Page 8, 21st September 1973

21st September 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 21st September 1973 — 1 . BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Bishop Guazzelli, Auxiliary Westminster Friday: Silver Jubilee,

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Organisations: °seen College, Lancaster University, Catholic Doctors Guild, Racial Justice Committee, Bishops' Education Commission Birmingham, Directors Action Committee, Ecumenical Commission, Organising Committee, Wrightington Hospital, K.S.C. Board, Building Office, Ushaw College, Diocesan Council of Ad, Department of Cathechetics, Nottingham University, Hospital Chaplaincies Council, Social Welfare Commission, St. Stephena Church, Selly Oak College, British Federation of Notre Dame Associations, Catholic Teachers' Association, Diocesan Finance Committee, Catholic Nurses' Guild, Working Party, North Cheshire Serra Club, AttendsGeneral Assembly, Thornleigh Salesian College, Catholic Teachers Association, Newmai Association, National Missionary Council General Assembly, KhS.C, Bishops Education Commission, Bishops' Education Commission, Education Commission, National Missionary Council


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1 . BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Bishop Guazzelli, Auxiliary Westminster Friday: Silver Jubilee,

Liverpool. Tuesday: Industrial Chaplaincy. Town. w Thursday: r7s d. Diocese of London, 4, Confirmation KanrIch aWye: ty;BSisyhriosspCDowttavgear oDfea Bnicrmryinmgeheatim _ meeting, 8. ty;BSisyhriosspCDowttavgear oDfea Bnicrmryinmgeheatim _ meeting, 8.

Sunday: Ordains Deacons, °seen College, 10. Monday: Visitation, Corpus Christi, Oxford, 11 Wednesday: Meeting of New Initiative, Selly Oak College, 10.30. Thursday: Attends opening of Unitarian New Meeting. B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Presides at meeting of Racial Justice Committee, Coventry, 11.

Monday: Meets Birmingham primary and secondary teachers to discuss Third World. Tuesday/1 hursdaye Attends General Assembly of National Missionary Council, Nottingham University. Friday: Attends meeting of priests at headquarters of Radio Stoke, SaturdayPresents Gene Merenti medal and concelebrates Mass, St. Michael's, Wolverhampton. Archbishop Bock of Liverpool Sunday : Concelebrates Civic Mass of Thanksgiving. Cathedral, 3 Tuesday: Concelebrates Jubilee Mass for secondary schools, Cathedral. 11. Wedpesday: Attends iaishops Education Commission in Bit-mingham. Thursday: Jubilee Mass for junior schools, Cathedral, 11. Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Concelebrates at Archbishop Beck's Silver Jubilee Mass, Cathedral, 3. Tuesday: Concelebrates at Jubilee Mass for Schools. Cathedral, a.m.; preaches at United Rettfeunr for T.V. Festival, London, Friday/ dmsed Church, Garston, p.m. Thursday: A meetino of Organising Committee Saturday: Attends meeting et Social Welfare Commission, London. Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Attends reception for Archbishop Bock at Liverpool Town Hall. Sunday: cCoosni ocenl borfa teEspMs t i :pa? thsai 1,Ceart ho s,d urbail o o l een of Archbishop Beck, 3. Monday: Attends meeting of the Building Office at Curial Offices, 10.30. Tuesday: Vislts primary and comprehensive schools. Aston-in-Makerfield, 10.30; Attends meeting at St Oswald's. Longton, arranged by S.P.U.C., 8. Wednesday: Visits schools at St. Joseph's. Wrightington. 10.30; Visits Wrightington Hospital, 12.30. Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday. Concelebrates Mass for Archbishop Beck's Jubilee, Liverpool Cathedral, 11.

B ishop Grent of Northampton Friday: Attends Jubilee Mass for Archbishop of Liverpool; attends K.S.C. Board of Directors Action Committee meeting, p.m. Saturdee/Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Beaconsfield. Tuesday/Thursday: AttendsGeneral Assembly of National Missionary Council, Nottingham. B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday. Participates In Communicatioes Course, Hatch End: "Ecumenism". Bishop Ellis of Nottingham -Tuesday: Attends opening of National Missionary Council General Assembly, Nottingham. Thursday: Presides at Mass for Catholic Teachers' Association, Cathedral.

Bishop Mc Gul

, Coadiutorof Noftingham Wednesday: Meeting of Bishops' Education Commission, 8irmingham. Thursday: Building and Sites meeting, Cathedral House, Nottingham, Friday: Visits St. Francip' School. Melton Mowbray; say Mass, 10.30. Bishop Langton Fox of Menevia Friday: Archbishop Beck's Jubilee at Liverpool. Saturday: Meeting of Ecumenical Commission, London. Monday/Friday: Conducting retreat for Forces Chaplains, Aylesford. Bishop Holland of SalfordSaturday: Mass, Catholic Handicapped Children s Fellowship, Holy Name, Manchester, 4; reception, British Federation of Notre Dame Associations, Midway Hotel. Castleton, 7.30. Sunday: Visitation, St. VVilllam's Great Lever, 11; attends Mass. Serra National Conference, St. Patrick's, Bolton, 3. Tuesday: slcorio3oot t\INneddnseicsdk.aySt. William's Great

Visits Mass and Conte Thursday: Begins visitation of schools andl

asvfietiser'n, CentarearY of St. Mary's, Sabden, 7. sick, St. Peter's, Middleton, 10.30. Friday: Visit to Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton. SundayVisitation 11, Confirmation 3, St. Peters, Middleton, Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Saturday: Attends Serra National Conference, Bolton, Sunday: Visitation, 11, and Confirmation, St. Mary Maadalene's., Burnley. Monday: Visits schools and sick, Setis. ItssephE'ds., c,Totdcorcdoernn,m2i s.3s0io. neat, eutniveescdsaityy: Chaplaincy, Edgbaston. Friday: Completes vliosit3a0tion, St. Mary Magdalene's, Burnley, Bishop Rudderham of Clifton Wednesday: Diocesan Finance Committee. 4.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton -Wednesday. Mass at La Retraite Convent, Burnham-on-Sea, 9.30: Diocesan Finance Committee, 4. Thursday: Meeting of the Secretariat for rem-Believers, London. Friday/Saturday: Social Welfare Commission, London,

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth -Thursday/Friday: Attends Bishops' Meeting, Liverpool. Sunday: Massand Visitation, Wareham, 11, Confirmation, 3. Monday/Saturday: Administration in Dorset. Bishop Casey of Brentwoodfriday: Concelebrates Mass for Archbishop Beck's Jubilee, Liverpool Cathedral, 11. Sunday: Visitation a od Contemn arm. Si. Cuthbert's, Burnham-on-Crouch. Monday: Attends Liturgy Course. Chigwell Convent, 10.30: meeting of Hospital Chaplaincies Council, Church House, Westminster, 2.15. Tuesday: Attends Liturgy Course. Chigwell Convent, 10,30; meeting of Catholic Nurses' Guild, Westrnmster, 7. Wednesday: Liturgy Course. Chigwell Convent. 10.30. Thursday: Liturgy Course, Chiawell Convent, 10.30: Catholic Doctors Guild Meeting. Hackney, 7.30. Bishop Cunningham of Heshem and Newcastle Sunday: Presides at A.G.M. of Society of St. Vincent De Paul, City Hall. Newcastle, 2 30, concelebrates Mass, 4. Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Saturday: Concelebrates Mass for beginning of National Meeting S.V.P.. St. Dominic's, Newcastle. 3. Sunday: Mass, Visit and Confirmation, St. Teresa's, Annfield Plane, 7. Thursday: Meeting of Church, 2000 Working Party, KhS.C. Group. London, 9. Friday: North-East Ecumenical Group, Auckland Castle. 2.30; Mass for new readers and acolytes. Ushaw College. Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Visitation arid Confirmation. St. Brendan's, Bradford. Monday: Attends Clergy Retreat at Ilkley, until Friday. Bishop Greser of Shrewsbury Thursday: Celebrates Mass at St. Michael's College, Underley Hall, 11.30. Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday. Attends Episcopal Silver Jubilee of Archbishop Beck, Liverpool. Monday: Addresses North Cheshire Serra Club Tuesday: Addresses Catholic Teachers Association meeting, Swadlincote Wednesday: Addresses Catholic Teachers Association. Stockport, Friday: Attends meeting of Social Welfare Commission, Lander).

Bishop Bowen of Arundel env Brighton Saturday: Celebrates Mass fo Lewes Deanery at Cathedral, Arundel. Sun. day: Celebrates Mass at St. Stephena Church, Hoisted Keynes, and dedicates sane tuary windows in memory of the late Bishot David Cashrnan, 10. Monday: Attend, meeting of Diocesan Council of Ad ministration, Hove. Wednesday: Attend: meeting of Bishops' Education Commission Birmingham. Friday: Attends meeting o Department of Cathechetics of the Bishops Education Commission, Tooting Boo, London Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday Attends Archbishop Beck's Sliver Jubilee Liverpool. Saturday: Attends Newmai Association meeting, Lancaster University Thursday: Concelebrates Mass with newly ordained priests.

Thursday: Begins visitation of schools andl

slcorio3oot t\INneddnseicsdk.aySt. William's Great

Visits Mass and Conte

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