Page 8, 21st November 1980

21st November 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 21st November 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Cardinal Hum*, Archbishop of Warminster: Friday. M. for the Centenary of Founder's death Assumptionists' church, Hitchin. 11.30 ere. Attends Guild of 51 Stephen 75th enmeersery dinner. h30 pin Sunday. M and meets parishioners. Stenwell, 11 ern Blames new Fest school of Christ the King Stonwell. 12.15 pm Monday:Thursday: Presides over meanie of Enelish and Welsh kilererchy. Arch thatiOn's House.

Archbishop Nowlin, of Southwark: Friday. Attends Christmes Oratorio combined choirs, S 15 pro. Saturday: K.H.S. Requiem M. Cathedral, 1130 am Monday: Attends Dinner, Downside and Worth Buys Club. 7.30 pm. Tuesdity; Cneoter meeting, 12 noon. Wednesday. M end V. Stockwell, pro. Thursday Attends Cowl Luncheon, Worshipful Cc:gni:emir of Butchers. 12 30 prn.

Archbishop Dwyer of Ilirrninghern: Saw. direr inter•cultural M. Si Catherine. Birmiewharn 6 pm. Sunday. alt and C. St Patrick, Cheirnsley Wood, 12 noon Monday./Thursday. Hierarchy meeting, Westminster Archbishop Wodaok of Liverpool: Friday M, 10th anniversary of Church, Christ the On Southpurt. 2,15 poi. Sunday Presides et M. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Xing for its petronal feast, 11 ern. Mondny/Thuredey: Meeting of Bishops Center once. Archbishop's House. Wesortiester

B ishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: V. Si Airmege g school Bath_ 10.30 am M and inducts Fr John McCarthy as parish priest of Si Joseph's perish. Tewkesbury, 7.30 pre. SaturdayM. fur Cathedral Camp SNIU71iP77 at ClliD7D Cathedrel. 3 prn. V. St Alpheus. partial,. Bath. 4 pier Sunday• V. Sr Alphege. M. 6.30 arn, 9 30 ant, St Joseph s church. 10 30 am end B 30 pro M anti C. 3 pm. Beth %Imlay:Thursday: Attends Meeting of Bishops Conference. London. Thursday. M. Si Bernadette's Church, Whitchurch. 7.30 em.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliery of Shrewsbury: Friday. C. St Wineiride's, Sandbech. Saturdey. Congress delegoles, St Columba's, Chester V, SI Auguslines Latchford. Sunday: V and C. Si Augustine's. Monday/Thursday Hferarchv meeting, Lunde, Thureday. Meeting uf Faith and Light Trustees, Bishop Burke. nuxiiierY of Salford: Friday. M and Sermon. SI Mary s, Mulberry Street, Manchester, 1 pro. SundayV. 11 am. C. 3 pm. St Joseph, Audley, Monday/Thursday: Bishops Con. terenne wesiminater

Bishop Clark of East Sunday; M.

Cathedral of St John the Beetle'. Norwich, 11 am, Monday: British Council of Churehes Executive Committee Meeting, London. Tuiredey/Friday. Hierarchy meeting. Westminster.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday: M for members ol Legion of Mary, Grirnshaw Room. 2 pro Sunday M ler Scounta Our Lady of Lourdes. Yardley Wood, 3 pm Monday" Thursday Hierarchy Meeting, Westminster Ilishop Emery of Porhernouth: relay: C, Out Lady of Walsingharn. Prolchester, 7 pm. Friday/Setureloy, MedIa Mtn Netlonei 1.71870111I COD

gross delegates, Park Piece Pastured Centre Sueday C, St Colman's, Thornhill, 10 70 ann. Leads Final Service ol Portsminith Catholic Mission. Guildhall Portsmouth. 3 pm Moncley:fhoratial, Eit0,0P, leisure meeting Amhbiehop N House. Westminster Blehop Foley of Lancaster: -horsy Preeches at Benedictine -Dies Memorabilia', The Priory, Workington_ 12 noon, Attends UCM anniversary dinner. Morecambe, 7.45 per. Saturday. M for Carmelite nuns, Presien. 2.30 pm. Sunday: V and C, St Williern-s, Pilling 11 ern. M for I C.1 Sisters, Preston, 2.30 pm. Monday: Attend, Hierarchy meet, ings. Westminster.

alehelp Great of Nerth•itipten: Saturday.Sundey V and C. Burnhern Manday Thursday. Hierarchy meeting.

Bishop Pray. Shiltop or Shrewsbury: Friday. Meets Pastore! Education Committee, St Laurence's, Birkenhead Solemn Profession, Birkartheed Carmel 3 pm Seturdeyi PNIMN171 post• Congregs Committee. St Columba-s. Chester. Atteinds Social evameg, Sr Mary's Behan!, Shrewsbury Sunday' M. Sr Clara's. Chester, Monday/Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. London.

Sishop Guaseetfl, Bishop In Suet Landon: Monday/ThursdayHierarchy meeting

Bishop Hinds of Nliddleabrough: Friday School M. St Peter s. Sterhaough, 9 30 ant M for Paatorat Cairene, St Charleg. Hull, 1 pin Monday:Thursday: Attends Hierarchy meeting. London.

Bishop Hervey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Golden Jubilee M. P001 Clam, Barnet 10.30 an, 0, New Barnet. El pm Sunday: M. St Joseph's, Wembley, 10 am. 2-5th Anniversary M. Polish Contra. VViliesden Green. 1.15 pro. Manday/Thurs. day Blahops' Conference

Wallop Henderson, Auxiliwy of Southwark: • Friday. Diocesan Bishops' meeting. 5.30 prn. Attend, Dloceeen laity Commission meeting, 7.30 pro Seturdayr Attends R.C., /Methodist Study Day On Pram, Beckenham 11 ant 4.30 pm_ Sunday: M. with Induction oi parish priest Sr Joseph's, EMU Greenwich. 10.30 ern, Monday. Attends Bishops'

Hnyllnrotr jr.nioAtteEincispHmeerra7n,M.LimavotTriahlulet.triu.rve, Hierardlw among. Arehbishops' WILMA.

Illehop Hitcher, Ataxitlery ef Liverpool: Fraley.. Management meeting ol Lourdes Committee, 10.30 am. Holy Family school celebration. Southport. 7.3C pm Sunday: V. 31W111,77.11-, Skelmersdele Monday:Thursday: Bishops' Conlerence. London Blahrip Rolland of SaHord: Sunday: V. 11 C 3prn, St Teresa. Inteck Blackburn. Monday.' Thursday' BishopsConterence, Vvestminster, Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V. Bearated Sunday. Day of Recollection at West Melling Moncley Attend Hierarchy meeting Bishop Kennard, Bishop In GOMM London: Sehirclay• M. Cathedral Crypt for conVenant organisers. 3 om. C. Harrow Road, e. pro, Sunday. Inducts new pariah priest. Harrow Road, 6.30 pro. House

Thuretley, Hierarchy meetteg, Archbishop's

Illative McCort* Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday. V. Our Lerly, Rerlditth, F130 am M and C. 1 30 pm Serturday M. Ceynes Chapel. Warndon. pro SLReisy'M and C. St Peter, Leamington, 3 pm. Monday Thursday Hierarchy meistlng. Westminster

efehop hicaufrinefe of Nottingham: -Friday' M for Fr McMahon Silver Jirhilee of Ordination. Beeman_ 7 pm Saturday, Derby longsdere College.

6.30 um Sond,y. V and L, Flincsiey monney Thursday. Attends Bishops' Conference. Landon.

Bishop MeMahon of BrentwOnd: Friday: M and meets priests of Weltham Forest Deanery. Christ the Xing Welthernstow_ 12 noon. Saturday: Attends Day Of Renewal, Cathedral, 11 am M. St Cecinas, Trimiey St Mary, 6 pm Monday / Thursday: Attends meeting nf Bishups' Conference. Westminster ' Whop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday C, Perivale, 7 30 pm Sunday: C. Nnrthwood. 11 ant Monday: M, Mt Cermet School, 9.30 am.

Monriey Thursday; Bishops Conference, Westin lister.

B ishop Marphy O'Connor of Arundel end Brighton: -Fraley_ Meeting of Deans and Deanery Pastoral Council Cneirmsn, Chrietinn Education Centre_ Crawley_ 5 pro, Sunday: V. Mouleeeeemb Peril), %Inflow-Thursday: Attends Bishop Conlerence. Westminster

B ishop Marlyn, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday. C. SI JOseph's. Bedwell, 7.30 pro Monday/Thursday Hierarchy meeting. London.

B ishop Pesnion, Illshop In Cumbria: Sererday. Attends the Achilie Rob Climbing Club Dinner, Grasmere Monday/Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. London

B ishop Restlasin of Plymouth: Friday. Silver Jubilee M, of Canon Meiklem. 25 years perish priest at St Mary Church, Torquay, 7.30 pm. Sunday' V and M, Holy Creel Church, Yeiverrno 10.30 em C, 3 pm Monday: Hierarchy meeting. Archbiehrms haese. krnr,rtnn Bishop Tripp, Auxillsry of Soothwerk; Friday V. Notre Dame School. Battersea Guest ol Horour at Cutholic Police Guild Annual Dinner. 7 pm Saturday I Monday• V, Putney ' Blehop Wheeler of triode: Friday: M, St

Andrew, n Leeds

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