Page 5, 22nd June 1973

22nd June 1973
Page 5
Page 5, 22nd June 1973 — The Herald and the Irish

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People: Marie Loudon
Locations: Uckfield


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The Herald and the Irish

It was with great sorrow that 1 read the somewhat nationalistic letter from the lady who is thinking of cancelling her order for the Catholic Herald.

Mrs. Marie Loudon (June 15) criticised the paper for being too pro-Irish. She complained about the preponderance of Irish names and articles,. with particular reference to an editorial in the issue of June 8. As a contributor to the issue in which her letter appeared, may I, since I glory in the English name "Smith" comment on this good lady's views?

Fortunately, I had kept my copy of the offending issue. I searched for a pro-Irish editorial, only to find a balanced article about the "European Dimension" in which the writer hopes for peace between those who are in such violent disagreement. Would I be very wrong were 1 to ask this lady, with a very Continental Christian name, to meditate on the final words of the editorial: "Blessed are the peacemakers."

After reading her scathing remark about the "new" editor

of the Catholic Herald, I phoned the London office to ascertain whether the Hon. Gerard Noel was still Editor. It was a joy to learn that the paper which does not limit itself narrowly to English affairs still has a member of a noble English family as Editor!

If the Catholic Herald is to live up to its title, it will have the interests of the whole Catholic Church at heart. It is read by many people in Wales (I read her letter in Swansea, and my friends there do not regard it as a paper for the English); it is read also in Scotland, and by many people in Ireland, some of whom are apt to regard it as somewhat English!

It would appear unfair to an editor to threaten him with the cancellation of the 5p per week, for which we receive so much that is worth reading. On behalf of the readers, thousands of them, who enjoy reading the Catholic Herald I would like to thank the Editor and his staff for the wideranging, unbiassed and instructive articles they provide.

In the past weeks there have been articles by an English bishop and a very eminent English historian. The writers with Irish and Welsh names who featured in these same issues have much to contribute. Thank you for them all.

In case your correspondent withdraws her 5p per week, I promise to promote the Catholic Herald as well as I can.

(Fr.) Leo Smith, S.D.S. Breakspear College, Abbots Langley, Watford, Hertfordshire.

I am writing to tell you how wholeheartedly I agree with the letter from Mrs. Loudon (June 15).

Please remember that the Catholic Herald is supposed to be an English paper. The Irish have their own bigoted papers; let us have at least one English paper.

(Mrs.) M. Morton 2 Pump Cottages, ' Framfield.

Near Uckfield, Sussex.

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