Page 8, 21st March 1986

21st March 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 21st March 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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0 = Ordination, M = MW, V is Visitation, C = Confirmation.

Cerdinal Hume. Archbishep oWearninetee Thursday: M ot Chrism, Cathedral. 10.30arn. M of The Lord's Supper, Cathedral, Bern. Frider Office ot Reading & Morning Prayer, Cathedral, 10arn. Calebratien ol The Lerd's Passion. Cathedral. pm Saturday. Office ol Reading & Morning Prayer Cathedral. 10am. M of The Easter Vigil, Cathedral. 8.30pm.

Archblehop Bowan at Southwark Sunday: Pneeldes at Palm Sunday M. Cathedral, 11.30am. Monday: Lunch with iltyd Harrington, County Hail. 12.30pro Meeting of Churches Man Committee. milrbank, 2.15pm. Therm:ley: Presides at IM al Chrism. Cathedral, 11.15am. Friday: Presides at Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral, 3pm, Saturday: Meets Cathedral Parish Confienandi and presides at Rile al Anointing Catechumens. Amigo Hall, 7pm. Presides al Easter Vigil M, Cathedral, 8.30pm, Archbiehop Ceuta de Muryttle al Birmingham Tuesday: M for gm Form 01 St Francis al Assisi School. Aldrtdge. Item. Thursday: Chrism M. SI Chad's Cathedral. item M of the Lord's Supper. St Chad's Cathedral, 8pm. Friday: Celebretion et Our Lord's Supper, Veneration of the Cress and Holy Commurtion, St Chad's Cathedral, 3pm. Seturidey: Easter Vigil and First M ol Easter, 8.30prn Easier Sunday: Solemn V. Si Chad's Cathedral, 10.30arn

Archbishop Word oll Cardiff Sunday: Blessing Cl Palms S Pontifical M, St David's Cathedral, Item. Thursday: Pontlfical M et the Chrism. SI Daddy Cathedral. 11.30am. M at the Lord's Supper. Si David's Cathedral, 7pm, Friday: Solemn Liturgy far Good Friday, Si David's Cathedral. 3pre. Saturday Newport Caunell of Churches Procession of Witness, St Paul's Church, Newport & SI Mary's, Slow Hill, 20m. Easter Vigil, St David's Cathedral, Sere

Arthbishop iWortock of Liverpool Sunday: Palm Sunday M. Cathedral. time. Monday: Lunchtime Lenten Address, lpm. Ecumenical Service with County Representatives, Liverpool Parish Church, itern Tuesday Day of Recaliectton with retired priests, ince Blundell Hall, llem. Wednesday: Private Meetings, London, Thursday: M ol Chrism, I lam. M of The Lord's Supper, Metropolitan Cathedral, 7 30poi Friday Siotemn afternoon Lilt/toy, 3m. -Watching at the Tomb" Servrce, Metropolitan Cathedral, 7.30pm. Seturday: Easter Vise/ M. Cathedral, 1 lees Sunday: hi of Easter Day, 1 lam Evening Prayer. Cathedral. 3pm Bishop Alexander of Clifton Sunday: M et Clifton Cathed:al, 11am Thursdey: M o Chrlsm, Cathedral,

Ilam. Al of The Lord's Supper, Cathedral, Bpre, Friday: Liturgy 01 The Lord's Passion, Cathedral, 3pm_ Saturday: Easter Vies Situtgy. lOpm.

Bishop Brewer of Lancaster Sunday: Celebrates NI, Cathedral. Lancaster. Meets with Representatives of the Missitens Commission at St Gregory's. Preston Meader. Station M. Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. Wednesday: Meeting with Representatives pi the Movement lor 0 of Married Mee. Bishop's Reuse. Lancaster Thursday: M of Cerism at the Cathedral, Lancaster at II.30am. Feeley: Stations of the Cross. Cathedral.

B lehop Burke, Aualliery foe Safford Weelnessehe Pentitentiat Service. SI John's Cathedral, Saltord. 7.30pm Thursday: M ot the Sacred Chnsm. St John's Cathedral. 10.30am. M of the Lord' a Supper, St Mary's. Mulberry Street. Mane lester, 5.15pm. Friday: Stations of the Cross, Si John's Cathedral, Salford, 10.30ern Stallone of the Cross, SI Mary, Mulberry SI, Mk, 2.30em. Liturgy of Good Friday, S1 Mars, 3.30pert-5.30pm. Saunter Easter Vigil end First M of Easter. SI Hugh of Lrecoln, Stretford, 7pm, B lame Clerk at Erne Anglia Sunday: M of Palm Sunday, St John's Cathedral. Nonvich, Hem. Tuesday: Addresses Lowestoft Coueeil of Churches, 12.00 noon. Wednesday: Chrism M, Cathedra, 7.30prn, Thursday. NI ol the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. 7 30pm Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral. 3pm Procession of Witness through Norwieh. 7pre. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral. Sem Bishop Cleary, A exkliary or Birmingham Sunday: M & blessing of Palms_ SS Mary & John, WeiveMamplion. 1Iam. Thursday Cencelebrated Id & biessing of Holy Oils. Si Gregory. Lorgton. slam. M 01 Lest Supper, SS Mary & John, Wolverhampton:. 7.30pm Frister Liturgy of Greed Friday SS Mary & John, Wolverhampton, 3pm Saturday: Vier; M. SS Mary & John, Wolverhampton, 9pm.

B ishop Emery el Portsmouth Sunder Palm Sunday. St John's Cathedral. Celebrates M and Stesses palms. 10.30ern Thirstier Holy Thursday, Cathedral, Caneelebrates M of Chrism I lam M or the Lord's Supper, 7.30prn Friday: Good Fnday, Cathedral, Station of the Cross, 10.15are. Solemn Liturgy ol I he PaSSI0e.3crn Seturder Holy Saturday.' Cathedral. Celebrates the Easter Sege, 10pm Blehop dray of Shreweeary Sunday: M and Procession of Palms, Cathedral, 11.15am Monday Meets with crelgy ol SI Ambrose Deanery, Sore Celebrates Deanery M St Joseph's, Sale, 7.30pm Thursday Christy M. St Vincent's. Altrincharn. 11 30am M of lhe Lord's Supper, and Manclatum,. Cathedral, 7 30pre, Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, CCaritthheer,luraial.. SOmpirn. Saturday. Easter vrge Ceremome Ellsbop Gunnell!, Auxiliary in7 Westminster Sunday: Procession et Palms. Hackney, 3pm. Young People's Evening, Pope John House, 7.30pm Monday Paatoral Workers' meeting, 10am. M, LSU Sisters. Cum Rd. 4.30pm Tuesdays &Mewl M. Si Monica's. Hoxten, 10am. Welinesdny M, Wilfred St, 11.30am. Thursday: M of the Lard's Supper, Kentish Town, Sere. Seturday: Easter Vigil, Kentish Town. Bern Vigil, Mlle End. 12 noore Bishop !Meagan of Menevla Sunday: Blessing ot Palms In Cathedral Hail, C-athedral, illeLlam. inane Monday: Church Leaders Meeting, Shire Hall. Shrewsbury. Thursday: M ol the Chrism, Cathedral, 1 lam_ M of The Lours Supper, Cathedral, 7.30prn Erkery Celebration of The Lord's Passion, Cathedral, 3pm. Saturder V to Polish Hospltre, Penley,2-30501 Easter Vigli, and Fest M of Easter. Cathedral gym.

Bishop Harris at fetddleabrough Sunday: Bleseing' of Palms and M. Cathedral, 10.30am. Tuesday: Eire ethics Meeting, London Thersday: Blessing of Hely Oils and M of Cerise, with Priestly Renewal, Cathedral, 11.30am. M. of the Lofffie Semler and Mandatum St Thomas More. 7.30pm. Friday: Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Cathedral, 3pm Seturdey: Easter Vigil and Al St Clams. Middlesbrough, Spot.

Bishop Harvey. Auxiliary ke Westminster Sunday: M. Heather Park Mass Centre. won-inlay. Sera Tuesday: Meeting, Social Welfare Commission. I1_30am. Weelneeday: M. Convent of Our Lady Cl Ina Apr:lases, West Green. team. Thursday: Chrism el, Cathedral, M. St Monica, Palmer, Green, 8prn. Saturday: M. Our Lady of LeurrleS. New Southgate, 7pne Bishop Henderson, Ancillary lor Southwark Sunday-Wednesday: Conducts Students Retreat. Wonersh. Thursday: Concludes Students' Retreat, Wonersh. Evening M of the Lord's Supper, Welling, 13pm. Frlday Diocesan Bishops' Meeting. 10.30em. saw Friday Celebration al the Lord's Passion, Eltham Wee Hall Opel Bishop Hitcher., Auxiliary tor Litreepeol Sunder Our Lady of Compaseion, Formby. Trreader Church Leaders' Meeting. Cinnamon Brow. Warrington. Item Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Nonn. Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Archblehop'S House. 2pm Thursday: Ile at Chnsm. Metropolitan Cathedral. 11ern. M of the Lore's Supper, Our Lady e Compass:ors Formby. pm_ Firmer Commemoration or tee Lord's Passion, Our Lady al Compassion. 3pm. Saturday: erg' or Easter. Our Lady of Compassien. Spm.

itittme Jukes, Auxiliary tar Southwarli Sunday: Handicapped Children's Fellowship Meeting, West Melling, 3pm. Wedeeeder Penitential Service,

Engil In Martyrs, Slrood, 8pm. Thunder Chrism M, Si George's. Friday: Bishops' Meeting, Southwark, 10.30arn.

131shop Kelly of Salford SUnday: hi for Palm Sunday. St John's Cathedral, Sallord. 10.30am. Monday: M. Si Mary's, Mulberry Street, Mancheeter, Midday Retreat, Wadley Hail, Tuesday: M, SI Mary's. Mulberry Street, Manchester Midday. Retreat, Wardiey Hall. Wednesday M, St Mary's, Mulberry Street, Marchester, Michday. Retreat, VYardley Hall. Celebration of Penance S 'Reconciliation, St John's Cathedral Safford, 7.30pm. Thursday: M of the Sacred Chrism. SI Jahrt's Cathedral, Salford, 10.30am, Evening M of the Lord's Supper. Si John's, Cathedral_ epre. Friday: Meeting Prayer, St Joyner Cathedral. 8.30erre Steams Liturgy of the Passion, Si John's Cathedral, 3pm. Liturgy or the Passion, St George's Chireth ol England Parish Church. Stockport. Eipre. Saturday Morning Prayer, Sr Jahe's Calhedrat, 8.30am. Solemn Vigil and First M ol Easter, Si John's Cathedral. Salford, Bum Bishop Koneuest of Leeds Sunday: M. SI Anne's Cathedral. 1 lam. Peru Commission, Thames, 3pm. Tuesday: Day of Recollection. iilde7.11em. Thursday: Chrism M, Cathedral, 10.30arn. M at the Lord's Supper Cathedral, 6pm. Fedor Sermon, Wakeliele Cathedral, learn. Cathedral. 3001 Statue:kr Easter Vigil, Catheerve.

Bishop Lindley of Horsham fled NewcestieSunday' Pales Sunday M. St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle, 11 30arn, Thursday: Chrism SA, SI Marys litam. lel al Last Supper, 7 30pm. Frlder Good Frlday Ltturgy, St Mary's, 3erre Procession of Witness, Sprn. Saturday Easter Vigil, SI Mary's. (i_30pm.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Thursday: M of C3111$111, COlhedral, 1530am Al of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 13pm. Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral, 3pm, Satre:ley Easter Vigil, Cathedral_


Sishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster Sundeic M. Northwood Parish, 10 45arn Mangler Meals C Group, Hounslow panste 7.30pm. Tuesday V, Nalttng Hili School, Ealing. am. Youeg People's evening, Whoehall Gardena, 6pm. Wednesday: M, Decay MedyrsSchool.12_15ere. Thursday Cerism M, Westminster Cathedra, am. Friday: Good Eaday

Service, Stanweit parish, 3pm. &Herder Eaater Vigil Service, Twickeream, 6.30prn.

Bishop efenterley at Kellam Thuredey: Chrism Id at Cathedral, 10.30am, M 01 the Lord's Supper at Cathedral, 8pm. Friday: Liturgy of the Passion at Cathedra!, 3pm. Saturday: Vigil of Easter at Cathedral, gom

Stamp Mierphy-CeCenner el Arundel & Brighton Sundry: 0, Epsom Wedneadey M of Chrism. Arundel Cathedral, 5pm Thursday: Royal Maundy Ceremony. Chichester Cathedral, 1 lam. Al ol Last Supper, Cathedral. Spre. Friday Commemoration oi I he Passion. Arundel Cathedral, 3prn. Saturstme Easter Vigil, Arundel Cathedral, El.30om

alehep J 01116en, AuxIlhey Per Wastminelier Monday: Merle, Catholic Secondary Schools, Mastermind final at St Michael's, 3.30pm. Tuasider Penitential Service at Our Lady Osman ol all Creation, Herne! Hempstead, 7.30pm. Thursday: Chrism IN at Westminster Cathedral. am. Maundy Thursday M at Hitchin. 8pm. Friday: Passion play at Heichin. 10arn Saturday Easter Vigil at St Bartholomew's St Albans. Bern Blshop Swindiehure, Smeltery Pb, Heenan, Neavesetie Sunday: M. SI Augustine s. Darlington Thereday Chrism Al, SI Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1 lam. M of the Last Supper. Si 'Joseph's, Hartlepool, 7pm. Friday Good Friday Liturgy, Holy Rosary, Billingham. 3prn. Saturday Easter Vigil M, SI Mary's, Suneerland, Bpm.

Bisbee Thomas at Northampton Sunday: M, Nerthempton Cathedral, 10am. Preaches at Or Mary's. Warwick. pm, Monday Meets VIce Chancellor, Open University, Milton Keynes. Ism. Chapel Dedicalstri Service, Ballard Prison, 7.30Pmi Thursday Chrism rel at Cathedral. I lam IV of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 80m. Friday. Liturgy. Cathedral, 3pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 8prn.

Bishop K O'Brien at Middlesbrough Sunder M at Or Charles Church, Hull. Thursday Blessing of esoly Oils at St Charles Church, Hutt 115m. Friday: Liturgy of Good Friday at SI Charles Church. Hull, 3pm. Saterrisr First M of Easier at St Chards Church. Hull_ Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary tor Southmark Sunday: Glues Day al Recollection For Paresis pt Handicapped Chedren at Ealing. Thursday: Concelebrates at Chrism frl al SI George' s Cathedral, Seuthwark, llam. Friday: Presides at Solemn Liturgy at SI Agalea's Church. Kingston, 3pm

Bishop Welnetley (SIM Forcesi Wednesday. Celebrates C-hrism Al, Aldershot, 1 tarn. Chaplains' Senate. Aiderehot, pan Thursday: Celebrates M ot Lord's Supper. RAF Halton. pm. Friday: Presides at Good Friday Liturgy, RNH Hasler. Saturday: Celebrates Easter Sege. Buifore. pre.

gallop McCanle, Auxilfary ten Birmingham Sunder M of Palm Sunday: Sacred Heart Coventry, 11.30ern. Monday Oscott College. 6orn. Tuesday: Church al England's Childrens Society, Waddedon, 1 let5ent. M. 81 Joseph's. Nechelle, 7.30pm Thursday: VI of Chrism. Si Aleysius, Oxford. M ci Lord's Supper, Shipslon, Bpm. Rider Liturgy of Good Friday, St Joseph's, Vyhitnesh, 7pm Saturear Easter Vigil, Olion Priory, Sprn.

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