Page 2, 22nd December 1961

22nd December 1961
Page 2
Page 2, 22nd December 1961 — Europe more evil ?

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People: Colm Brogan


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Europe more evil ?

should like to answer Calm Brogan's letter in your December 8 issue in which he refers to "A Catholic" writing from the discreet shelter of a pseudonym Saying "there is more evil in the society in which we live than in any African society" and that Colm Brogan "can see no point in arguing with anyone capable of such an absurdity as this".

Considering that one never opens a national (or local) newspaper without reading of vicious attacks by kicking, coshing, and knifing by youths who maim and kill people who carry money, incessant stealing, "fiddling" and thinking-out all sorts of ways to cheat: rape and murder on a scale unheard of except in the so-called "Dark Ages"; the known fact that venereal disease is rife in the country; that the divorce rate is rising all the time; cruelty to children; the horrors of torturing animals in vivisection and circus training; the extermination of deer in the Quantocks for "kicks" by youths; and the atrocities reported in ever-increasing numbers by the R.S.P.C.A. to animals, can, indeed, any African society beat these evils?

Surely not. That we have ALL the material advantages in the West is true--but what of the spiritual? I am glad to be "absurd" in company with my unnamed Catholic friend.

(Miss) T. M. Bertram

Cranston Cottage, Broad Street, Somerton, Somerset.

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