Page 3, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 21st May 1937 — De-Sentimentalising

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" But Germany Is Not England"

—Says the Press.

From Ow German Correspondent Unlike Italy, which did not pay the slightest attention to the British Coronation events, the German Press had, on Dr. Goebbels's command, numerous news and pictures as well as letters from the papers' own correspondents in London.

On the whole all articles were full of admiration.

German papers did not, however, forget to add that in view of Great Britain's gigantic Empire and her wealth the attitude of British statesmen who refused to give back the German colonies appeared rather selfish and avaricious.

Democracy Best for England

The Volkischer Beobachter published a first page article from its London correspondent, entitled " Two hundred and fifty years of Democracy," dealing with the unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom:

" Whether the Parliamentary majority rule in its specifically English form is the host possible reginie for England, is a purely academic question which we as foreigners have no reason to examine.

" What is important is to clarify a misunderstanding which is widespread in England: We Germans have no intention of recommending our finally found form of national life as an example. There is no " Fascist" menace to British democracy and liberty.

"If English politicians and Statesmen allege to feel threatened by National Socialism or Fascism, there are only two explanations for such a feeling: Either they _feel themselves uncomfortable in their Democratic skin, of which we are innocent, OF they take the so-called ' Fascist danger' as a pretext in order to keep their voters better behind them and to make use of them for a policy which they do not dare to call by its true name.

—But Not for Germany What we refuse to accept is that the English form of democracy for the origin and usefulness of which we have full historical understanding is presented to us as the only efficient regime for all nations.

" If we were living, like the Britons on an island in the North Sea and not in the centre of the European conglomeration of nations, we might be interested in discussing a patented form of government. But as that is not the case, the men in Whitehall and Westminster should follow the recommendations of those intelligent Englishmen who these last years have again and again warned them against the tendency to behave as if they were Germany's guardians."

Mein Kampf Indexed ?

According to the Catholic paper of the Polish-German minority, Der Deutsche in Polen, a request to the Vatican that Hitler's famous book, Mein Kampf, should be put on the Index is likely to be made. This paper, it is stated, is generally wellinformed about relations between the Reich and the Vatican.

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