Page 1, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 1
Page 1, 21st May 1937 — PRESS SUNDAY

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Locations: Birmingham, Salford


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In Birmingham Province and Salford

Next Sunday, Trinity Sunday, will be Press Sunday throughout the Archdiocese of Birmingham and in the Diocese of Salford.

Press Sunday was ordered by the Hierarchy in their joint pastoral which was read in all churches last Advent. The Bishops voiced their decision in the following terms: " As a practical example of Catholic work in which all the laity can co-operate, we urge a far greater support of the Catholic press than is given to it at present. The Catholic press should be one of the most useful auxiliaries in Catholic Action. The press includes not only the weekly newspapers, but the Catholic publishing houses and all Catholic periodical literature, of which there is an abundant variety .

" We make a special appeal, however, in this pastoral for much greater support of the Catholic newspaper press.

" We have The Tablet. The Catholic Times, The Universe, The Catholic Herald and The Catholic Worker, all of which have merited well of the Hierarchy and the faithful of the country.

" If they received from every Catholic family the support which those families give to the secular press, they would each have at least double their present circulation. We make a

special point of the newspaper press because it is our first line

of defence when any attack is made on religion, and the usual first source to which our people look for an answer to current objections and difficulties.

" We are anxious for the newspaper press to prosper and develop . . . as a most vital branch of Catholic Action in this country.

" We desire that one Sunday in the year be appointed in each diocese and in each parish at the discretion and by the direction of the Ordinary, as Press Sunday, when sermons should be preached on the importance of the Catholic press and the duty of the faithful to give all possible support to our Catholic writers and journalists who are doing the work of Catholic Action and counteracting the poison of Communistic and other immoral literature. On that day also at each church door should be a display of Catholic books, of the Catholic Truth Society and Catholic Social Guild literature, and of Catholic papers and periodicals."

The dates for Press Sunday in other parts of the country have not been fixed.

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