Page 2, 22nd April 1938

22nd April 1938
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Page 2, 22nd April 1938 — FOREIGN RADIO-FOR YOU

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ATHLONE. (.R.ADIO HTREANN): 7.15 p.m.. " When Handel Caine to Dublin "-Radio Play (Olive Meyeer).

Bitumens (II): 7.30 " The Valkyrie (Wagner) from the Royal Flemish Opera, Antwerp.

HILVERSUM (I): 12.10 p.m.. Fr. Perquin. O.P. 7.65 p.m.. Fr. Tutnnier, 8.J. 8.55 p.m., Meditation by Abbe de ()reeve with Musie.

NICE Cam D'Azust; R,30 p.m., Act IT, " The Martyrdom of St. Sebaatian "-Play (CARnunzio): Incidental NIusie by Debussy.

Nets (Pone PAHISIEN): 6.10 p.m., Catholic Review.

Roue (IROTIP: 9.0 p.m., Two Operas from La Scala, Milan : (a) " Marcella " (Giordano); (b) " 11 volto della Vergine " (Canausei), (" 11 volto delta Vergine " is founded on one of the many legend o which surround Fre Angelina. While working on the frescoes in San Marco, Florence, Fre Angelica is ao overwhelmed by his uuworthiness to portray the Queen of Heaven that he is unable to continue with his work. At the moment of his deepest dejection. the convent gardener comes to him with a pat of lilies as a model. The old gardener tells the friar of his daughter who is dying and has one last wieh-to see the paradise which Fre Angelica is painting. In spite of the rules, the friar allows her father to bring her to the cloisters. On seeing the beautiful and angelic elraein, the friar's diffidence disappears, and with inspired hands he begins to paint the dying girl in feverish haste, so that when darkeese Dille the Virgin sits radiant on her trireme At the last stroke of the artist's brush Grazia, breatbilig the name of her beloved. dies in her father's arms, This opera will be repeated by Milan on I' rid a y).


ATHLONE I RADIO EIREANN) : 4.0 !LID... Fourth Public Symphony Concert from the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin. Conductor : Aloys Fleischmann. Parry Jotters (Tenor), Charles! Lynch (Pianoforte). 6.0 p.m., Talk by Pr. Edmund, (1,P.: The Kavanagh Diary. 7.45 p.m.. Choral and organ Recital from Mount Argus. Dublin. Orgairiest: N. Lewis. 8.25 p.m., Talk by T. Linehan : Vocational Organisation for Wage Earners.

BERMIGNSTER 10.0 a.m.. Serviee with Arldretis by Fee de Chastonay, Iievasees (I): 10.30 a.m.. Organ Choral in E (Franck). 9.0 p.m.. Tall,: The Four Wonders of Huy. (The old iown of Huy contains, among other treitsui res, the Ablieeof Neureoustier, founded by Peter the 'Hermit, in which he iN 1/W1.'41V BRUSSELS (Ili: 6.45 p.m.. Address by Fr. van Closter, 0.P.: The Passion.

Buatexele (1) : 10.0 a./II., Maas.

HILVERSEM (I) KRO Progratnme. 9.10 a.m., Religioue Transmission conducted by Fr. Willemee. Ser. 2.40 p.m.. Answers to Listeners' Queries by Fr. Often, O.P. 11.40 p.m.. Talk hi Esperanto: La Nederlanda Komunumo.

Lriatmeenae: 1L30 a.m., Address by Fr. Bosley : Gospel Contrasts-Men and Women.

MALAN AND ROSIE : 11,0 a.m., Mises Can tata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 12.0 noon, Reading and Explanation of the Gasper. 5.15 p.m. (Rome Group only), Symphony Concert with laubermann (Viorin). 9.50 lent. (Rome Group only), Spanish Solve,. 10.20 p.m. (Rome Group only). Concert by the Bari Polyphonic Choir.

PARIS (i)IM: 8.30 p.m., Le Prince:tee Lieutable "-Play (Tiostend).

PARIS RADIG-PARISI: 11.30 a.m., Organ Hocital by Mart-he Braquemond, 12.0 noon, Address by Fr. Elute& Pride. 12.20 p.m., Sacred Music (Records).

Renirekteerreatteetuc: 7.30 p.m.. Catholic: Pro gramme with Addroes by Abbe 13oyer. Remo-NORMANDY 12.15 p.m., Lauda Jerusalem

(arr. Fauchet); Address.

Sorreee: 6.50 p.m., Address by Abbe Rebut.: The Man by the Cross. 7.20 p.m., Easter Liturgy (Gregorian) from Holy Cross Church, Geneve.

VIENNA: 9.55 a.m., Marts from St. Stephen's Cathed rat.


ATGLONE (RADIO EIREANN): KG p.m.. Act I, " Madame Butterfly " (Pusetee from the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

LILLE: 2.0 p.m., Organ Recital by Pierre Peers from Notre Dame, Roubaix.

PARIS (PTT): 4.0 p.m., Organ Recital by Antoine Reboulot.


Leers Gamow 4.0 p.m., Organ Recital by Jean Oiroud from St. Louis' Church, Grenoble. (The programme includes eeirondet organ triptych, Eucharistie).

Bars:eau; 8.45 " Michael Angelo "-Play (Illierlein; Music by Voelkel). (This play is an imaginary history of Michael Angelo based on his self-imrtrait in The Last Judgement " in the Sixiine Chapel).

BRUSSELS (I): 5.0 p.m., Organ Reeital by Line Zilgien from the Palais des Beaux Arts. (Mlle Zilgien is organist at St. Louis-onl'Ile, Paris). 6.30 p:m„ The Renaissance of Stained Glees-Report from L. C. Crettpines Stedio. 7.0 p.m., Review by Mgr. Picard.

BEGHSHIS : 7.0 " Siegfried " (Wagner) from the Royal Flemish Opera, Antwerp.

Donaerer (1); 7.30 • p.m., D'Annunzio Programme. 10.50 p.m., Talk: The International Eucharistic Congress.

leemeermer: 8.0 p.m., Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Furtwengler.

Ilievettsree (I) : 12.10 p.m.. Fr. Perquin, O.P. 7.20 p.m., Esperanto Leeson. 8.55 pen_ " The Beatitudes "-Oratorio (Cesar Franck).

KAeuxotaneo : 8.50 pin., " Also hat Gott. die Welt goliebt "-Cantata (Bach).

levels (Ernie Towne : 8.30 p.m., Symphony Coneert. (Prograuune ineludes a Bach Cantata, Excerpts from Ilahnet " The Carmelite," and Pierne's Payseges franoiseainsa

SeierraAne: 9.0 p.m. (also for Milan Group), '' The 'Messiah " -Oratorio (Handel).


'ATHLONE (Run° EIREANN) : 8.40 p.m., " Mozart," -Play (Whittaker Wilson).

littnex (Freaseeeez): 8.30 p.m. (else Leipzig), Symphony No. K in C minor (Bruckner). (The great Austrian compeser, Anton Bruckner, 1824-1896, was organist of St. Florian's Abbey end later of Linz Cathedral, but wrote comparatively little organ music. De is elliefly known for his church mimes which includee three Masses, and his eight eymphonies).

CeLOGNE: 6,30 penTrish Folk Songs by•P. Duffy (Baritone).

Mosre CENERI: 8.0 p.m.. " TI Piccolo Santo "Five-Act. Play (Roberto Bracco).

PARIS (PTT): 2.0 p.m., Esperanto Lesson.


kfIlLOSE (RADIO EIREANN): 5.30 p,m,,

Mathew Feis Prizewinnere.

Beteereet (11): tiele p.m., Talk by Fr. Andriee, tete 7.3 pan., • Pierer Pines: Abbe Enrol

Erebaers ' --Seqtaeme iarr, CyPil Verleyene TI/LVERRITM (I): 12.10 p.m.. Fie Peree in, G.P. KONIGSBERG : 6.10 p.m.. Bach Organ 13.p-ital.

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