Page 14, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 14

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People: Lodygensky
Locations: Madrid, Geneva


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Treason Alleged In Inter-denominational Congresses

"At this moment inniimerable orthodox priests, the great majority of Catholic priests and nearly all the reformed pastors are in prison or forced labour camps. Who bothers about them?

" At great expense inter-confessional world conferences are prepared, but nowhere have I read that the freeing of martyr priests and pastors figures on their agenda."

These words were used in a speech by Dr. Lodygensky, a prominent member of the Orthodox Church, exiled from Russia, in the Course of a conference at Geneva.

" We arc watching," the speaker went on. " during these last months a peculiarly saddening spectacle: ecclesiastics fraternising with the butchers of their brothers and maintaining red propaganda on the international plane. And no one stops them! Thus, in the very bosom of Christianity, treason is installed. Conferences and speeches are numberless, but true charity is overlooked and martyrs arc abandoned with cowardice.

Spain Worse Than Russia

Later the speaker asserted that the persecution in Spain had been even more abominable than it was in Russia.

"In Spain they do not merely assassinate the priests they come across, but they seek them out methodically front the beginning and pay for their murder. . . . It took the Godless twenty years to attain their end in Russia,in Spain they have succeeded in as many months."

The speaker then quoted from speeches actually made on the radio stations of the Madrid and Barcelona Governments. as for example the boast that "Spain has gone far beyond the work of the Soviets. for the Church in Spain is completely destroyed." or "They say that God is with the Reds. We don't know, but we do know that Satan is with us."

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