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21st May 1937
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Page 2, 21st May 1937 — 44 YOU ARE A CHOSEN RACE"

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Locations: Rome, New York


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Papal Envoy's Sermon

Westminster Cathedral was packed to the roof on Whitsunday when thc Papal Envoy was present and preached. He spoke as follows:—

" It is a great honour and indescribable joy for me to give you today a most warns and affectionate greeting. I greet you with the words of the apostle S. Peter : •You are a holy people, a chosen race, a royal priesthood.'

" ' Yon are a holy people ' because you are the children of the Saints and because you have preserved your faith in Jesus Christ, who is the cause and source of our joy. You are a 'chosen race ' in the midst of so many peoples you have seen gathered round your earthly sovereign. You are a royal priesthood '; you have a holy vocation to preserve the living torch of Truth, to love and help your priests who have the power to renew daily the Sacrifice of the Cross, from which Sacrifice has conic down to us, and will continue to come down to us, the blessings of heaven.

"It is a joy to greet you because you represent in England the Catholic Church which contains no less than 350 million children, all with their place in the heart of our Beloved Pontiff. All three of us, members of the Pontifical Mission for the coronation of King George, have been witnesses, in the audience granted to us a week ago, of the great affection with which the Holy Father blesses you.

" He blesses, in the first place, your Archbishop who has so generously placed his great gifts and energies at the service of Holy Church and has already accomplished so much for the Holy Sec both in Rome and Africa. He blesses you who are examples of Catholic life in the metropolis of this vast empire.

" It is a joy to greet you because of the promise which you hold out for the future, a promise that you must realise with the help of Almighty God. You are placed, as it were, on a candlestick that you may enlighten the world with your Faith. You are the salt of the earth which must season with holiness human society, and, to do this you must show how you value the Christian education of your children, the holiness of family life and the purity of both private and public morals.

"In this great British Empire there are peoples of many races and of many tongues. We have come from your Spiritual Father, Pope Pius XI, with letters of greeting and congratulation to your beloved sovereign, King George VI, on the happy occasion of his coronation, to share in the rejoicings of that great day when he and his noble consort dedicated themselves to the service of the peoples of this great Empire.

" We who are in close contact with our Holy Father the Pope know full well how he takes every opportunity of urging on his children, wherever they are, the solemn duty of honouring their name of Catholic. By this he means that they should be good children of their Heavenly Father and, for that reason, the best of citizens, loyal to that authority vested in your King and all civil power which. since it takes its authority from God, is consequently a manifestation of the Divine Will.

"To be a good Catholic, therefore, is to be a good subject of your King, to be good and loyal citizens serving your country and your Empire. In a word, to he a Catholic means to be a faithful servant of Jesus Christ and His Vicar on earth and a servant of all rulers whose authority comes down to you from God. In the midst of so many attacks on Christian ideals we Catholics will be second to none in our efforts to uphold the principles of order, of obedience, and of good Christian living.

"As on the day of Pentecost the peoples of different races and tongues were able to understand what the first apostles of Christ said to them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so to-day the voice of God's Church rings out through the vast Dominions of this Empire and the children of Christ and his Church, wherever they may be, hear and understand.

" Bind yourselves together, therefore, in one solid compact body with one definite policy under the leadership of your bishops

and priests. It is a time when disagreements must be put aside and when we must go forward in the name of Christ in one united front against the enemies of the Cross of Christ. Thus, Christ helping us, we can say with confidence: 'They shall not prevail.'

"And now allow me to convey to you the Apostolic Blessing which the Holy Father has charged me to bring to you as a pledge of His Fatherly benevolence, as a pledge of bounteous graces and heavenly light, as an earnest of faithful work in the future, especially in the field of the Catholic apostolate, that is to say in an active Christian life rooted in an ardent love of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ and brought to fruition by a zealous and loyal accomplishment of our duty in all justice and charity towards all our brethren in Our Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the World."

U.S.A. Bishop and Spain

The Bishop of New York, Mgr. MacConnell, has written and signed a declaration called " An Appeal to the Conscience of the World," The appeal denounces the bombing of Guernica and states that it seems impossible and incredible that Americans should remain indifferent and dumb in the face of such a crime.

Seventy-five prominent religious and political personalities have signed the appeal.

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