Page 1, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
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Page 1, 21st May 1937 — C C You Are A Chosen Race"

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People: Hinsley, Pizzardo


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Papal Envoy Addresses The British Empire

By a Staff Reporter

Before a gathering which filled the nave, stood packed together down every aisle and thronged even into the galleries of Westminster Cathedral, His Excellency Mgr. Pizzardo, the Papal Envoy to their Majesties' Coronation, addressed the faithful of the Empire on Whit Sunday.

"lt is a joy to greet you," he said, and his voice expressed the deep emotion he felt," because of the promise you hold out

for the future. You are the salt of the earth which must season with holiness human society. Bind yourselves together therefore in one solid compact body with one definite policy under the leadership of your bishops and priests," were his exhortations which rang challengingly through the cathedral.

Accompanied by the Earl of Granard, the Marchese Pacelli, the Rev. Birley, Mgr. Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, and Bishop Myers, the Papal Envoy then adjourned to Cathedral Hall to receive homage of the congregation. Queues formed the whole length of the cathedral precincts, and thousands filed past to receive Mgr. Pizzardo's individual blessing. This ceremony lasted for two hours.

Westminster's Enthusiasm

Never before in this historic year had I seen the Cathedral so crowded.

From my eyrie in the gospel side gallery, I could watch the inflooding tide of worshippers.

Half an hour before the Envoy was due to arrive the central nave had no vacant

seat left. Side aisles were restless with people, who hoped at least to hear the words which had come so direct from the Holy Father himself to the whole British Empire, and which they were the few privileged actually to hear their utterance.

Fitful gleams of sunshine lit the cathedral's dim interior, and through a shaft of sunlight I watched the vigorous figure of the great Italian Cardinal gently blessing the crowds as his purple-clad figure approached the High Altar.

His address, delivered in long, slow, and distinct sentences, was audible throughout the building. In perfectly turned English phrase, Mgr. Pizzardo drew attention to the great position in which England stands and her duty of her faithful to Catholicism. " You are a chosen race " might have been his text. His pronunciation was nearly impeccable, his delivery completely SO.

Special " C.H." Message

Afterwards, in Cathedral Hall, I was privileged to speak with Mgr. Pizzardo of the work which the Catholic Herald is trying to do. He was immediately enthusiastic.

" Yours is a great apostleship," he said, " You must and will become a great power in the world. I give your paper a very special blessing."

The full text of the Envoy's message is printed on page 2.

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