Page 2, 22nd December 1949

22nd December 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 22nd December 1949 — THE CATHOLIC NOVEL SIR, - 1I is a pity that Mr. W.

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THE CATHOLIC NOVEL SIR, - 1I is a pity that Mr. W.


J. Igoe has turned my letter, which was intended to he a word in support of Salford Curate, into an attack on Graham Greene, references to whom were purely accidental. I am not qualified, unlike Mr. Igoe. to say whether he is one of the greatest of modern novelists or not, but while I enjoy his novels, and incidentally those of A. J. Cronin as well, I am qualified to say what impression certain passages make. an impression, judging from conversation with others, which is not made only on me. No doubt the references given by Mr. Igoe relate correctly to the passages I mentioned; I cannot say, as I Rift still without the hook. But impressions are subjective, and I am glad for Mr. lgoe's sake if his are different from mine.

As to the argumenturn ad hominent which Mr. Igoe introduces, and somewhat discredited as a weapon of controversy in these enlightened days. it is a well known fact, with which no one would quarrel, that many people. lay and clerical, of four or forty years' experience, in many varied walks of life, agree with his opinion of Graham Greene's books. I do not disagree with him myself on all points. I do not know what age Mr. Igoe thinks I am, but if he wishes it I will willingly allow him a glance at ray birth certificate to satisfy him that I have reached the age of discretion.

(Rev.) W. J. Snaps.

St. Patrick's, 21a, Soho Square, W.1.

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