Page 14, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
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Locations: Munster, Berlin


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CONTINUED DEFENCE OF FAITH Words from Munster and Berlin

From Our German Correspondent

Mgr. von Galen, Bishop of Munster in Westphalia, has organised in his diocese a " Week of Christ," in order to strengthen the mind and courage of Westphalian Catholics.

In a very outspoken sermon during the. week he criticised Hcrr Kerrl, Hiller's Cabinet Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs, who had said during the negotiations preceding the dissolution of the Protestant Church Committee that it was childish to found Christianity on the belief in the divinity of Christ. Bishop Galen stated: " For two months I have been waiting in silence for a declaration of the Cabinet Minister denying that he made before the President of the Protestant Church Committee those remarks which have been reported, namely, that it is childish to found Christianity on the belief in the divinity of Christ, Son of God.' I have heard of no denial.

A Man Who Makes Fun ...

" We have, therefore, to state with the most lively grief that our Fiihrer and Chancellor has entrusted in his Cabinet the ecclesiastical questions and the relations between Church and State to a tnan kho makes fun of our belief in the dogma of the divinity of Christ which is the angular stone of Christianity . . . The Minister may laugh, but for us the attitude taken by the Minister and the situation created by him are very sad and extremely grave.

" In perfect union with our Protestant brothers we have to build up a front against the bitter enemy of Christianity."

Protestant Bishop Agrees

At the end of his sermon the Bishop quoted the open letter which Pastor Dibelius, one of the leaders of the Protestant Confessional Church, has addressed to Herr Kern

"The Divinity of Jesus Christ. Son of God, is not a dogma invented by the human spirit, but the essential Revelation of the Holy Scripture. It is the fundamental truth of our life and the supreme consolation in the hour of our death."

Both in Catholic and Protestant circles the words of the Bishop have met with an enthusiastic response.

Count Preysing, Bishop of Berlin, has issued • a remarkable pastoral letter, protesting against the shameless exploitation of the new scandal trials against religious and priests.

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