Page 2, 21st September 1945

21st September 1945
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Page 2, 21st September 1945 — ANSWERS

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Organisations: Christian Church
Locations: Canterbury


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If an illegitimate child is legally adopted, am its BaPtismal Entry be altered ?

No. The deldi4. of adopted status are noted in the letgister.

If it has to be baptised or " conditionally baptised, can it bear the manic of its legal parents ?

Yes. As their adoptive son or daughter.

Names and dates of last Catholic and first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury.

Last Catholic: Reginald Cardinal Pole: 1554-1558. First Protestant: Matthew Parker: 1559-1576: appointed by the State as " a man. of moderate Protestant views." (Reit, British History, p. 227). His " Advertisements " of 1566 direct that each parish should provide " a decent table standing on a frame for the Communion Table." (Bettenson, Documents of the Christian Church, World's Classics). His " moderate" Protestantism thus made a complete scission from the Catholic past.

How did " Immaculate Mary " need a Saviour ?

Because she would not have , been "Immaculate " but for the sake of the Saviour Who was to inhabit her womb I " Al! the glories of Mary," says St. Alphonsus, " arc for the sake of her Son.' Even the Anglican Bishop Pearson says, " We believe the Mother of the Lord to have been, not only before end after His Nativity, but for ever, the most Immaculate and Blessed Virgin." (c.f., Queen of Peace, Sherley Price, Deere Press),

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