Page 9, 21st May 1937

21st May 1937
Page 9
Page 9, 21st May 1937 — NIGHTMARISH PARIS Spirit of Class War

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Organisations: PARIS Spirit, Labour Party
People: Hitler
Locations: Paris


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Keywords: Paris, Education

[The following note comes from a correspondent who Ls a member of the Labour Party and a strong " progressive." Its significance is all the greater.—EDITOR.]

The atmosphere of Paris at present, despite the superficial gaiety engendered by the coming Exhibition, is nightmarish. Directly the Swiss frontier was crossed, one noticed the difference. Tension, suspicion, discourtesy, dislike—all these emotions are rampant, but particularly so in Paris. The spirit of light-heartedness that made Paris once the most attractive capital of Europe has all but lied.

The Exhibition has become a farce and a political racket instead of a tuitional pride as it should be.

The key-note of France at the moment is Communism coupled with the spirit of class war. A revolution is unlikely yet awhile as the Communists are too afraid of Hitler. but the anti-revolutionary forces are at loggerheads with each other and hopelessly divided. The Government is accepted for the time being as there is no alternative save a revolution, but the impression of Paris today is an uneasy smile hiding the growing anxiety as to what tomorrow may bring.

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