Page 14, 21st October 1938

21st October 1938
Page 14
Page 14, 21st October 1938 — PRIEST'S REBURIAL Ceremony for Monday

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People: Edmund Lester


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PRIEST'S REBURIAL Ceremony for Monday

Three hundred and sixty-two priests, four hundred students in seminaries or religious houses, and seventy-two students at present at Campion House, Osterley, owe the beginning of their training or their chance to take up studies for the priesthood in large measure to the foresight, courage and indefatigable labours of Fr. Edmund Lester, S.J., who opened Campion House, originally a retreat house, as a school for late vocations.

From a Correspondent

The exhumation and reburial of the body of Fr. Edmund Lester, S.J., will take place on Monday, October 24, the fourth anniversary of Fr. Lester's death. Early in the morning the body will be conveyed from Kensal Green to Campion House, where Solemn Requiem at 11 o'clock will be followed by the reinterment at 12 o'clock.

362 Priests Up to the present, the number of Fr. Lester's students who have reached the priesthood is 362, of whom about half have joined the secular clergy and half the religious orders. They are scattered in altnost every diocese in England, Scotland and Wales, and in almost every order.

Quite a number of them are working as priests outside Great Britain—in India, South Africa, Canada, the United States of America, Germany and Palestine. Two of them have been ordained Jesuits in the Slavonic Rite, in order to minister to the needs of Godless Russia as soon as the Pope gives leave.

The work that Fr. Lester began with such vision and courage is still going on, with the approval and blessing of Cardinal Hinsley and of the Jesuit Superiors, thanks to the generosity of a great number of benefactors.

At present there are seventy-two students at Campion House making their p...paralion for admission into diocesan seminaries or the novitiates of religious orders, and there are about four hundred former students of Osterley scattered about the seminaries and novitiates making their more immediate preparation for the priesthood.

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