Page 7, 22nd February 2002

22nd February 2002
Page 7
Page 7, 22nd February 2002 — Christian architecture

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Locations: Sheffield


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Christian architecture

From Mr Douglas Wilkinson Sir, One learns from even a superficial knowledge of the history of architecture that the architecture of any age reflects the culture of the society which produces it, e.g. we recognise and appreciate the culture of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Stuarts. the Georgians, the Regency. the Victorians and the 1920s from the buildings they left us.

The architecture which Moyra Doorly dislikes was also the product of its time and culture whether she likes it or not. Incidentally it appears that any modem architec ture of which she disapproves is damned with the sobriquet "modernist".

Only by developing a really good Christian culture both within and outside the "Church" will a really good Christian architecture become evident. I suggest that that should be the first objective of our endeavours, the architecture will follow inevitably. There are no natural laws of Church architecture.

Yours faithfully, DOUGLAS WILKINSON, (Architect) Sheffield

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