cane Hill Hospital. Among the presentations was one from Cane Hill Hospital. Mr Andy Dewar, Head Postmaster in Worcester. at his home aged 51. A convert received into the Church by Fr M. Foylan, now Bishop Foylan of Aberdeen, Mr Dewar was a prominent member of the Knights of St Columba and the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Belper, Hemel Hempstead, and Edinburgh before going to Worcester nine years ago.

Canon Joseph Howe, parish priest of St Ann's. Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, sitice 1952, aged 73. He was Dean of St Chad's Deanery from 1964 to 1972, and was appointed a Canon of the Chapter in 1973.

He was horn in Birkenhead and educated at Our Lady's. Birkenhead, Ushaw College. and the English College in Rome, where he obtained the DD and PhD and the BCL. He was ordained in 1928..

His first appointment was as a curate at Our Lady's, Stockport, From 1938 to 1952. he was parish priest of St Chad's, Cheadle.

Fr Reginald Joseph Jahn Walt, on Friday. March 14, in hospital, aged ". l'ormcrly or Westminster Archdiocese and contributor to the Catholic Ilentid, Requiem Mass held at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Brotalstaurs. Kent, yesterday Canon John McCabe, parish priest of St Edmund's, Miles Plat'jag, Manchester, since 1944. aged 74.

He was born in Manchester and educated at Si Bede's College, Manchester: Ushaw College, Durham. and St Joseph's Seminary. Leeds. He was ordained priest in 1925 and served as curate at St Peter's, Middleton, 1925-29; Guardian Angels, Bury, 02916; and St John's Cathedral, Salford, 1936-40.

In 1940 he was appointed parish priest of St Alban', Ancoats. before moving to St Edmund's. He was for many years in charge of the Salford Clergy Choir and was named honorary canon in 1965. He was elected to the Cathr.tdral Chapter in June, 1974.

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