Page 10, 22nd February 1974

22nd February 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 22nd February 1974 — F ITISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday Saturday: Ecumenical

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F ITISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday Saturday: Ecumenical

CLIIIIVOkfikYO of England and Wales. Carlisle F'Ifice. Sunday; Parochial Vistsatino mei COOfirmalion Aar'lett. Monday: Meeting. St Edmunda hieuee. Cambridge, 2.30. Wednesday: Administration Council Atchbishre:s, House Thursday:. Committee maefina All Saints Pastoral Centre. 2.30! Confirmation. St Albans. 7 Bishop GuareeIli, Auxiliary of Westminster FerridayVsitation, Row Monday: 'Join! rrie,mrou ot °oven-ring hodies Mount Carmel Sehool !6. Wednesday. Council of Administration. Archbishpp's House Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday Meeting of Bishops and University Chaplains. Gunnershory Catholic School Governors meeting. Sunday; Borough 01 Harrow Civic Mass. Weairlsione. 11. mass, St. Mary's College. Strawberry Hal. 6. Monday: MOSS at Imperial College. 17 35 Temalov. Cornell of Administration. 11. Confirmation Whitton Wednesday: Nevelt-op College Governors' meeting. 4.30. Archbishop Dwyer of BirmIngitem Sunday Confineations and Benediction, St. Catherine's Bristol Strees 3 Monday. Celebrates Mess Corpus Christi, Oxford. Tuesday! U.C.M. dinner Stoke on Trent. Wednesday; May ,and Blessing of ASOOIL Cattes eel. 12.55 Thursday. Heythrop Governors' meeting, Londos Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday, Mass and Confir mations. Sarrnd Heart, Silverdale, 4. Monday. Concelebrates Maes fur Holy Year. Sally Park Coment Birmingham 9 30: K.S.G inveelairre. Corpus Christi, eleadinetun. 7.30. WednesdayMass and Blessing of Ashes, Wolverhampteh. 6.30, Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of firMini:01am Suriday. Mass and Cones mations. SS Mary and John. Gravelly Hill. 12; Maas and Conferee tirms. Corpus Christi, Stechford, 4 Thursday: Meetings of Bunclerics Committee. 11 Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Sunday! Mass in Si. Michael's, Liverpool, 4. Tuesday: Meeting In Curial Offices 11. Shiver-ley Friday• Ecumeilical meeting in scergill, Sieben Herds, Auxiliary of Liverpool Setorday. Ordination. St. Teresa's, Rirkdale. 1 I Simrime visitation. St, Clare's. Liverpool. Monday. Council el Ad. ministration. Thursday: Concelebrates at Deanery Mass. Si Ame's Monastery. Suttee, Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool -Sunday: Preaches ,e St Mary Magrialer4S PenWortharn rt.30: pieslcirs and preaches on OcceSior‘ 01 Parish vieitation. S. Mary Magdalen's. Penworthern, 1030, celebrates Maas and ttreaches, 5.45. Monday: Opens irew smite centre Cr St Oswald's_ Longues near Preston 8 Wednesday. Visits schools arid sick St Oewald's. Lonaton, 10.3(1 Bishop Grant of Northemp' ton Sunday. Visrtation and Confirmation. Great Billing Monday: Meeting of Colleae Connell. St. Edmund's House. Tuesday: Holy Year Sersece In Cathedral. p.m Thursday: Mesearig of Catechists, CiaPharn Park. Redford. P.m.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth F riday Portsmouth Deanery nieetinu. Bishop's House. 5: celebrates Holy Year Station Mass for Portsmoutls Deanery. St. John's Cathedral 7.30 Saturday: Diocesan Ecumenism Coreiteseirse meeting. Park Place. Velekharn Sunday! Visitation arid Con. temps-re St. Teresa's. Tottue, Southampton. Tuesday: Episcopal Vinare meeting Biehop's Reuse, I I Weelnesdav• Celebenes Mans for Aeh Wednesday St. Juhres Cathedral, 6 30. Thursday: Chance, of Perim, meeting Park „Place, Wirkham 11 Wishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton -Friday-Saturday: Meetiog 01 the Corrinassiou or Ecumenism of F 'mitred aro wsies, Bishop Fills of Nottingham Surekhr. v.setstior. sea eredomation Wirth, sevaereneus Weaoasilay Blessing end • i•,i. Thersday: Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Saturday: Meeting of Hugo 114111 Society, St Hugh's College. Tamar., celebrates Mass 6.15. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Winged Sacrament Leiceeter. Thera-lay: Vls-41 to St Winetride's School Shepshed, Mass, 10.30., Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday Adolph; Convent Grammar School Saltord, B. Saturday: Annual general meeting of Catholic Needlework Guild, Loreto College Manchester, 3 Sendey: Credit notion Our Lady at the Assumption Langley. 3 Wednesday: Finance Board 10.30; Youth Commission, 3.30. Thursday Friday: Church Leaders* Conference. Scargie Yorkshite Bishop.Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Tuesday: Meriting of Diocesan Ecumenical Commission Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sim day: Mass at Exeter University Chaplaincy 11; Pastoral Meeting, Exeter, 4. Wednesday RiEISSOlg of Ashes mid Mess at Christ the King, Plymouth. 12 Thursday: Lenten Station Mass, Barnstaple, 7.30.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood Mon tray: Opens conference of Seconders Fleadtertellers• Association, St. Paul's School. Woodford Green 10.30. Tuesday: University of London Catholic Society. Queen Mary College 1 Thursday! Visitation and Caner mation, Sr Anne's, Custom House Bishop Lindsey, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday. Mass for Lourdes Hospitalite. annual general meeting St Anthony's, Sunderland. 3. Monday Meeting of Chaplainry Advisory Committee. Newcastle. Regional Hospital Board Thiasday Friday Call to the North. Scargill Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday• West Riding Branch. C.W L annual meeting Headingley, 3.15. Sunday. Visitation and Confirmation, St. Peter's Leeds Tuesday. Confirmation. Fieldhead Hospital. 7.30 Wednesday: Solemn Mass and Distribution of Ashes, St Anne's Cathedral 8. Thursday' School Mass. Cuttingley, 11. Bishop Foley of Lancaster -Sunday: Visitation and Coetirmation, Sr. Waled s Preston, 11; meeting of Diocesan "Lif. Committee. University Chaplaincy. 3. Thils day: Finance meeting, 10.30; Lenten Station Mass, English Martyrs'. Preston, B.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster -Sunday: Concelebrates Mass at St Beah's, Whitehaven, tor the Knights of Si Columba Jubilee. 4.45. Thursday. Concelebrates Station Mass et St_ Bede's, Carlisle. 1.30, finance meeting. Lancaster_ Bishop eraser of ShrewsburySaw, day; Diocesan Schools Commission Sr. Nicholas School Radford Tuesday: Day of Recollechort, UptOn Convent. Weilriestiay Blesses and Distributes Ashes, Cathedral. 7.30 Thersday: Meeting of Church Leaders. Scartall Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission. St. Nicholas* School, Hartford. Old Kaverian'e annual dinner Manchester. Tuesday: Presides at meeting of lier Cheshire Sponsoring Body. Chester• visrts St. Arnleuse, Adswood Thursday: Church Leaders' Conference, Scar-gill.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Tuesday: Meeting with Deans of the Diocese. St Joseph's Ran Storrington Wednesday: Celebrates Mass aid 1,:estribeies Ashes, Sacred Heart Church, Hove. 6: celebrates Mass and 'Distributes Ashes, St. John Baptist. Brighton. Thursday Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commissioe at 11,tihOO5 House. Hove.

Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. St 'Pareck'e. Waterloo, 3. Monday: Mass for the Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship, St George's Cathedral Wednesday: Blesses arid distrIbete asiws, Sr. George's Cathedral 7 3(t Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark -Monday: Mass, St. Geurge's Cathedral ; chairs fees I I ii Of C801E/lie Fla IIiiicappnd Children's Fellowship. Wednesday: blesses and distributes ashes, St. Mary's, Blackheath. Thursday: visits St. Francis School, Perkham.

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