Page 4, 22nd April 1955

22nd April 1955
Page 4
Page 4, 22nd April 1955 — DAILY MASS GUIDE

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SUN., APR. 24. SECOND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER (Good Shepherd Sunday). Sd. Comms. of St. Mellitus, St. Fidelis, and of the octave of St. George. Creed. Preface of Easter. III hue.) (Hexham and Newcastle: St. Egbert.) OLLECT: " 0 God, Who by the humility of Thy Son didst set upright the prostrate world, grant unending happiness to Thy Faithful, that those whom Thou hast snatched from the perils of unending death may be caused by Thee fully to rejoice in joys that know no end."

This Collect has a new element of poetic imagery in it. On Easter Sunday indeed we see God " unlocking' for us the gates of heaven: but. after the possibility has been offered to us, we need to use it: we need to enter through those gates.

Here we sec how our Lord has " humbled Himself "—has, literally, " come down to earth " (humus means earth); and there He finds the whole world lying prostrate, lifts it. and puts it on its feet. But then, it has to walk! But this joyous Collect seems to take it for granted that we shall walk, and begs only that we shall be helped to reach our goal.

That " end " is something that lasts; we begin by asking for " unending " happiness; we acknowledge that we have been snatched out of . . . (a strong word! God's almighty hand grips hold of us. into whom the Devil had driven his claws, and drags us out of them) —out of " unending death "; and then we pray all over again that we may per-frui—enjoy to the utmost—joys that never end.

Rut we have left out one unusual word —casibus: literally, " fallings "; hence "chances. risks, trippings-up." After all, if God has put us on our feet again. and then says: " Now, go ahead! " He does not make the whole of our path smooth for us. We may knock up against a stone and topple over: or slip in a damp, muddy spot: or get sick of the monotony of walking in the only right path: in a score of ways we shall find it not always easy going.

Would that we had more joy! rhe first Christians were Au aware of their Redemption (a word we seldom use, I think?). that they marched joyously forward, feeling that " this is indeed the Day that the Lord bath made: let us rejoice and be glad in it! "

C. C. Martindale, S.J.

MON.. APR. 25 St. Mark the Evangelist. (Greater Litanies and procession.) Second pray er Praesta from the Rogation Mass. Creed. Preface of the Apostles. (Red.) TUES., APR. 26. SS. Cletus and Marcellinus. Sd. Comm. of octave of St. George. Third prayer Concede. Creed. Preface of the Apostles. (Red.)

WED., APR. 27. SOLEMNITY OF ST. JOSEPH. with common octave. Comm. of Si. Peter Canisius. Creed. Preface of St. Joseph. ( White.) THURS.. APR. 28. St. Paul of the Cross. D. Comms. of octaves of St. Joseph and Si. George, and of St. Vital's. Creed. Preface of St. Joseph. ( White.)

FRI., APR. 29. St. Peter, Martyr. D. Comms. of octaves of Si. Joseph and St. George. Creed. Preface of St. Joseph. (Red.) SAT., APR. 30. Octave day of St. George. Greater double. Comms. of St. Catherine and of the octave of St. Joseph. Creed. Preface of St. Joseph. (Red.) SUN., MAY 1, Third Sunday after F.aster. Mass of SS. Philip and James, Apostles. Comm. of the Sunday. Creed. Preface of the Apostles. Last Gospel of the Sunday. (Red.)

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