Page 10, 21st May 1965

21st May 1965
Page 10
Page 10, 21st May 1965 — 'SADISTIC' BOND UNDER FIRE...

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Organisations: Secret Service
People: Ian Fleming


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JAMES BOND. the Secret Service hero of the late Ian Fleming's books, has been criticised by the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romatii, Intellectuals who take himi seriously were also included in the criticism.

The comments came in a review of a book recently published in Italy in which writers. sociologists and psychologists discussed "The James Bond Case".

"When we saw the first OM film not much was needed to understand that it was a dangerous mixture of violence, vulgarity, sadism and sex," the newspaper said.

"All this was incarnated in a hero made to attract the public, with the dangerousness of someone who is above the law because he has the double zero, the licence to kill and do everything that is ordinarily forbidden.


"Even greater severity must he reserved for the intellectuals who had the opportunity of deflating the (Bond) case and reducing it to the level of a fad and instead made of it something so serious that it can be linked to the symbol of an epoch.

"He who dreams today of being James Bond, of doing what he does, of killing, of having the most abnormal experiences which are normal for him, is like a sick person."

asservatore said that the influ

ence of Bond was a problem that

should be concerning the sociologists, psychologists and intel


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