Page 8, 22nd April 1983

22nd April 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 22nd April 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

C Confirmation. M Mass. 0 Ordination. V VislIellon,

Cardinal Hume Archbehop of Westminster: FrL dey-Menday: Cardinal Gentin wstts Westminster Diocese. Friday: Reception for Caudate! Gentin. Archhishop's House. Saturday: Conference on Social leaching of the Church. Meets young people, Arch bishop's House.

Archbishop Bowan of Southwark. Saturday: 250th Anniversary Service for the Founding of St George's Hospital, Westminster Abbey. It am Sunday: C, Clapham Park. 3 pm. Wednesday: Guild of for Lady of Ransom AGM and Dinner. Westminster Cathedral Hall, 6 pm, Thursday: C, Nei tinglram.

Archbishop Cows de Murrill, of Birmingham: Sunday: M 1 Or Goad of Catholic Doctors' ennual meeting, St Chad's Cathedral, 10.30 am. M and receiving of Good Shepherd collectIon for Father Hudson's Homes. Si Chaa'a Cathedral, 3 pm Monday, Unica, ill Catholic Mothers' AGM, Botanical Gardens. Edgbaston, 11 am. Wednesday; M at St Edmund Campion School, Wolverhampton, It am Archbishop Work:rick of Liverpool: Sunday: Calebralea Good Shepherd Service. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Tuesday: Annual Organists' Assucialion Dinner, 6,313 pm Thureday: Kirkby Deanery Clergy Meeting, Archbishop's House, 12.30 Pm

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Youth Commission Meeting, Damn House, Birkenhead, 7 30 pm Saturday: Inauguration at Papal Follow-Up, Chester, 2.30 pm. Sunday: V. St Joseph's, Malpas. Monday: Meets stall, SI Mary's School, Shrewsbury luesdar Bishop's Council, Birkenhead.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: V, Accrington, Sunday: V, 10 le am C, St Joseph's, Accrington, 3 um. Monday: St Fiadas College Governors, Manchester, 3.30 pm. Mahaffey: Schools Commission, 10.30 am. Bisho Clark of East Anglia: Saturday: ARGIL S t udy Day. Polhill. Wales. Monday-Thursday: Rome.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: header M and C, St BrIgtd, Northfield, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M and Cs. Sacred Heart. Barton-under. Needwood, 7.30 pm. Thursday: M and Ca, Our Lady of the Angels, Aldridge. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: St Anne and Si Maly Mattualuit, Aldeutey Island M I or Centenary of the Diocese. 0_30 pm Sande's St Irlwatt4s, Chandlers Ford C NI, 11 am, Holy Cons,

EasItergh C M 3.3u pm St t clearers, Chandlers Ford C M. 5.30 pm. Monday: St Mete'S. Windsor Celebrate NI and Blessing of Hall, 7 pm Tuesday: St Caiman's. Cosham Celebrate M for Golden Jubilee ch union of Catholic Mothera, 7 pm, Wednesday: Blesses Hugh Fat togdon School, Heading Celebrate NI for 25th Aintiversaty, 11 ant. Thursday: St George's School. Southampton Celebrate M, 10 30 am

B ishop Gray. Bishop of Shrewsbury: Saturday: SI Columba's Hall, Cheater, Launches Programme for Follow-Up to Papal Visit, 2.30 pm. Celebrate SA there, 4 pm. Sunday: Conducts V and C in St Francis , Chester. NI, presides and gives Homily, 8 and 9.30 am. Celatuatea V M and Confers Sacrament Of C. 11 am Presides and gives homily al SA, 1930 pm Monday: Vigils Chester General Havant Vista Schools and Sick of the Parish. Tuesday: Presides at meeting of the Council of Administration at Curial Offices, 11 am. Wednesday: Addrevass members of Guild 01 Our Lady Of Ransom, Westminster Cathedral Hall, London, 6 pm.

B ishop Duazzelll. Bishop in East London: Friday: Reception for Cardinal Gentin. Archbishop's House, El prn. Saturday: 0, Undarwmxt Road, 12 noon. Sunday-. M for ltalen Workers, ACU, Cathedral, 1.30 pm 010Calan Catechist Day, 3-5. Allen Halt let Year Students, 6 pm Monday: SPA management committee. 8 pm. Tuesday; C. Haverstock Hill, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: CDA, C. Haverstock Hill, 7.30 pm, Thursday: Area Pastoral Workers' Group. CBA committee meeting, 5 pm.

B ishop Harris of Mkkilesbrough, Friday-Salm, day: Meeting of Social Waitron Commission, London Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Friday: M, Our Lady of Lourdes SCha01. East Finchtey. 9./0 am. Sunday: M, English Martyrs, Wembley Park, II am. Tuesday: M. St John Fisher School, North Harrow, 9 arm Thursday-. Annual meeting, Providence (Row) Nrghr Shelter end Home, 5.30 Ism Blehop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Holy Land Pilgrimage meeting at Craytord, pm. Saturday: CWL annual mooting, Potts Wood, with M approx. 10.30-4 pm. Sunday: Celebrates and Preaches at Vocations Day M. Aylesford. 12 noon. Monday: Diocesan Finance meeting. 11 am. Thursday: South West Ecumenical Commission mating. Marie Fieparatrice Retreat House, Wimbledon, 7.30 pm. B ishop HlIchin, AusIllary 01 Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council meellng. Curial Offices. 2 pm. Vocations, SI Mary's, Lowe House, 7.30 priL Ulu/day: Cathedral Maintenance mooting. Cathedral House, 1 pm. C. SI Ceollies, Greeidana, Liverpool, 730 pm

Bishop lieiland of Salient Friday: Begins V, Clayton-le-Mows. &sturdily. Confessions. SI Mary. Mulberry Street, 11 am. Sunday; V. 10.46 am. C. St Mary, Clayton-la-Moors, 3 pre Monday.-Thuredey: Junior Clergy, Iikley

Bishop Jukes, Atudilery of Southwark: Saturday, Sunday: Dartford V. Monday: Inaugural mooting of Dover Deanery Pastoral Council, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Leads Chapter Retreat of the Elham Rural Deanery at Westgate. 7.30 pm. Thunder Rsinham Parish Silver Jubilee celebrations

Bishop Constant, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Vlalts Loreto House, 4.30 pm. Sunday: C. St Charles Square. 6 pin. Tuesday: North Kensington Deanery, 11 am. SPA Development Group meeting, 8 pm. Wednesday: Parish Sisters' meeting, 3 pm, Launch of appeal for University Chaplaincy Chapel. Archbishop's House, 6 pm Meets C Group, Harrow Road. 7 pm. Thursday: Ministry to Priests' meeting, London Culney.

B ishop McCort* Auxiliary of Birmingham: Sunday: M. Holy Family, &matey, 11 am. M and Ca. St %Haitian, Stourport. 13 pm Monday: V and Cs, St Joseph, Worcester, 7 3,3 pm Tuesday: y, our Lady's School and sick, St Mary's. Evesham. Wednesday: Meahng of Weal Indian Chaplains, London. Thursday: Meeting al Ecumenical Group, Coventry, 7.30 pm.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: CIA NI, St Peter's, Grimsby, 7 pm. Saturday: Congress meeting, Cathedral, 4.30 pm_ Sunday: V and C. Sutton-03401mm, 3 con. Tuesday: Chapter meeting. C, Warsop, 7 pm. Wednesday: Visits Sr Joseph's School, Shireprook. 10.30 am. Thursday: Priests' Senate, Cathedral Hall, 11 am.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Meeting re Springfield Ecumenical Protect, Stuck, 4 pm. Civic Dinner, Brentwood District Council, 7.90 pm Saturday: Concelebrates NI and Chairs annual meeting 01 Diocesan Covenant Scheme, Cathedral, 3.30 pm. Sunday: V and C, St 'Thomas of Canterbury, Shays. Tuesday: Centenary Service, St Thomaa'a. Brentwood, 8 pm Wednesday: V and C, Our Lady of Lourdes. Monate-ad. B ishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: National Mission Council Steering Committee, The Bonne, 10.30 am. Welcomes Cardinal Gontln, Heathrow Airport, 5 pm. Reception, Archbishop's House, If pm Saturday-Monday: Pastoral Well, SI Michael's, Ashford. Wednesday: Minlistry to Priests' Group meeting, 1 pm Social Pastoral Action Group

meeting. Gumley House, 8 pm. Thursday: Ministry to Priests' team meati o, Lwrdur, Col nay, 4 pm. Bishop Underlay of Plumley: Cutler's Feast.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Of flees. 10 am SI Ambrose Barlow Deanery meeting. Our Lady, Outten of Peace, Litharland, 8 pm. Sunday: Jewish Civic Service, Greentrank Drive Synagogue, 3 pm. Mender C, Sacred Heart, Hrrideford, Atherton, 7 plc. Wednesday: V continued, SI Banat's, Netherton 9.30 am. C, St Joseph's, Anderton, North Charley, 7.30 pm. Thursday: C, SI Richard's, Atherton, Manchester, 7.30 pro.

Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Fridayasiurday:CWLAJCM AA, Tadvax1h, Sunday: V, St Joseph's, Guildford, Guildford Deanery Cs. St Mary. Rycle's Hill, 2.30 pm. Ladywell Convent, Gerlalming, S pm Monday:thunder Ecumenical VIOlI to Rome

Bishop O'Brien. Bishop In Hertfordshire: Saturday: Gardiner Gentin's Conference. Archbishop's House. Sunday. SVP Festival at SS Alban ane Stephen. Thursday: SA at Maryland Cvnvent. St Alberni, 11 am.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien, Bishop In Middlesbrough. Rider Preach at Golden Jubilee, Sacred Heart, Hull, Sunday: Meeting about Pastoral Council. Hull_ Tuesday: Fly to Geneva for C for English Community. Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria: Rider Meeting of Clergy Serrate, Lancaster University, 11 em. Sunder C, Our Lady and St Charles, Keswick, 10.45 en Bishop Rawslhorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices, 10 arc. June Paul II Trust Meeting, London. 3 per. Saturday: National Primary Fialimmia Education Programme Meeting. London. Sunday: V, Sacred Heart Parish, Kirby. Monday.Thursday: Church I coders' Course, Nutheld Centre, Leeds Bishop Rastleaux of Plymouth: Saturday: V, TramOuGh Convent, Cornwall, 3 PM. Sunday: V and M, SS Joseph and Anne. Lanherne. 11.30 am. C, 3 pm. Monday: M. St Mary's School, Falmouth, 11 am. Wednesday: Jubilee SA, St Joan of Arc, Torpoint, Parish Supper, 7 pm Bishop Swindle/met, Auxiliary of Maxima and Newcastle: Saturday: Gatemen provincial Dinner, CHIC Contra, Newcastleupon-Tyne, 7.30 pm. Sunday: V and C at St Bengt's, Sunderland Bishop Thomas of Northampton: Sunday: V, St Augustine's, High Wycombe. Monday: Visits St Crispin's Hospital Evening, Holy Year M at Corby. Tuesday: Corby Youth Croup Wednesday: V, St Augustine's, High Wycombe. Evening Holy Year N1 at hieZleMere. Thursday: St Francis Chrldren's Society Council. Evening C, Aston le-Walls.

Bishop Tripe, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Concelebrates M at SI George's Cathedral at it ern. Discussion and Evening Prayer for Religious Superiors in South West area et Marian Lodge, Wimbledon. Sunday-. Celebrates M and preaches at Mellish Centre, Surrey Docks, at 10 am. CalearateS Multicultural fol at St George's Cathedral, 4 pm. Tuesday: Justice and Peace Day for Priests, Marian Lodge. Wimbledon. Wednesday: Visits Holy Cross Convent, New Malden. Thursday: Commences V to Tooting.

Bishop Walmsley, Bishop of the Forces: Friday Tuesday: V, Calterick and North East District (Army), Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Sunday: V and C, St Mary's. Horslorth, 10.45. Monday: Cathedral Hall, Bradford, 130 pm. Tuesday: Williams Primary School M. Bradford, 11 am. Wednesday: Wdod Hall meeting of School Chaplains, 71.30 am, Thursday: Notre Dame, Leeds, Steering Committee of Diocesan Pastoral Council, 7.30 Ism

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