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21st November 1941
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Manchester has staged another resounding victory in the nation's light for the " Ten-Points " (the Pope's Peace Points and the five Points of the Christian leaders).

Following the Manifesto for a Christian Britain, which was signed by the Lord Mayor of Manchester and other civic leaders, the University youth of the City has adopted the same programme.

Led by the Ambrose Barlow Catholic Society, the constituent bodies of the Manchester University Union at a general meeting held on Thursday, November 13, supported the terms of the Manifesto.

Most intere.vting was the support given by the University Socialist Society and the Jewish Society. The Socialists supported " not as Christians, but through entire agreement with the programme and most of the principles." Ihe Jewish Society said that " Jew.s would welcome such a reorganisation. 'because they could use happily and welcome peace in such a society as this Christian manifesto envisages."

Writing to the Lord Mayor, students representing twelve societies, said: " We realise that itsis largely upon us, the younger members of the community, that the work of practical reeonstruction in the post-war world will tall. Mindful of the privileges of education which we arc enjoying. and of the sacrifices which are now being made by so many in the present conflict, we pledge our word that we will prepare ourselves to fulfil our responsibilites in the right spirit, and will pray, work, and light to build a nobler civic, national and international life."

Al the meeting under the chairmanship of Sir J. S. B. Stopford, Vice-Chancellor of the University. the chief speaker was Fr. Angellus, O.F.M.

" There are three ways of dealing with this Manifesto," said Fr. Angellus. " You may tear it up and trample on it. You may welcome it and talk about It and hold meetings in support of it, and then proceed to render it harmless by talking it out of existence. Or you may read it. thank God for it, and then do something about it."


Manchester's reception of a Christian programme had filled him with wonder as to how it could come about that in spite of these high ideals and this open avowal of Christianity as the basis of every branch of life, such chaos and disaster should have overtaken us?

" Darkness has more over the earth once again because Christianity has been frustrated, awl it has been frustrated not least by the Christians who had acknowledged Christ in their churches and denied Him in their family life, their workshops, their businesses. thencommerce and their " For Christianity is not merely stainedglass windows and the scent of incense; not merely a list of dogmas and preceptschiefly negative; not a mere vague philanthropic urge towards car fellow-men; not a matter of mere external observances. It is

an attempt to ' live Christ ' and to make His teaching the foundation of everything.

" Have we been too timid, perhaps; too much inclined to play for safety behind the closed doors of our own particular little f„lenacle; or too preoccupied with the little domestic concerns of Christ's household; and Christ's world has jogged along without H im? NOT ENOUGH STRENGTH ,„,„.

" Perhaps there has not been enough of the locusts and wild honey about us. Nothing of the strength and the detachment and the spiritual realism of the wilderness. If the world really knew Christ it would reject Marx and Hitler and the rest with scorn. But the world knows Christ only through the Christians.

" What must we do? The acknowledgment of God is at once the first duty and the supreme achievement of God's people. The great need in the world to-day is for solid spiritual men and women. Enthusiasm is not enough. You must know. We have suffered much from the ill-informed enthusiast. According to your capacities and your opportunities take your place with the others and wherever you go be sure you take your Master with you."

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