Page 9, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 9
Page 9, 21st May 1937 — BELGIUM'S CATHOLIC NEWSPAPERS New Organisations SIo Lively Activity

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BELGIUM'S CATHOLIC NEWSPAPERS New Organisations SIo Lively Activity

From 'Our Belgian Correspondent There is lively movement in Catholic press activity in Belgium. The country has no lack of Catholic daily newspapers, and a new company on a co-operative basis to be called " Pressa Catholica is being discussed.

Pressa Catholica will not he run for profit, but any profits accruing are to he distributed among the participators. The object is to ensure the common use of certain technical services, and is intended to group a number of Catholic newspapers and publications together on a system of rationalisation.

Four Dailies Among the dailies foreshadowed as participating are XXme Si├Ęcle and La Cite Nouvelle, both French; and Het Volk and de Tijd. both Flemish. Each of the above papers is to enjoy its own autonomy, with its own editorial staff, offices and services.

The directors of the Pressa Catholica include M. Janssen, ex-Minister of Finance; M. Etienne Lamarche, M. Pauwels, president of the General Confederation of Christian Syndicates; M. Colin, Royal -Commissaire, Professor of the Louvain University; the Rev. Canon 13rys, and M. Bekaert, President of the Catholic Flemish Masters Association.

In addition to the above, comes the news of the early appearance of a new Flemish Catholic daily paper, to he styled De Beiaard (The Belfry). its editor in chief will be M. Edgard De Blayne, Professor of the University of Ghent. It will be the official daily organ of the K.V.V., the official Catholic Flemish Party.


Persistent rumours, echoed in a Paris newspaper, Le Matin. are in circulation that the Pope intends to issue a new encyclical of the utmost importance.

It will contain a searching analysis of the present connection between various forms of government and the welfare of the Catholic Church.

It is also intimated by sources closely in touch with the Vatican State Secretariat, states Le Matin, that the Pope concludes that, as things stand now, countries with democratic regimes offer the best guarantees for the maintenance of Catholic communities under conditions of peace, freedom of worship and administrative autonomy.

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