Page 14, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 14

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Problem For Soviet Godless Experts

From Our Russian Correspondent.

Another warning to propagandists of Soviet godlessness has been made in tht U.S.S.R. newspaper Pravda. The success of a materialist system in the country should not lead the godless to believe that there can be any lessening of their de-christianising tactics.

Churchmen, it is urged, are beginning to lift their heads and to become active.

Popes. mullahs, rabbis are no longer satisfied with gathering old people around them, but they try to influence youth." This influence, it is further stated, is evident in the schools, and at home where parents encourage their children to go to chu rch."

The invasion of religious influence into schools is considered the hardest blow of all. A most important part in sovietising the people thoroughly rests with the school teacher, Pravda declares, the teaching of every subject " must be permeated with anti-religious propaganda " ... and " a tremendous number of anti-religious publications, papers and books is imperative."

Church Instead of Drama It is hard to say what this resurrected interest may be leading to. Certainly the people of Russia seem now to be making a more regular habit of church going, but it is fairly safe to assume that with light entertainment so hard to find, many of them go to Mass, as a Russian woman said recently, " because I can't get theatre tickets." In contrast to this latter remark, however, a working man was not long ago heard to say. To think how wisely the Lord has ordered the world."

The two remarks are directly opposed to each other, and a new persecution of religion will certainly be less physical than intellectual; witness the printing of choser atheistic philosophers in new Russian editions and the warning that the days of the clumsy methods of forcing the people away from places of worship, etc., are over.

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