Page 3, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 21st May 1937 — THE HEROIC 1,500

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Organisations: air force
Locations: Seville


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'Siege That Lasted Nine Months

Whatever side wins in Spain's present civil war, the name of Cortes and the 1,500 men, wonaesi and children, who, under his leadership withstood continuous siege for nine months, will never be forgotten.

The famous sluine of Nuestra Darna de La Cabeza, perched high on a hill in the Sierra Morena district north of COrdoba, was like a fortress.

At the end of July last year the Civil Guard Cones and his patriot followers found themselves taut off in every direction from their Nationalist friends. They sought refuge in the shrine.

A little food and a few personal belongings were their sole possessions, besides a certain amount of ammunition, rifles, and one machine gun. Hemmed in by the Reds, they were unable to obtain further supplies, and food ran out within a few days of their arrival. Their predicament seemed hopeless and submission to the Reds a matter of hours. But praying and hoping for help they hung on.

Help from Seville

In the meantime the fame of the besieged spread. In Seville the Confraternity of Nuestra Dame de la Cabeza organised a base from which food, medicines, bandages, clothes and ammunition could he supplied to the "shriners," as they had come to be called. The air force made up the missing link.

Each day a heavily laden airplane flew low over the Sierra Morena and, defying ground fire from the Reds, dropped its precious burden, while an observer watched for a signal that would show whether any special wants could be communicated to headquarters in Seville.

Children Born

During the long months of siege several babies were born. To admit defeat would have been suicide, however, for the Reds refused to make any terms.

The end came only a few days ago. Eight thousand troops stormed the shrine, assisted by six tanks and two batteries.

GERMAN PRESS CENSORSHIP Only One Paper Allowed in Each Diocese

From Oar German Correspondent One of the chief Nazi persecution moves for this month concerns the publication of religious newspapers and parish magazines, A May decree has made it illegal for any German diocese to circulate more than one news organ. This move has resulted in the withdrawal of countless reading matter.

Press freedom for Catholics is with this latest step restricted almest to a negative quantity since strict censorship has been in existence for years.

The job of editor of a Catholic newspaper entails the risk of being imprisoned for even a small indiscretion."

Advertising matter, too, is controlled. Only advertisements dealing with purely religious matters or goods may be printed. In this way the Nazis hope to de-popularise Catholic papers sufficiently to force their owners to withdraw them.

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