Page 8, 22nd August 1986

22nd August 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 22nd August 1986 — Sack Grotti? costa too mucha

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Sack Grotti? costa too mucha

DO THE Fratetli Christiani (telegraphic address Fratres Roma) have a sense of humour? Perhaps not, when it comes to cartoons of Cardinal Grotti, by our own John Ryan. He is my favourite Roman prelate, reeking of the Banco Ambrosiano.

However, Christian Brother Connolly, a faithful reader, in the Eternal City says: "I am forced to write once again to protest in the strongest possible terms about the dreadful cartoon on the front page of your issue of July 25 last. Once again I say that it is worthy only of some Communist anti-God publication. The whole thing the papal arms, the caption, the gross ecclesiastic, his very objectionable name, the silly "posters" all make me sick.

Faith of our fathers, indeed! What would those English stalwarts, Challoner and Lingard, and the cardinals of the last century say of such offensive stuff? Shame on you for publishing such scandalous stuff.

I'm sure my father brothers and sisters in County Waterford do not not know what to make of the 'wit' and 'art'. They buy the paper really just to `support the Church'! Could you not pension off John Ryan?"

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