Page 8, 22nd February 1985

22nd February 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 22nd February 1985 — 0 w Ordination, M Mem V re Visitation. C Confirmation

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Organisations: High School, Charity of St Paul Workrngten Convent, LiturgICel Commission, Television Centre, Central Council, SS Petel John Fisher Church, Congress House, Thursdse Schools Commission, Polish Church Leeds, National Mission Council, World Mission, While Home Deenery Penitential Service, Diocesan Council of Priests, Archrhocesan Education Council, Humbereide Pastoral Council, Diocesan Schools Commission, Beds College, AGM Oh GalhOlic Needlework Guild, Prayer Service, Penitential Service, Maryvale Pastoral Centre, Grialloner Club, Primary School, Bishops' Conlerence Secret Welfare Committee, SI Andrew's Church, Archbishop Michael Ramsey School, Catholic Nurses' Guild, National User:Wive Committee, USCA council, Management Committee, Department for Christian Doctrine and Formation Eculesloe Square, Joseph Church, Lourdes Medical Bureau, Urban Ministry, Fader Department of Christian Ductrirre A. Formation, College of Consultors


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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

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0 w Ordination, M Mem V re Visitation. C Confirmation

Cardlnel Nem*, Archbishop ol Westminster Sundayertonday: V, Nntlingham diocese Wednestely: M. of the St Cyril and Methodius, Westminster Catholic concelebrated with Cardinal °temp and Bishops. 7pm Thursday:. ReCeption tor Cardinal Glemp, 12 noon Meeting with priests. 7pm Friday: Opening of John Paul House, Brent, 11 am Archbishop Bowen ol Sterthwere Sunday, Rile ef Election, Cathedral. 12 15pm Monday: Meeting. Midlend Bank. Pall Mall Wednesday: DireCtors' meeting National Catholic Mutual Lid. Guernsey Thursday: Receelion for Cardinal Glernp. Arehblehep's House Weelminster. 17 Oman C, Grayeeend, ?Pm Saturday: C, Tunbridge Wells 6pm AmhbiehoP Comm de Merrill* of eirmingham Sunday: V A C tit May. Harborne Tuesday: Meeting with Cardinal Gimp. ArchbiShOp'S House. ilten Wednesday, M. at Westminster Cathedral with European Bishops, 7.30pm. Friday: M & C, Habberley Parish, 7pni. Satunsey St Chad's Oay Man: Cathedral, 12 noon Archbishop Weal of emcee Sunday: V. Cardill University Chaplaincy, 6 Ifirirri Tuesdey: Luncheon. High Sheriffs (Mice, law Courts. Cardiff, 12 e5em Station M, Maesteg, 7 30pm Wednesday: M, honour of I I0011, Anniversary el death 01 St Meinochus. Westminster Cathedral. 7pm Friday, V. at Cardinal Glenna Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Monday, Press Conference on Housing St Bride's London, 11.30am. Fund Trustees Meeting. Congress House, London. 12 45ipm Consultation on Urban Minletry, St George's, Windsor, pm Tuesday: Coneultation on Urban Ministry continued SI George's, Windsor Wednesday, V, of Cardinal Glern p, Westminster M. to celebratrate eleven hundreth anniversary of St Methoditie Westmiester Cathedral, 7pm, Tiwreday; AGM Liverpool Catholic Chaplaincy. 7 15prn Friday: M and nonsecration of attar St Monica's. Bootie, /.30pm.

&atom Alexender of Clifton Monday: Blesses Chap.& and officially opens new lien er Holy Family Parish, Patchway, 7.3oprn wearteeepyi station M. Holy Family, Pelchway, 7 30prn. Thursday, Diocesan Schools Commission Wieling. at Clifton Cathedral Hoost 10.30am. Station M. Si George's, Taunton, 7 30pm. Fridey: South West Church Leaders Meeting. Taunton. 1030-3.30 Saturday: Interviews candidates tor Poestbood at Cirf ton Cathedral Holm Item V. SS Joseph IL Teresa Wens. Preaches al all M

nishon Coadlutor of Lencester Sendelemondrer, Beds College, Horne. Tuesday: Returns from Rome. Wednesday: Concelebrates M. to mark 1100th Anniversary ot the Death of SI Methodius. Weelreihsler Cethearal, 7pm Thursday:

Receptloo In honour of Cardinal Glemp, Archbishops HouSe, Westminster, 12 noon. Meelieg 01 Committee Or Ministerial Formation, London, 2pm Friday, Meeting of Olipartment of Christian Doctrine and Formation. Emeeston Square, Lyndon. 1030am.

Bishop Burke, Aualliery for Salford Sun&y: V, Si Mary. Littleberuugh. llam. Tuesday Deanery Conference. 1 lien Wednesday-. Continue V. St Mary's. Litlfehorough Thursday: Schools Commission Meeting, 2pm Lenten Station M, St Patrick's. tiveney Street. Bum Friday. Begin V SI Bernadele's. WhIlefield. Saturday: Concelebrated M. at St James', Penelelon, 12 noon

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday: Preaches at Great St Mary's, Cambridge. Wednesday: Diocesan Schools Commission, 11am Diocesan Finance Coininittee. 1.30prn College of Consultors, 4.30pro. Meetings all at The While House, Puiineland Thursday: Diocesan Council of Priests, al The Whit, Hauge. Poringland IlainAprn Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: Sunday M, St Thomas n1 Canterbury: Teltenhall, 6.30pm Tuetday: Meeting with Cardinal Gterne: Archbishop's House. 4pm Wedesedayi Meeting at Birmingham Oratory. llam Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Tuesday: Meeting ol Diocesan Conned of Priests at St Joseph's, Melees. Item Thursday: Meeting of Heads of Religious Education in Secondary Schools. at Cured Offices. 10.30arn. Friday: M. in St Pa,..1 s High School. WythenShewe to mark opening DI School. IC 30nm Deanery M, in St Aritheny's, Wythenshawa, fipm Bishop Hannigan of MenevW Wednesday: Holy Childhood M, The Primary School, Flint, 2pm Deanery meeting •prn Lenten M, Pint, 7pm Thersdey: Lenten M, Ruabon, Porn. Friday: Carchnel Glomp's Reception, Cardin Smurder Start of Parish V, to Rhyl.

Bishop Kerrie el Middimbrongh Monday, Meets With Pasture' Council (North) 13151100'3 Herm, Middlesbrough, 7 30pm Wednesday: V. St Patrick'e Church, dcii, M, 12 noon Thursder V. SI Wilfrid's. Hull. M 7 3CPm Friday: V. SS Mary IS Joseph Church. Hedon M, 7,30prn Solurdsy V, SS Petel John Fisher Church. WIthernsee M. 6 30p111 Bishop Emery at Portsmouth Sunday: Corpus Christi, Wokirigham Parish V. Tuesday: Winchester Farewell Presentation to me Pt Rev and Mrs John Taylor 7pm Wednesday, Vale of While Home Deenery Penitential Service, 7preThursdey: Si Paul's Scheel. Peulsgtove. Portsmouth V, to School and M. 9 30eni. Aldershot Deanery -Penitential Service, 7pm Friday: meeting ol the Department ot Christian Doctrine and Formation, London. 10 3Own. Seturday, Si John's Cathedral, Portsmouth Commissioning of Special MInlelere of Holy Communion, 4pm lishop Fraley of Lancaster Sunday: k4, her Srs of Charity of St Paul Workrngten Convent, 12 noon Wednesday: Central Council Meeting. Tulketh Road. Preston, 2pm Thuredsy; Finance Meeting, Blehntfe House 10.45am Saturday: Commissioning el Catechists, Broltargh Hull, 3pm

flitherp Harvey, Auxins', for Westminster Mercier. Meeting ot National User:Wive Committee. Catholic Nurses' Guild, 1 30pm C. Si Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green, 630pm WethwIdey: Westminster cathedral ICardirial Gismo}, 7pm Thursday. C. SI Mary Magdalen. Willesden Green. 6 30pm Friday: Opening of John Paid House. WillesOen. I Iwo Maelleg of BishOpai Conlerence &mat Welfare Committee B 30pm Saturday: Bishops' Conlerence Secret Welfare Committee, am Meeting of Caleohntical Go.Ordinadors. 2pm Bishop Henderson, •uxillere for Southwark Sunday: fel and C. Beatty. 3oni Monday, BCC "Child EvangelismConference, High Leigh. Hens dpm Tuesday: Continuation ol [ICC "Child Evangelism" Conference until 4pm M and Presentation ol Papal Awards. Stockwell ' 7 30pm W•dnfieday: COncelebratee M, Or 11001Ih anniversary ol the death of St Melhodius. Westminster Cathedral. 7prn Thursday, Meets with the Secondary Headleachers et the SE Area, 10ani, Reception in honour of Cardinal Glemp. 12 noon M and C. Kidbronke 1 30pm. Friday: Meeting with 011icers of the Ecumenical Genenlaslens, Blackheath. P 30pm Smurdey: South East Area Ecumenical Commission Study Day. Blecklen

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary tar Southwark Sunday, V, to Gillingham parish Wednesday. V. Si Reler'R Primary School. Sillingbourne. 9 30am Schools' Commissiun Meeting, Meirlelone. 2 30pM Gives talk al St Mary of the Crays. Cray ford, flprn FrIdey/Seturdey: V. to Northeast parish

Bishop 'telly of &Word Sunday: St Joseph's, Shaw Tuesday: Deanery Corderence Study Day at Mount Carmel, Blacktop, ttam Thursdse Schools Commission. 2pro. Lentem Station M SI mensen-s. Chadderton. Bprn Pedal/Saturday: V and C. SI Herbert's, Chadderfon Bishop Kr:Instant, Auelliery for Weelminoire, SundayKensal New Town, C Tuesday: Talk. BCC Conference, High Leigh Wednesday: Talk SI Andrew's Church, Newcastle, 12 u5 pm Pa Westminster Cathedral, lo Fader Department of Christian Ductrirre A. Formation Meeting, Fecieston Square, 10.30am Bishop Mee/rale Auxillery ler Birmingfunn Sunday, U R C St Peter's, Bromsgrove, SCam Monday/Wednesday: Conference at Windsor Thunder. M S C. 55 Anne S Patrick, Cheimaley VVInPd. 7 30pm. Friday: Meeting of Management Committee, Vietnamese Past o r al Centre. Birmingham. 2pm

Bishop McGehmett 01 Nottlighwe Sunder Cardinal Human visit to Diocese. Details supplied. ending with Ciinc Meal re Lincoln, Sam to 8 30pm+ Mendell: Cardinal's Visit. 3rd and last day Details supplind Ends Willi Consecration SI Joseeh Church, Derby, 9 30am to 7prn u Tuesday: Station AA St Peter. Leicester 8pm Wednesday; Webtomisier Cathedral iCardinat Glenip's Evening Thursday: Reception tor Cardinal Glemp. Archbishop's House. Westrnmeler Friday, i DDCF Meeting in London. 10 30arn V. Poor Glare Convent, Bulwall. Nottingham. 6prn Spiurday: LiturgICel Commission meeting Bishop McMahon, of BrentwoodWednesder V. Si Michael's, East Ham. Thursday: Reception tor Cardinsi Giemp. Westminster, 12 noon Friday: Presides at Woman's Day of Prayer Service. Our Lady 1,1 Mount Carmel. Stank, 2 15prn.

Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary tor WastrnInster Tuesday: M. Rader ex Television Centre, Hateh End, 5 30pm Wednerreley/FrIdey. Joint Conference of National Mission Council and Launch l for World Mission. Saturday: M. and Lenten Supper. Prolate' '76 Group, Northheins. fi 30pm.

Bishop Moverlay at Hallam Bentley: V. end G. II fierringlhorpe llam. Monday: School M at Saint Otete's, Rotherham, 10.30am Tuesdey: Clergy Day of Flec011eClion at the Mount, 11ain Wednesder M. and Election rel Prioress Cl Kirk Edge, leam. Thursday: Governors' meeting at 'Trinity and All Saints. I barn Bishop Mullin', Area Bishop in Semmes Sunday. Rite ol Election RCIA at St David's Peary, Swansea. t lam Tuesday: Meeting ol Catholir Principals it Ot licer*. A ichuishop s Hnuse Westminster. 2pm Wednearter M, at Westneneter Cathedral lpm Thursday: M. at Archbishop McGreth School Brldgend, 10anl Station M, et Our Lady of LouldcA Swansea. 7.30prn FridaySterinn PA, at St flityd's Dowlais. 7.30pm

Bishop Murphy-O'Conno' of Arundel I Brighton Sunday: Celebrates IN Friary Parish. Crawley, 5 30pm Tuesday: Clergy meeting Maryvale Pastoral Centre. Elfarreey Wednesday: Clergy meeting, Portelede. bloom Concelebrates M. in honour 01 the 1100th Armivereety of the death of Sr Methodius. Westminster Cathedral. lpm. Thursday: Clergy meeting, Crawley. 11am Meeting of Sussex University Catholic Chaplaincy Association Slornogton (305W &Motley: Glues Lenten balk, Priory ot Our Lady, Storringlon, 1030am M. Priory n1 Our Lady Slorrington, 11.00am Mahal, J O'Brien, Austere, for Westminster Bentley: V. Our Lady. Ricamensworth fiendele V. LOrrato Convent. Sr Alhann, 545pm Hens and Beds Ecumenical Meeting. Farm Cottage, 8Pm Wednesday' Concelebrates with Cardinal Gloomy, Westminster Cathedral. 7m Thursday: Reception, Cardinal Giemp, ArcOeisheri's House. 12 nrinn Friday: V. factories in Shrewsbury area &shop K. O'Brien Auxiliery of Middlesbrough Sunday, Humbereide Pastoral Council Meeting Thursday: Talk on Si John's Gospel at St Stcph.en's Pasi°r8' cosine

B s1top llaarst her no. Auxiiiery foe Liverpool Sunday: V, Si Mary's. Aughtun Monday: C. Si. Mary'e. Aughlon 7 30pol Tuesday: Meeting of Governors nt Plater College. Grialloner Club. London 12 noon Wednesday: Meeting with priests of Chorley Deanery C, St Luke's, Skelnorrsdata 7 30pm Thursday: V, SI regnry's Primary Sehevel, Lydiate, 9.30am. Meeting ol Archrhocesan Education Council, 7 30orn Friday: Meeting ol Department for Christian Doctrine and Formation Eculesloe Square, London Wordily: Drvinity Leulteers' Conference. Oxford, V Parbold

B ishop Reser. of Plymouth Easdeyt V and M. Ow Lady and Si Cecilia, learn [handfeed Forum G, 1pm Tuesday: M, and Rite of Election of Catechumens, St Meryl) Church, Poole, 7pre B iahop Swinisherm, Auxitiary lot Plexhare Newcastle Sunday: V. Our Lady's. Penshaw Thursday: Cooriert of Priests, SI Joseph'S Hall, Galeihead, Tyne and Wear. lime Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary ler LP...retrial SundayliMonday: V St Anthony's, Scotland Road

WecisisnheospdayT: C. h....Sa.crarel, H .Idpnialeny 3v0pri rv

Hockwell Ring. Luton

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary for Southwark Monday. Wednesday: Consultation on Urban Ministry at tif George's House Windeor Gestic. am Wednesday, M, and Reception to mark t i0Oth Anniversary ot the death 01 St Methodius at Westminster. 7pm. Thersdey: Third Aomori Ramsey Lent Lecture at Archbishop Michael Ramsey School, Camberayell. Polish M, with Cardinal Glemp al Baiham, Tpm Saturday: M, and ptiende AGM Oh GalhOlic Needlework Guild at Wimbledon Park. 2 30pm B ishop Walmsley (HU Forces) SundayCniebralee M RMA Seretherel IS 300m Wednesday: M On the occasion or Llarchnal Giernp's vied In Golan, Westminster /pm I huraday: Reception for Guidinel Glemp. Westminster 12 noon Friday; M, S atteods USCA council meeting_ London. 12 noon Bishop Wheeler el Leads Sunday: V and C. St Joseph's Castieford U with H F Cardinal Glomp. Polish Church Leeds, 5 30pm. Monday: Esbarla Cardinal Glemp to Volk, 9am Tuesday: Lenten Siouan M, SI Austin's Wakelield, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Trustees Meeting. Culla 10.301mi Finance Meeting, Curia, 11 30ani Lenten Station M, St Patrick's Leeds, 8prn Moseley: Presides at Governor s Meeting tenor and All Seers Horsfonh Saturday: M, Lourdes Medical Bureau Meeting. Coventry lollovved by adernsa 12 noon.

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