Page 8, 21st May 1982

21st May 1982
Page 8
Page 8, 21st May 1982 — Bishops Engagements • Cardin•I Mums, Archbishop of Westminster:Friday: Meets with CDA. Archbishop's House. Choir School Confirmations, 7p,.

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Bishops Engagements • Cardin•I Mums, Archbishop of Westminster:Friday: Meets with CDA. Archbishop's House. Choir School Confirmations, 7p,.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark:Thursday: Diocesan Bishopsmeeting. Archbishop's House. Southwark. 2pm. Papal Mass rehearsal, Westminster Cathedral, dprn Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool:Friday: Law centre meeting. Methodist Centre. 9 15am.

B ishop Alexander of Clifton:Friday: Mass and confirmations. Downside Abbey, 6.30pm. Saturday: Visitation, St Catherine's Parish, Chipping Camprien, 4pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Sr Catherine's parish, Chipping Campden. Mass, 10.30am and 6prn.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury:Friday: Attends Northern Bishops meeting, Hazlewood Castle. Confirmation, St Anne's Rock Ferry, pm Saturday: Interviews students for the Diocese, Leasowe 10.30am, Sunday: Ecumenical service in the Cathedral, Shrewsbury. Tuesday: meeting with vocations promoters, Leasowe. Service of Thanksgiving in St Chad's Christian Centre. Shrewsbury. pm.fihuredayt Papal visit venues.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford:Friday: Visits Rishton. Saturday: Deanery Mass for sick, 2.30pm. Sunday: Visitation, 10.45am. Confirmation 3pm. St Charles. Rishton, Monday: Visitation. St Mary's. Sabden. Tuesday: Town Halt. Manchester, tom Wednesday: Board of Ad mi nistra tion. 10.30am. Meeting of Ecclesiastical Education Council. St John's Cathedral Salford, 2.30prn. Thursday: Rehearsal for Papal visit, Westminster Cathedral, 4pm.

Bishop Clerk of fast Anglie:Friday: Golden Jubilee Mass, Lowestoft. 11.30am. Saturday: East Anglia Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham and dedication of the chapel of reconciliation Sunday: Visitation Cromer, BNhop Foley of Lancaster:Friday: Mass for Mother Michael, RIP, Boarbank Convent, 10.30arn. Saturday: Golden Jubilee Mass of Canon B. Kelly, Stella Matutina Convent, Armlet!, 3.45pm. Sunday: Visitation Sacred Heart, Blackpool, 12.15pm. Confirmation, 4.30pm Tuesday: Confirmation, St Wilfrid, Preston, 7 30pm, Wednesday: Visits Sacred Heart Parish. Blackpool, 2pm. Thursday: Preparation for Papal visit, Westminster Cathedral, 4pm Bishop Grant of Northampton:Friday: Cnnfirmation, Wellingborough Saturday Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Winslow Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury:Saturday: Diocesan interviews for Prospective Church Sttidents, Leasowe Sunday: Ecumenical Service in the Cathedral. Shrewsbury Monday: Confirmation, St Martin's Runcorn Tuesday: Meeting with Vocations Promoters, Leasowe Thursday: Papal visit venues Bishop G Iii, Bishop in East London: Friday: CDA 10am. Saturday: Cardinal Pole School, 2pm Saturday: NCLA meeting. London Colney. Sunday: Confirmation. Poplar, 10.30am. Mass 7pm Tuesday: Hackney Deanery meeting, 10 30am. Mass, Homerton Convent, 6.30orn. Wednesday: Deanery Mass. Hackney, Born.

B ishop Morris of Middlesbrough:Sunday: Visitation. St Herlda's parish Egton Bridge. Mass.

10 30am .

B ishop Harvey, Bishop In North London:Saturday-Sunday: Pastoral visit St Luke, Pinner. Monday: Mass St Joseph, Wembley. 7.30pm. Tuesday: Confirmation, Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury. Harrow-on-the-Hill. 7pm. Wednesday: Confirmation. St Francis de Sales. Tottenham, 7.30pm, B ishop Handar•onm Auxiliary of Southwark:Friday: Mass and Blessing of New Hall, Brockley, 8pm. Sunday: Mass and confirmation. Stockwell, 3pm Monday: Diocesan Finance Meeting. 11 am Holy Land Pilgrimatge meeting, Wilmington. pm Thursday: Diocesan Bishops meeting. 2pm

B ishop Hitchan, Auxiliary of Liverpool:. Friday: Review committee. Hazlewood Castle, York, 'It Iss for Third World Groups, Sacred Heart.

Cho, • 7 15pm.

Bishop Holland of Salford:Sunday: • ,rit ion. 10.30arn Confirmation. St Wittman, ureat Harwood Wednesday: Board of Administration. 10 30am Meeting of 'Ecclesiastical Education Council, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 2.30pm. Thursday: Rehearsal for Papal Visit. Westminster Cathedral, 4pm B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark:Saturday: Deanery Mass. Tunbridge Wells, 12.30pm. Sunday: Mass with his excellency The Most Rev Bruno Heim, Allington Castle. 3.30pm. Wednesday: Rite of Reconciliation. Chatham.

B ishop Konatant, Bishop in Central London:-Friday: CDA, Archbishop's House, 10am. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and confirmation Harrow Road parish Tuesday: Mass. Sacred Heart High School. Sam Deanery meeting. Bayswater. I lam Wednesday: St Philip's Day Mass. Oratory, 1 Oarn B ishop Undsmy of Hexham and Newcastle: Friday: Northern Bishops Review Committee meeting. HazIewood CasIte, 1 I am. Confirmation, St Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle. 3pm. T aaaaa : Chaplains advisory committee. Northern Regional Health Aitthority, Ilam. Wednesday: Official opening of Kidder Water. 12 noon.

B ishop McGuiness of Nottingham:Friday: Cheese and Wine. Bazaar, in aid of Poland, Cathedral Hall, Nottingham, 7.30pm. Saturday: Grace Dieu School, Confirmations Coalviile. 11.30am Sunday: Bealivaie Pilgrimage. Monday: Visits Clarendon College. Nottingham, 10.45am. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Theresa. Birstall. 7pm.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood:Sunday: Mass. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Stock, 9.30am. Ecumenical service in preparation for Pope's visit. Chelmsford Cathedral, 6.30pm. Thursday: Rehearsal for papal Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 4pm

B ishop MoverNy of Hallam:Wednesday: SteerMg Committee of Diocesan Pastoral Council, 7 30pm Thursday: Preparations and rehearsal for Papal Mass, Westminster B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool:Friday: Course management meeting, Upholland Northern Instihae, 3pm Confirmation, Notre Dame High School. Wootton, 7 30pm Saturday: Mass. St Francis de Sales. Walton, 10am. Monday: Confirmation. St Gregory's School, Warrington. 7.30Pm• Tuesday: Novena Mass. preparation for Papal visit. Pontifical Chapel of the Crypt. Bpm. Wednesday: Archbishop's Council meeting. Curial Offices, 10am. Mass. Cardinal Allen High School to close the 12 weeks preparation for the papal visit, 7.30pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton:Saturday: Attends ecumenical Day of

it.Ition for Papal visit, Worth Abbey, Sunday: Confirmations, Cathedral and • . • • ".or icy Artindel Cathedral 3pm. Mass, SIISSe‘ University Chaplaincy, Howard House, 7 30100 Tuesday: St Leonard's Deanery Confirmations St Thomas of Canterbury, St Leonards, 7 30Pm Wednesday: Weybridge Deanery Confirmation. St Martin de Porres, Weybridge, 7.30pm.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire:Friday: CDA, Archbishop s House, 10am. Saturday: Attends charity performance, Westminster Theatre, 7.45pm. Sunday: Parish Mass and special ministers at St Anthony's, Radlett. 10.30 am.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria:Friday: Crelleli,S10115 Special ministers of the our harist Sr Herbert , Windermere, 7.30pm.

Saturday: Mass fry r' i•ricia S. Golden Jubilee,

VViritnn I I am Sunday ,irmation. St Bernard's.

b.,.ston 10am Coot•Holy Family. Ingot.

. topm (flattop Rawsthorne. Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday • ioitt.••. • • iIanon Henry. Prescot.

Sunday • • 1'1 Sr Margaret Mary.

i■ • •• ' • • Monday: Mission Service.

• Tuesday: Visitation. Knotty

As Wednesdny.■i, hhishoo's Council meeting,

Cili • • • Thursday: Papal visit meeting.

Bishop Restieetat of Plymouth:Friday: At • • • iricital Plymouth Cathedral. Saturday. ' •••-. nail in final ceremony of Cathedral

Flower Festival Sundry: Centenary of Assumption Sisters at Sidmouth and Platinum Jubilee of profession of Mother Mary Helen. Mass. St John's School AChapel, 3orn.

B ishop Swindiehurst, Auxiliary of Hrtitham and Newcastle:Friday: Priests Lourdes Pilgrimage meeting. Ramside Hall, Durham, 12 noon. Loorrles Hospitality Mass. Our Lady's. Washington, Durham. 7 30pm Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Mary Magdalene's. Seaham Harbour, Durham Tuesday: Parish Golden Jubilee Mass, St Mary's South Moor, 7pm Wednesday: Deanery mass Little SigietS Sunderland. 7pm

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark:

Friday: P•••• • ' ' •• Sr Thomas More Community

Home W"s• -••• i• I 7 30pm Monday: Visit to Salesian Collette Battersea. Thursday: Holy Hour. Wimbledon. 10.30 to 11 30am B ishop Walmsley. Bishop of the Forces:Saturday-Sunday: Visitation Bassingbourn Garrison Cambridgeshire Wednesday: Presides at Mass , St PhilipNeri London Oratory. 6prn.

B ishop Ward of Monrovia:Saturday: Catholic Teachers Federation, 2pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Saltney. Monday: Mass in St Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham Bishop Wheeler of Leeds:Friday: Thursday: Leave for Lourdes, Pilgrimage of Diocese.

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