Page 2, 21st May 1943

21st May 1943
Page 2
Page 2, 21st May 1943 — THE PRIEST AND THE CLUB

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Organisations: Young Parish Club


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Stit,-Allow me to sympathise with " A Young Parish Club Leader." The

complaint is a just one. Most certainly he (or she) will be occupied overmuch with the external (and internal) worries of the club. Spiritual guidance should be at hand. Beware, however, brother (or sister) Club Leader, that in pressing for youi parish priest's interest in the spiritual welfare of your club you eventually find yourself a leader in name onlyand unable to use the ability which secured you , the position ip the first place.

Too often have priests with great zeal started youth organisations, appointed leaders, and then proceeded to do all the leading themselves. Too often, also, have we in large parishes a lay club leader and curate doing the same job.

It would appear to me that: (1). Parish priests show no interest whatever in their youth clubs; or

(2). They unconsciously interfere with the whole life of same, to the discomfort of 'leaders and sometimes to the disruption-of the clubs.

The relative, roles of priest and lay leader may not be easy to differentiate in practice, but it is important that they should be.


A Priest's View S1R,-I admire the letter of " A Young Parish Club Leader " which appeared in your issue of Friday, May '. He hit the nail on the head when

he wrote. " . . if the priest is not in touch with or, best of all, part of the club's activities, then the aim is lost in the difficulties of organising and arranging these activities."

There is too much time devoted to speeches, outbursts of oratory, etc., on " Youth in Action," ." The Challenge of Youth," etc. What we need is action-"to do and to teach."

As a young priest 1 havo been a part of a parish youth club for several years. It is a hard work but it is an apostolate and a glorious one,

What we need are more " workers" in this crusade for Christ. •


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