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21st November 2008
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Page 14, 21st November 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Council of Priests, Clergy Commission, Archbishop's Council, Interfaith Committee, C_THT Council, Bishop's Council, St Joseph's Ptimary School, Genemi Assembly of the Chinch of Scotland, Si Mary's Coiversity College, MayfieldfSt Lamards School, Catholic Boys School, Out Armed Forces chpIrtthcy Centre, Boys School, Cool Office, Sr Francis' Primary School, Notre Dane Catholic College, SEN Committee, St Charles College, Deceased, Education Committee, Ronatneration Committee, Primary School, Thomsen Education Council, RC High School, Council of Christians and Jews, Arelthishons House, PCES01111C1 Board, St James' School, Church of the Assumption, Canterbury Church, Rena London Hospital, Oseott College, TIof Neaman University College Board of GOVerflOrS, Service of Reniembranee, Mazeikai Association, Archdiocescut George Andrew Fund, RC Primary School, British Methodisuthtbolie Committee, Guild of St Stephen Golden Araiversery, Sr Mary's Prmary School, Entroanuel College, Scrooge St Edward's College, Cardinal Hume Centre, Inspection Board, Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Catholic Union, Kg RC MA School, College of Consultors


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November 23 to November 28

Cardinal Murphy-COCoanor (Weaninster) Sun: Celehnites Academie M. Westminster Cathednd , Mien WC& CiPlea LeCititr for On Royal Fine Art Commission Imst,Entroanuel College, Cambridge, iltim.lbu: Prayers for MOSFIti011s, Atka Hail. BeauFon Street, 3pire, mems with fit Revd David Lltrous Moderator of the Genemi Assembly of the Chinch of Scotland, Archbishop's How. 4pm: attends leash of Mgr pinnate 'a Book , Westminster Cathedral Ball, 5pm. rri7 Meets with Archbishop's Council, Alabishop's House. 0.30am. 5* Celebrates MIMS for Si Joseph's Pastoral Cate. Westaramer Cathedra). 3pm Arehhithop Kay (Liverpool). Sun: Solemn Masao-ids SCAM-CCEE clekgates on the Feast of Claim the Krug, Metropolitan Cathedral of Clatist the King. Liverpool, I lent Tue: Visits Christ the Kg RC MA School, Seaport. 930am Vied Merseyside Church Leaders' metre. Bishop's Lodge. Liverpool, Sam; Pastoral fora lexiers' meeting, Holy Rosary. Old Roan. I 2 _30pin. Thu: North Wed Chmeh Lenders' meeting. Menspothan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpont, laerni Clurthes Together kite Merseyside Region Meeting. Quaker Meeting llonse,Liverpoollpin; CCRS Presentation, Liver. pool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 7.30pen. Fri: Visits St Bac', RC High School , Orsmkirk. 930ani: Talk by KRS Grand Master Cardinal John Foley. Metropolitan Cathedral of Cast the Kim, Live:Tool, 6pro; KM Vigil, Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt. Liverpool.7pm. Sat KIIS Clonerr mating. Win:polka Cathedral of Christ shaking, Liverpool.9.15am: KI-IS aims of Invea

Metropofitan Cathedral of Christ the King. 1-ivelpool, 1045am.

Archbishop Niebohi (Thmlostam) Sun; Civic mass,Cassini. II am Mass, Birmingham [Innen sky, 630tmo. ToeConfirmations. Balsa Heath, 7,Mtpm, Wed: Mass to mark 40th Anniversary of OpOnioofIChtllc, St Dunstan's, Kings Heath, 7pm. TIof Neaman University College Board of GOVerflOrS. meeting, 10 ffiarn. Prize-Oiving Everting. Cardinal r00 ,000 Schad Kingstanding 7pra.

Bishop/uncle( (Auxiliary Hishsp of Westrnin, Nap Sm. Padsh Visatation.Corkfosters_ Morn Mass kr Deceased members of Catholic Union followed by AGM in CH, ea' thedral and IA Celebrant. 530pm 730pan Wed. Leads first part of In-Service Training day for CatechisM, 141, 1 1 om 1pin. Wad: ONT.Willenden , 3pm. Fri Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House, 9am. Sat: Parish Visi. tation. Edmonton. from Sam.

Bishop Beath (Salford) Sort. Cnkintatita of Mass, HMPFonese Bank,Agecroft, 9arn. Toe: Meet.

iog of Bishop's COstOril, Warsiley 1.1.30ana Wed: Meeting of Council of Priests, St Jan Bosco, Simi/Jen, 1020am. Holy Hom for Priests. Sr John Bova, Blaskley.2,15pro. Tiai, Pastoral Visitation of St James' School. Pendleton. 1.030atn and All Souls' Schnols. Weave. 1 30pm. Fri: Private appointments. Wardley Hall_ Bishop Budd [Plymouth) Toe -Thu: Candled Priests Meeting. Snctfrrt Thu: Light lap a Life Lars>, Eden Project, 6,or. Fri. Visits Cuthbert Mayne Schoo),Torquay; Mass for the 75th Anniver. slay of St Catherine's, Wintarne, 7pot. Sat Visi. neon, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Torquay.

Bishop Burns (HM forces) StmMont CCEE Europe Africa Group, Liverpool. Wed, hiceilisg, Aldershot. arn: Chaplains' meth' , Camberley, pin Ri: Dining Out Armed Forces chpIrtthcy Centre.

Blahop Coney iAruadel & Brighton) Sun: Confirmations, MayfieldfSt Lamards School, Mayfield. 2pm, Morn Notre Dame Prep School. Cobham, 9.30a: IMIttaits9 of Part Priest, St Anthony's, Rye, 7prri Wet Meetings Bialsop Doyle (Northampton) Sun Vtation continues, Christ the King, Milton Keynes and St Bede'. Newport Papal. Tut: Church Leaders meeting. Hertford House. St Alban's. 10,30am meetings, Bishop's House. pm. Wed Swans Three preseatigion.Bishop' tiouse. I lam. Council of Priests' meeting. Bishops House. 11 enr. 411th Anniversary of Northampton Catenians, pro. Fri: Meeting with the St Thomas a Becket Fotnidation Ransoms:bre, Bishop's House, 930am.

Bialrep Dredney INIlektlesbrough) Sun: Joins European Bishops. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Tut. Bishop's Council, Cool Office, airepm. Sat: Parish Visitation, SS Peter and /oho Fisher. Maths-Immo; Celebrates Ma*. 6.30prn.

13.1thop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: Confirmations, Honstanton, I lam Mon: British Methodisuthtbolie Committee. Too WC.1 Visit .Ertat Anglia Seminarians. Oseott College. Wed: College of Consultors. Poringland. kpm. Thu: PCES01111C1 Board, Bury St Edmunds. fpm. Fri: Catholinaloontal Orthodox Forum, Stevenage, 1 lam SatParish Visitation. AJdbingh.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary m Southwark) Otto: Confirmations, Addiscombe. noon. Youth mass. West Croydon. hpm. Moro Nigerian Chaplaincy meeting, Atr,hhishop's House, 1030arre CTS AGM, London. 3pee. The; SEN Committee. London. 10-30am. Wed: Bishops Staff mooing. St John's Seminary, Wonelsh. 2pm. Thu. Induction of Hailimam St Marv's Infants' SchnoiCtoydat. I -301:so: Confirmarms. Sutton. 7.30pm. hi: Induction of Perish Priest. Barnes, tipm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: leduction Mass for Parish Nest of Deal, St Thomas of Canterbury Church. Deal, I lam. Tart C..41rbraleS Mass. Sr Gregory 's school for Induction of New Head Teacher, Margate, 10ant Wed: Bishops Staff meeting .St John's Seminary Wooersh. Guildford, Ipm; Cotairmarta, St Thomas of Canterbury, Sevettoalts. Som. Fn Diocese sehoolsErlika! lion Inspection Board meetin g. Archbishop House, London, ant celebrates Ws., Lou 5011 year Parish of Cranbrook. Cranbrook, Sprn. Sat Conrtrination, St Joseph. Folkestone West, fipm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Mass, Medmead. St Mary's,Aton,9ann Mass, St Mary's, Alton, I I am Toe: C_THT Council meeting, Shldey

Baptist Churoh, Southiunpton, Thomsen Education Council meeting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. 7prn. Wed. Bishop's Council meang. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. Ithinn Bishop/Stall meeting, St Jelin's Setninary.Wonersh, 3 30pin Thu Dicksan Trustees/Finance meeting. Bishop's House, Portsmouth, loam. Fri: Diocesan Stewardship meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth, Inam: Confirmation, St Mary's Convent, Ascot, 7pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Coneelebrutes Hist Mass of Reverend Kevin Male. Our Lady of Grace and St Edward. Chiswick. I lam. Mon: Engagements. Archbishop's House; Presides at Memorial Mass for Fr Witham Dempsey, RIP. Ciurch of the Transfiguration. Rena Rise. 730pm. Tue. University Chaplaincy roaming. Archbishop's House. 10am: engagements, Archbishop's House. Otto. The: Engagements. Archbishop's House. am; meeting of London Ethnic Chaplaincies Group, Archbishops House, 2pro: Vespers and Solemn Benediction on she 50th Auniveriary of the Dedication of the Chapel. Alkn Had Seminary. 7pm. FriArchbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, am; Mess, St Charles College, I .20pna to close "St Charles Week": Baptism. Our Most Holy Redeemer rod &Thomas More, Chelseanthm. Sat Pastoral Visitation, St Joseph, Grove Park.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Son,

Sacred Heart, Coven Lry, 10.30ani. Moo Thu: GUM strip Visit, Palestine. ThuOssitionsagne Trust Lecture, Shell How. findon.5.3then_ Fri Sat KJIS Investiture, Liverpool , 5pm.

Bishop Lang (Clifton} Toe WeilConfirmation, Si lionavennuen. ishopston, Bristol. 7.30pm. Pri: Called Co be a Peopk of Hope presentation, Holy Jtoed. Swindnn, 7pm. Sat: Called to be a People of Hope pacnoetueeo.St Cletage's,Taanton. 10308m

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sum Celebrates Mass, The Holy Name. Boat Common. 9.15am, and Presentation of Guild of St Stephen Golden Araiversery medal, Preaches at the Service of Reniembranee for B arts and the Rena London Hospital, St Paul's Cathedral, ripm To, Pastoral Visit to St Pair. Hospital. lpm: attends "Mind the Gap" Advent Talk for Yang Adults. Corpus Christi. Maiden Lane, 7pm. Wed. Pastorai Visit to the Cada Tow' Travellers' Site, luau; Mass . AGM and Reception, The Loam hish Centir, Camikn Sq. 7pm. Thu: Council of Christians and Jews' Teams niartiog.Albro Embardanere, man meets with the Neocatechumenate Community, Archbishop's House. 3.30-pm: celebrates Confirmation. The Blessed Sacrament, Copenhagen Street f•pen Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 930am: visit of Mazeikai Association, Arelthishons House, 2[!In Sat. Coo-celebrates Mass Inc Si Joseph's Pastoral Ceram, Westminster Cathedral. 3pm. followed by refreshments in Cathedral Hall.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary he Southwad Son. Mass for Blessed Agnelo. St Bonifave. Tooting. 2prn: lama a the Pastoral Year for iewiaharn Denary, The Good Shepherd, Doumham. 7.30pm. Tee: Meeting with Mr Sat Khan. MP: meeting of Ciannimer for National have and Penn Network 2009 Animal Conference, I lam. Wed: !demo-nal Mass for Rev Bernard Merrow. KC11S. Father. °ugh, Kent,noen.Thin Schools Cemmission Review Day. Orpington. 10am 4pm; Prizegtving. Si ColoSlibis s. Catholic Boys School, Berileyheath, 30pm. Fri Sat: Parish Visitation. Our Lady: Help of Christians. Mottiogham.

Bishop ItleGough (Birmingham) Sun flash Visitattes. St Mary of the Angels, Aldridge tie Visas St Patrick's School, Stafford, 2pm; Cantumatiorn. St Patocks, Stafford. 7pm. Wed: Visits Sr Francis' Primary School, Sheffield. 2pm; Golfo mations. St Frands'. Sheffield, 7pm Thu: Visits Sr Mary's Prmary School .Brierley Ilill. 2por. Coat mations, St Mary's. Braley all. 7pm. Fri-VI,rla S Joseph is Primary School. Strawbridge, 4enr. CLASP Meeting. 5pm. Sat: Parish VittilatiO3.WiLlenhall.

Bishop McMahon arentwood) Sun: Pastoral Visitation and Corffinnation, South Woodfont TOr Memingstharardeos. Cathedral House. Wed: Pastoral Visitation and Confirmation.South Woodham Ferrer] and Dahl:troika Oration meeting of Patrimony Commitlee, Cardinal Hume Centre , London. Fer. menisg.ilocrvirws. Cathedral House. Sat Attends CAS:ID HIV/Aids laity Leant, Cathedral House.

Birthop MeMatin (Nottingham) Sun: VisiteWM, Oar Lady and St Peter, V61.111V it Spa. WL-sl. COarmsliOOS. Otto Lttrly and St Thomas of Herefond. Ilkeston. 7pnt. Thu: trollop's Council , Bishop's House. litam. Fri, Confirmations. Church of the Assumption , Bremen, 7pm. Sat. Investiture, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Mennpolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 111.45am.

Bishop Slalom (Liverpxst 1 SonSokmn Mass with SECAM-CCEE delegates on the Feast of Christ tire King, lokaopilitan Cathedral of Cato the Kell . Liverpool. horn. Coafirmation , Corpus Chron. Raiford, 7.10pm. Wed_ Pastoral Area Leaders: Meetmg. Holy Rosary. Old Roan, 1.230pen wends yerfonnance of 'Scrooge St Edward's College. 1iverpool,730pro. Thu. Confirroatiort, Our Lady of Loonies. Southport, 730pm. Fri. Patron:A Mass. St Andrew, Liverpool, 7pro. Sm. Pastoral Visit, 1-IM Prison, Waken. 1.30pn.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Eucharist to mark Episcopal Silver Jubilee of Archbishop Patrick Kelly, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool_ Toe; Clergy Day of Rocolloe&m.WiOuo

tote Hall; Otioaraen Baked of Finance and Plattrong. Curial Offines.4pm. Wed enester Cathedral [311011S. Chrstrtt C.Shrrillt. 0 300M. Thd North West Church Leaders, Mrtropotilan Cathedral, Liverpool. lOarn, Evensong with Installation of Honorary Canons, Chester Cathedra 5.30pm. Fri: Interview Morning. Curial Offices, am; Confirmation. Sr Agnes. West Kirby. 7pm.

Bishop °Toner:hue (Lancaster) Stel: Celebration fox Archbishop Kelly's Jubilee, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. 1130am. Wed. Youth meet 9.30mn. Thu, St Bodes School Presentation Evening, Lytham. hapm.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Toe: Visits Schools, Small Heath, !pm; Confirmations, Small Heath, 7pm. Wed ViMIS Praia, Saldny, 2ptni Confirmations, Saltley. 7pm. Thu: Visits St George's Solna, Worcester, 4tm; Confirmations, St Geothe's, Worcester. 7pm Sal Parish Visitation, Perry Bart.

Bishop Hawthorne (Ham) Sun Mew Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedrid, It am. Mon. Interfaith Committee meeting. Bishop's House, 4.30pm; Confirmation, Irronacalate Conception, Spinkhill, iron. The: Day of Reath:coon, Burghwais, Ilarm C.onfirroation. St Beck's, Rotherham. 7pm. Wed: Lunch wall Mayot of Doncaster. CCRS Amax Evening, Pastoral Came , 7pro. Thu: Confirmation. Our Lady of Sorrows and SI Francis. , 730pm. FM Confirmation, Holy Family, Zs=ld. 7pm. Sat: Mass. Bannon Hospital. 930am: Confirmatioa.St William s.Sheffield. 3pni Bishop Rothe (Leeds! Sum Maas, Liverpool

fekapolitanCalhedral.Liverpoci, I Visitation, St Joseph's Ptimary School, Harrogate, leant Witt Catholic Care Trustees' oneong, Hinsley Hall, 2.30pm. Thu: Leeds Trinity told All Saints Boad of Gov-minors' meeting. Flonforth, Itlatti Fri Chwer meeting, Leech Cathedral, I loin: Mass kr Deceased Clergy of the Diocese. Latedo Cathedral , 12.30pm

Bishop Stack (Wesonipter) Parish Visitation, Our Lady Immaculate and St Andmw.Hitchin. Herts. Tue. Ronatneration Committee meeting. Si Mary's Coiversity College, Dark!, ahem. 2pm; St Mary's Gniversay College Goven nom" meeting. 5pm_ Wed: Chairs Education Committee, Archbishop's House, lOam. Thu: Preset:as Daily Service for BBC Radio 4, 9.30am. Ed. Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 9.111san.

Bbhnp itiverpool1Son: Solemn Maas oat! SECAM-CCEE.doleoisto on lbroj4auufQoho the King,Metropothan Oohed:al or Claim the King, Liverpool, 11 am. Man Confirmation, St John Stone, Ainsdale , 7 .3Dpin. The: Archdiocescut George Andrew Fund meeting. St George. Maghulf, I I am: Celehretion of Achievement, Notre Dane Catholic College.liverpeol, h 30pin. Thin North Wale Oath Leaders' meeting, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ Ike King.Liverpool, lOnso Ert. KIM Vigil, Metroechoes Cathedral Crypt, Liverpool. '/ pm. Sat: KFIS Mast a lovestihrr, Mclospolit:M Cathedral of Chnst LIU. King, Liverintol, 1045am.


Arabi:hop %oft (Caraffi Suit Confirmations, St hlarya. Newport. Ilam, 60th Anniversary of Cathiff Reform Synagogue, 2.10pm. MOD: Confirmations, Our Lady Star of the Sea, POrthrowl, 7pm. Taw. Blessing of Mission Statement, St Joseph's RC Primary School.Pensoth. 10am: Catholics in Healthcare Wales. Archbishop's House, 2pni; Confirmations. Sr Mary's. Merthyr Tydfil. 7pm. Wed: Province meeting, Archbishop's House, I I ann Cent-imitations, Monmouth, 7pm. This Meeting no Religious Freedom. London. noon Sat: Day for ReigolltS.Ntrarelh HOUse.

ilfihop Jo bald (Me neve!) Wed: Province meeting, Archbishop's Itiottsr. Cardiff, I lam

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Visitation, Porthroadog Pena . The: Fah in Wales meeting, Eberle...1-0111ml, Wrexham, noon; Ongoing FormaSlots of Clergy Commission meeting, Prestaryn, 7.15pro, Wed Prosineial Bishops' meeting. Cardiff _ Fri: Meeting. Overton pariah. 7.15pm. Sat Dolen Cymru meet*.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien 1St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun. Marc. S I Joseph's.Selkirk. 930arn. Mean. Our Lady and St Andrew's, °dashikis, i ern, Man: MoaiDg and meal with piesocof Salvation Order, Si Bonnet's. noon. Toe: Interfaith meeting. City ChambernEdinhurgh,9.30arn: ineettng regaling Aid to:Church in Need, Sr Benners, Sport. Wed: Celebratoa marking CiNiC award to Mrs Calk Doherty, Stirling, 7pm. Thai interfaith meeting regarding schools. City Charnbers,Edinbuigh. 130pm. Fri: Golden Jubilee Celehotions of St Andrew's High, Kitkclady, 1030am; Thanksgiving celebrations and ceilidh, St Andrew's High, Kirkcaldy, 7 30pro.

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