Page 5, 22nd February 1946

22nd February 1946
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Page 5, 22nd February 1946 — Ecclesiastical and Local Informai ion

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For Archbishop Amigo,. Bishop of Southwark : Sunday, February 24. 6,30 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at Deptford. Tuesday, February 26, at the Sacred Heart Convent, Hove. Attends the annual general meeting of the Catholic Women's League (Brighton and Hove section). Wednesday. February 27 3.30 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at Honey. Friday, March 1. 8 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at Upper Norwood.


For Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham: Sunday, February 24. Visitation and Confirmation, St. Paul's, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham.


For Mgr. Lee, Bishop of Clifton : Sunday. February 24. Confirmations at St. Teresa's, Filton, in the afternoon.


The following appointments in the diocese of Southwark are officially announced: The Very Rev. Canon Edward Fennessy has been appointed chaplain to the Good Shepherd Convent, Windtesham; the Rev. W. Sewell to be rector of the Sacred Heart, Wadhurst ; the Rev. C. Jones to be parish priest of St. Paul's, Dover; the Rev. R. Hickey to be assistant at SE. Aidan's, Coulsdon ; the Rev S. Nevin to be assistant at Our Lady's, Portslade ; the Rev. J. Flanagan to be assistant at St. Peter's, Woolwich; the Rev. W. Shinkwin to be assistant at the Sacred heart. Hove.

ANNOUNCEMENTS London University

On thursday, February 28, at 6 p.m., a public debate has been arranged by the University of London Catholics at University College, Gower Street, on the motion " That participation in modern war be compatible with Catholic Moral Principle." The motion will be proposed by Mr. Hubert Grant Searle, late chairman of Pax. The Union Society wish it to be known that these meetings are open to all people who may be interested. There is opportunity for discussion.

Interval Club

'The Interval Club, Dean Street, Solto--for Catholic members of the theatrical profession—is twenty years old on March I and there are to be special celebrations to mark the

event First there will be a Mass of Thanksgiving which will be sung in St. Patrick's, Soho in which the club choir will join. This will be followed by a birthday lunch at which the Right Rev. Bishop Myers, Patron of the club, will preside Speakers will include Fr. Devas, S.J., D-S0.. Lieut.-Commander Geoffrey Wearing, 0.13.E., Miss Ann Casson, Mr Ted Kavanagh and Miss Molly Balvaird Hewett, daughter of the founder of the club and its hon secretary. A short cabaret will follow.

Pax in Terra

Sir Albert Howard and Fr. Conrad Pepler, 0.P., will be the principal speakers at a general meeting of Fax in Terra at the Alliance Hall, Palmer Street, S.W.1, on Sunday next, February 24, at 2.30 p.m. Fax in Terra is a movement to encourage the application of Catholic social principles in rural

C.T.A. Meetings

The Catholic Lay leachers' Associa:feet, is holding an annual meeting for the London Region at Hereford House, 117 Park Street, W.1, at 1.30 p.m. on Satuiday, March 9, and for the NorthWest Region at the Ursuline Convent, Dee House, Chester, at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, March 30.

S.O.S. Conferences

A series ol retreats consisting of three week-ends is being held by the Sword of the Spirit at the Holy Child Convent, Cavendish Square, London, S.W.I. The subject for the week-end, February 23-24, which opens at 2.30 p.m., is " The Formation of a Christian." The director will be Fr. T. Corbishley S.J., and the speakers include Mr. Richard O'Sullivan, K.C., and Baroness Von Drakestein. For further details apply the Secretary, 24 Dorset Square, N W.I.

Church Artists

A Crucifix Exhibition will be held at the Church Artists' Agency, 25 Ebury Street, S.W.1, on Monday, February 25. Entries, whish are mostly in sculpture and painting, include works by P. Lindsey-Clarke, H. Palliser, Barbara Tribe, Dungan Pruden, IFord Kelcey, Olga Essex, F. Allan, J. de Vasconcellos and G Burnand

Leadership Course

On Saturday, February 23. and Sunday, February 24, a special leadership course for yawn will be held at St. Vincent's, 106 Moseley Road, Birmingham

Roll of Honour

Scigt. Joseph Gerrard (25), R.A.F air gunner, of Ciregson Lane, Hoghton, nr, Blacsburn, is now officially reported to have been killed during air operations from Italy on October 13, 1944 Fle was buries at Alsoleperd Cemetery, Hungary, with other members of his Liberator crew. He was an old ooy of St Joseph's, Brindle.

Travelling Mission

The centres to be visited this weekend by the Southwark Travelling Mission are: Marden, parish of Gouldhurst, Kent. Mass will be said on Sunday, February 24, at " Sunnycote " at 8.30. Mass will also be said at " Exmoor, Brenchley, at 10. Wye, parish of Ashford, Kent. Mass will be said on Saturday at 8 and on Sunday at 8.30 at the Village Hall. Mass will also be said on Sunday at the " Woolpack Inn," Chilham. at 10.

SOCIETIES Converts Aid The Converts Aid Society hitherto has maintained silence as to the numbers it has helped, but it has now departed from this custom. It announces that, during 1945, ten nonCatholic clergy were received into the

Church and were assisted by the Society. Two others, not so assisted, and possibly more, were also received.

Guild of Mendel and Pasteur

The usual London branch monthly meeting of the Guild of Mendel and Pasteur was held at Farm Street on February 4 Lady Heath represented the branch at the conference of the British Social Hygiene Council on "The Needs and Problems of the Family." She gave a report of the meetings, which were well attended. The discussion on sex enlightenment continued and members exchanged information on the Catholic literature on the subject. The next meeting will he held on March 11 at 6.30 p.m., at Farm Street.

Nurses' Guild

On Monday. February 11, 150 Birmingham nurses assembled at St. Chad's Cathedral for the annual general meeting of the Catholic Nurses' Guild. Addressing the nurses, Bishop Bright urged them to make closer contact with other Catholic organisations, particularly women's groups Following the annual general meeting, the Bishop blessed the nurses' badges and new members were enrolled, Pontifical Benediction was then celebrated in the Cathedral.

K.S.C., Ilford The 21st birthday dinner of the Knights of St Columba, Ilford Council, was held in the Angel Hotel, High Road, Ilfotd, and was attended by the provincial officers headed by Bro. P. J. Regan, P.D., and .Bro, Austin, P.P.D. Over 50 brothers and guests attended, which included all the officers, the Very Rev. Canon Palmer, Chaplain, and Fr Lombardie, Chaplain to K.S.C. Club, Victoria, Canon Palmer. in his 82nd year, received a great welcome. He has been chaplain 21 years to Council 82 Catenians, Nottingham

Nottingham Circle of the Catenian Association revived their annual dinner last week. Held at the Welbeck Hotel, Nottingham, it was attended by a most representative company of priests and laity, including visitors from Leicester. Newark and Grantham. The guest of honour was Mgr. Ellis, the Bishop of Nottingham, who was supported by Canon E. M. Parmentier and the Very Rev. Humphrey Wilson, Administrator of St. Barnabas Cathedral, as well as the Rev. Er. Andrew Beck, A.A., headmaster of the Becket School, and the Rev. Fr C. R. Leetharn, Inst.C., of Ratcliffe College. Mgr. Ellis said that in Nottingham the Catenians individually were distinguished by their work for the Church. " But," he said, " we desire something still further and that is that Catenians, as an association, will promote the good of religion and the good of the Church."


Fr. Francis Sherliker, who died on February 12, was a native of Preston, where he was born on October 10. 189l, and educated at the Catholic College before going to the Noviceship at Roehampton on September 7, 1909.

After teaching for four years at St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool,

and for one year at Mount St. Mary's, Spinkhill, he went to Louvain for his theology in 1921, but was ordained priest at St. Beuno's College, St. Asaph, on September 23, 1923.

After completing his theology, he returned to Mount St. Mary's. where he taught for two years and in 1928 was appointed to St. Joseph's, North Woodside Road, Glasgow, where he remained until January, 1931, when the church was handed over to the secular clergy. Thereupon he went to the Holy Name, Manchester, and after five years was transferred to St. Ignatius' Church, Stamford 1101, London.

Since February, 1944, he had been engaged in the work of giving Missions and Retreats, having his headquarters at Loyola Hall, Rainhill.


Br. William Shaw, who died in the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, on February 4. had been a member of the Society of Jesus for nearly 56 years and of these he had spent 45 as sacristan at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Liverpool, serving under nine Rectors there.

He was most meticulous in his care of the sacred vessels and vestments and his Christmas Cribs and decoration of the altar for the Forty Hours and feasts were artistic triumphs.

Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Francis Xavier's by the Rector, Fr. N. Ryan, Si., on February 8, and many Masses were also offered there for the repose of his soul. He lies buried in the cemetery attached to Ileythrop Coltege, Chipping Norton, where the Dirge and Requiem were sung.

MRS. BILSBORROW Mother of three priests, Mrs. Mary Bilsborrow, aged 72, of Hillcrest, Bowgreave, Garstang, was interred in Preston Cemetery last week after Requiem Mass at English Martyrs' Church, Preston.

She formerly lived in English Martyrs' parish. The Mass was offered by the Rev. Gerard Bilsborrow (of St. Augustine's, Preston), with his brothers Fr. Joseph (St. Mary's, Barrow-in. Furness) and Fr. Edward (Westminstei Cathedral) as deacon and sub-deacon respectively,

MRS. LOMAS Solemn Requiem Mass was offered in St. Edward's Church, Sutton, on February 7, for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Harriet Lomas, wife of Mr Edward Lomas, K.S.G., J.F., of Brook House, . Upton, Macclesfield.

The Mass was celebrated by the Vicar General, Mgr. Canon Curran, assisted by Frs. Kelly and Coyne, in the presence of the Bishop

of Shrewsbury. A large number of former parish priests from St. Edward's, St. Alban's and St. Gregory's parishes were present, and Brs. from the Salesian Missionary College corn posed the choir.

The late Mrs. Lomas was well-known for her work in the Macclesfield area. being founder and first President of the Macclesfield branch of the Catholic Women's League. When, in 1937. Mr Edward Lomas was made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory, Mrs. IAMBS was awarded the Cross Ecclesia at Pontifice. Mr. and Mrs. Lomas will he remembered by their generous gift of the parish church of St. Edward, built in 1938 to accommodate the needc of a growing Catholic population on the Moss Rose housing estate.

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