Page 10, 21st September 2001

21st September 2001
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Page 10, 21st September 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

September 23 to September 29

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westmlnstet): Sun: M for the Ethnic Chaplaincies, Cathedral, 2pm. Mon: Interviews & Engagemdni.s. 'Cue; EICH Fundraising Event. WedFri: Mtg of the Congregation for Divine WOPthip & Discipline of the Sacraments. Synod of Bps M Rome until 27th (kt.

Archbishop I' Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:V M. Church of the Precious Blood, Wigan. 931uni. V M. St Edward. Wigan, I 1.30am. Mom Bps' Day of Recollection, Leeds, I 0.111am. Tue:M, I.kieu trail. Chia-ley, 6pro. Wed: V. Si Thomas More High Sch, Wigan. C M tor parishes of St Aidan. St Cuthbert. St F.dward & Si Jude, St Jude, Wigan. 7.30pm, Thu: V. St Edward's Primary Sch, Wigan, 10.10am. Dinner for Juhilanans, Archbps' Ilse, L'pool, 6.30pm. Fri: Lunch with local Mefribers of Parliament: Bp's Lodge. Unapt. Meets with Arehdiocesan Dept of Pastoral Formation, Arclibp's He. L' pool, 5.30pni, Sat: Merseyside & Region Churches E Assembly. Friends Mig ll. L'priol. 9.30am. V M.-M John, Wigan, 7pm.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): SunrC,Birchingion.10.30am. Tue: Area Bps' Mtg. Archhp'sHe. 2pni, West Council of Priests-Amigo flail. Fri: V. St George's Sch, Southwark, 9.30ain. M & Blessing of new sch Hall. Si Philianena's Sch, Carshatom 7.30pm, Sat: J&P Day of Recollection. F.111MatiS.

. Bishop Kieran Corry (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Diaconate 0, St Bernard, Lingfield. I lam. M for Centenay of OL of Ransom. Eastbourne followed by mception, Town Hull. Spot. Mon-Sun lOrly. Course, Venerable English College. Rome.

Bishop P Parpeter itlhiriti ausily Sun:CTE Enabling Gp Mtg. Aylesbury cant& Toe: Blessing id new classrooms, Si Michael's. WO.IN erhampton. 10am. Opening M ur Ternt, St John Fisher, Newcastle, 9.10am. M & Blessing of Classrooms. Clay Ihn,./pm. Fri-Sat Engiish ARC hfig, Eiolland ' T MeMalum (B in rentwal): Sun:

Benfleet. Tue: Mtgs/Interviews, .t.-atheiltal Hs, lirentwood. Mfg of Parish Council, Snick. 8prn. Wed: V 14 C, Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford. Thu: M & lunch for Silver lubilarians, Bp's Hsc, Noon. FM V Ctowo (.00n, Chelmsford. 9.45arn. Sat: Farewell M for Franciscans, Forest Gate, 0:30pin.

Bishop I' Smith (East Anglia): sun:

Liticesan Pilgrimage Santiago de postela until 27th Sept.

▪ Bishop A GriffithstHexham & Neweas• de): Sun: Si Joseph's, Birttey, M. 8_15 & 10.45am. CHCF M. St Alaysius, I lebburn. 3pm. Mon: All Day Mtg of Northern Bps, Leeds, Intel .Fa 11, Op Mtg. Newcastle. 7:30pm Toe: NEECT I Church Leaders' timg. Slam. M. SI Gregory's, South Shields, 2.5th piny, St Wilfrid's 5th. 7pm. Wed: All Iday V. Si Joseph's Ushaw Moor & EIVM Outten of Martyrs. Newhouse, Durham. Thu: Churches Regional Commission, 1.1shaw College, l(lam.Mtg of Basil !tome Trust, Civic Centre. Newcastle upon Tyne, 3pm, Mtg St Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle upon Tyne. 7pm. Fri: M & C. Si John Vianney, Hartlepool, 7pm. Sot: AGM Diocesan J&P Commission, F.nglish Martyrs, Newcastle upon 3"yne, 10.10am. Vigil M. Si Joseph's. Ushaw Moor, 6pm.

• Bishop O'Donaghue (Lancaster): Mon: Mig, Leeds, Tue-Thu: Carlisle Deanery V. Fri: Rp's Council Mtg. 10.30am. Parish & Finance mtg, Noon. Mm with Propeny Offiter,4pm, THOMAS. mtg. 5pm.

Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: IvIthg with Asylum Seekers. Bp's Pise, 4.30pm. Mow Alm of Northern Bpa, Leeds am/pm. Tue: Bps' Council, 10.30am. Vocation Review Op. 4pm. Celebration of C. Si Bede's Marske, 7pm. Thu: Mfg with Priests Council, 10.30arn.

Bishop K McDonald (Ntmhamptun): Sun: V,Si Peter, Rushdert. Mon: Mig of C'nee for Catholic/Jewish Relations, London, 1pm. Tue: Milton Keynes Christian Council. Presidents' Mtg. Milton Keynes, 10.10tim. Thu Clergy Study Day, RE Centre, Milton Keynes. M, Cardinal Newman Sch. Luton. 6pnt. Bps' Council for Key Cmechists, Bp's Hie. 7.30pni. Sat Perrrament Dvaeons' Study Day Princes Rishomugh.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): V. Holy Souls parish, Scunthorpe. Mom V, St Mary's. Brigg. Tun: V. St Norbe.....rt's Cmwle. Wed, Seminerieti CUM' Mig. USIIL1W College. TIRI.17 Blessing of sell bidgs. Si Anne's Sch. Buxton, lliam. Ed & Formation COMIlth. sion mtg, The Diocesan Centre, Muckworth, Derby. 2pm. Golden Jubilee celebration,. Good Shepherd Sch, Arnold, 7.30pm. ti Sun 28 Oct: Synod of Bps Rome_

Bishop C Hollis 1Prinsmouth): Sum M. OL of the Assumption, hedge End,10,15 urn. M of Thanksgiving to mark the Centenary ol the Opening of the Church. 3put Tue: Diocesan Sch M. Cathedral. I lam. M of Thank., giving to mark retirement, 6.10pm follow by reception. Si Edmund's Sch, Portsmouth. Wed: Deans' Mtg, Cathedral Discovery Cenue. Ponsmouth.10/10.3taint Thu: Diocesan Finance Mtg, Discovery Centre, Portsmouth, 2pm. M for the Patronal Feast. St Michael & All Angels, 7.10pm.

Bishop T Brain (Salford); Sun: V. Sr John the Baptist, Padiham, I lam. Centenary M. Sacred Heart, Gorton, 3put. The until 30 Sept. Congregation fur the Sacraments, Rome, Bishop It Noble (Shrewsbury): Fri: 0, St Vincent's, Altrincham. 7.30pm. Sat: V, St Winetride's, Lymm. 5.45pm,

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark ): Sun: 10, West Norwood. Induction of Headmaster of Bp Thomas Grant Sch. 11 am Mtg of emboli.. Jewish Relations C'uee of Westminster. 1pm. Tue: Diocesan Bru" Mtg, Southwark, 2pm. Wed: Council of Priests Mtg. Southwark, 11. ISant Thu: M with commissioning of Lay Ministers of I Icily Communion, St 1.1rsu1a's Convent Sch, Greenwich, [0.30am. M for SE Area Teachers. Christ the King College, Spat. hi: Conducts Weekend Retreat tot Legionaries of Mary. Retreat Centre, We-,t Wickham. Sat: LOM Retreat cont. Mty Officers of Diocesan Unity Commis,,,:. Park Ilse, SEA I lam.

Bishop J Hine (Swank Auxil): Sun: Hartley Parish confinnandi Mtg., St Vincent's Whitstable. parish NustruMon: M for opening of snit year. Corpus Chiisti, Brixton, 4.30pm. Tue: Southwark lips' Mtg, 2pm. Wed: Mtg of Council of Priests. London. I him. hi: Christian Esi Centre, & Subs Conunission, London, 11.30ani. Sal: Day or Prayer ring, Aylesford. 2pm Bishop II Tripp (Swath Aux II): Sun: C. Italy Ghost. Balham, 11.30am. followed hy V. Mon: V. Balham. Wed: Council of Priest, Mtg. Amigo Hall. 11.30am. Catholic Child Welt ate Management (Thee Mtg, Hall,lreds, pm. Thu: Catholic Chdd Welfare Management nice Mtg. Hinsiey Hall, Leeds, Fri: M, OL Immaculate Church. Tolworth di opens Richard Challoner Sett New Bldg. Worcester Pk. Sat: Southwark J&P Commis shot Day of Recollection , Emmaus Centre. Wait Wickham, 10-4pm. Farewell M, Fr Michael (3winnell, Kingston Hill. 6.30pm.

Bishop .1 O'Brien (W'rranster. Ecumenical mid Wet-faith Minions): Tue: 30th nunit. Si Bemadette's Sch, St Athens Wed: M of Farewell of Sacred Heart Fathers, St John Fisher, Redboum. pm. Thu: Westminster Heads Conference, The Britannia Hotel, Marsh Wall, 7pm. Fri: Archbp's Council. Archhp'r Hse, Ilium. Centenary Si Ignatius Primary Sch. Stamford Hill, 2.15pm. Sat: SERRA Annual Dinner, All Saints Pastoral Centre. 7pm.

Bishop F Walmsley tFurces): Thu: Presides, Episcopal Council Mtg. Airport nr Andover, 9.30am.

WALES Bishop M Jabale (adjutot: Mertes:,:: Sun:M, Sacred Heart Henley.on•Tha Wed: Holy Childhood M, Carmarthen, I 1.30am. Saturday M, Sacred Heart I lenley. on-Tharnes.

Bishop F. Regan (Wrexham): Sun:SVP Central Council. Mon: Northern Bps' Mtg urn. Family Life Commission nits Loreto. 7.30pm. Wed: Blessing of new sch chapel, Si Joseph's High Sch, Wrexham. Thu: Council or Priests, Cardiff, I am. C, Ebbw Vale. 7.30pm. Fit St Bernadette's & Si Philip Evans Sch, Cardiff. Sat: Cylch Catholig Pilgrimage, Holywell. 2pm. V. Buckley.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confimaition. VVjsi union. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. SchSchool. ES-Ecumenical Service.

We regret that we Ctillnot guarantee the Inclusion of Bishops' engagement, received later than midday an the Monday prior to publication.

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