Page 8, 22nd June 1973

22nd June 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 22nd June 1973 — Regrettable

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People: Keith Joseph


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It is most regrettable that Sir Keith Joseph is persisting with his policy of bringing in subsidised contraceptives on the N.H.S., including to the unmarried a policy for which the Government has absolutely no mandate. It seems that those of us who try to propagate Christian moral standards in society can expect a kick in the teeth from most politicians of all parties.

It really is nonsense to argue, as some do, that many unmarried people lead immoral lives (or to use the current euphemism "have stable unions") and that they should therefore be fitted up with contraceptives at society's expense. What is not realised is that subsidised contraceptives for the unmarried creates a cloak of official respectability for premarital sex, with predictable results for future generations of impressionable young people.

It is greatly to be hoped, therefore, that wiser counsels will prevail before the scheme is due to start, and that all who feel strongly about it should make their views known.

A .P .P • Kent.

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